ProtonVPN Review

ProtonVPN stands out as one of the most powerful VPN services available today, featuring elegant apps with an abundance of options that other services often fail to include.

Their no-logging policy and third-party audit of software security is impressive, while they also refuse legal requests to hand over customer data.


ProtonVPN boasts superior security features with 256-bit AES encryption, advanced server architecture and a strict no-logs policy among others. It supports 10 simultaneous connections on one account across Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices with built-in apps for each operating system and technology such as Stealth protocols as well as traditional OpenVPN/IKEv2/Stealth protocols and includes features like kill switch functionality as well as built-in ad blockers which work with torrenting clients. ProtonVPN also has business version which allows companies to set up private gateways using dedicated servers with IP addresses dedicated exclusively for them allowing companies to set up private gateways dedicated to their company’s brand without restrictions of traditional VPN services which includes dedicated servers/IP addresses with dedicated IP addresses and dedicated server/IP addresses to build private gateways with dedicated gateways from which companies set private gateways/IP addresses with dedicated servers/IPs/domain names/domain names/etc for their company using dedicated gateways with dedicated IPs/domain names/etc…

Proton VPN stands out from competitors by adhering to an aggressive no-logs policy that ensures no activity or metadata that could identify a user is recorded, including websites visited, session lengths and IP addresses. Furthermore, Proton VPN includes an inbuilt DNS leak protector to block DNS requests from breaking through into its encrypted VPN tunnel, Split Tunnelling which directs some traffic through it while keeping some local and Secure Core servers with multiple hops that increase anonymity are all features which protect privacy for its customers.

ProtonVPN operates data centers in Switzerland, Iceland and Sweden – three countries known for strong privacy regulations – offering its services in these three nations. ProtonVPN boasts many useful extras such as its NetShield ad blocker; speed booster and Secure Core servers. Their Linux app boasts some particularly attractive features including VPN kill switch capability, port forwarding capability and network ad blocking features – plus much more.

My tests demonstrated that mobile apps were easy and maintained good speeds in my tests. They provided an informative display of server load levels, which I found particularly useful as servers with lower loads tended to perform better. Furthermore, they allowed me to create profiles which locked down settings like server and protocol preferences as well as whether to enable Secure Core or not.

One unique feature is the option to connect to a Tor over VPN server, which redirects your public traffic through Tor’s anonymizing network. This makes it possible to bypass firewalls and visit sites not otherwise accessible – though be warned: your connection speed will significantly decline while using it!


ProtonVPN provides various subscription levels, including a free service with limited functionality. The free plan grants access to five servers located in Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and the US with medium VPN speed and one device connection limit. Premium plans offer higher speeds and unlimited data; in particular the Plus plan grants access to its Secure Core server which double-encrypts data across two servers while other premium features such as kill switching and split tunneling are also included in these premium plans.

Proton VPN provides mobile applications for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. Their desktop applications feature an easy and intuitive design while their mobile versions provide more minimalist interfaces while still being highly functional. Proton’s apps come equipped with Quick Connect which quickly finds an optimal server to suit you as well as various security features including DNS leak protection and IPv6 leak protection – plus their WireGuard protocol boasts lightning fast speeds!

Proton VPN’s Swiss jurisdiction puts it outside the Five, Nine and 14 Eyes intelligence-sharing alliances – making it ideal for journalists and activists with stringent privacy needs. Furthermore, RAM-only servers mitigate concerns over data aggregation by automatically disconnecting your connections when the server shuts down – another huge benefit.

NetShield, its ad-blocking feature, protects users from privacy-invading ads and malware that might infiltrate home networks. You can turn it on/off at any time to tailor protection levels accordingly.

Though Proton VPN’s free version offers limited functionality, it can still provide an effective way of familiarizing yourself with this service. Bypass local firewalls and download P2P files using its servers; additionally you may access streaming services like Netflix – however your speed may depend on which server you select for Proton VPN use.


ProtonVPN is an impressive VPN service with strong encryption and plenty of privacy features, including P2P support, DNS leak protection, Tor access support and flexible split tunneling to route apps or destination IPs separately from other traffic. My tests revealed ProtonVPN to be highly reliable with its extensive feature set helping them score highly against their competition and strong encryption protecting data even if connections drop out.

Service is easy and intuitively designed for connecting with servers in over 60 countries worldwide. An intuitive map interface lets users select server locations with indicators showing load levels (green indicates low usage while red denotes high). A left-hand menu gives access to three security features – kill switch, NetShield (which blocks ads, stops trackers and warns against malicious websites) and Secure Core – that direct your traffic through privacy-friendly servers located near former military bases or Fallout shelters.

ProtonVPN stands out from its competition by owning all its servers, which means it is less likely to comply with laws requiring it to share your data with authorities in other jurisdictions. Based out of Switzerland with stringent personal privacy regulations and not participating in either Five Eyes or Nine Eyes surveillance alliances.

ProtonVPN may be relatively new, but it already enjoys an outstanding reputation. Highly recommended for anyone searching for a secure VPN to protect their data, it is an ideal solution for bypassing government censorship or workplace restrictions or streaming content on popular streaming services without worrying about privacy concerns. ProtonVPN works seamlessly across Windows, macOS, and Android devices and is easy to set up – giving you peace of mind that your information will stay private.


ProtonVPN recently simplified its pricing structure, eliminating an extensive matrix of tiers, perks and durations in favor of two simple plans – free and plus. Free provides basic service while Plus unlocks more features such as multiple simultaneous connections and fast speeds on an optimized P2P network. Unlimited adds Proton Mail Calendar Drive all to one subscription plan as well as discounts such as Black Friday 2018 sale.

All paid plans offer an intuitive and user-friendly app to make setup effortless. Users can easily set preferences such as how the app opens, whether or not auto connecting on launch occurs automatically and what its “quick connect” button on the homepage does. Plus, ProtonVPN apps feature an easy way for you to save favorite settings for quick access later. Finally, ProtonVPN’s apps offer a new map feature which makes selecting appropriate servers quick and easy!

ProtonVPN’s user-friendly centralized control panel makes managing settings, selecting protocols and creating WiFI hotspots on PCs and mobile devices more manageable than ever. ProtonVPN supports various connection types including OpenVPN (TCP and UDP), IKEv2/IPsec and Stealth VPN; its encryption methods include 256-bit AES keys as well as 2048-bit RSA keys; plus it features an automatic failover system to provide enhanced reliability if one server goes down.

ProtonVPN stands out with its transparent privacy policy and no-logging claims. While some may question them, Switzerland’s position outside Five, Nine and Fourteen Eyes data-sharing alliances allay any concerns that the company would share information with law enforcement. Their transparency report offers good reading compared to similar services; however it falls short when it comes to explaining how it handles requests from government agencies.

ProtonVPN offers an excellent variety of payment methods, from credit/debit cards and PayPal to cryptocurrency and even cash via mail-in requests with username. Support options include email, phone calls and live chat support available exclusively to ProtonVPN subscribers through its member’s area website; subscribers can even convert chat sessions to tickets if an issue arises later on.

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