ProtonVPN Review

ProtonVPN operates over 2,970 servers across 67 countries and offers gaming, streaming and P2P file sharing specialized options as well as alternative routing features that bypass censorship.

Logging policy of this service is one of the most transparent we have come across, plus its location – Switzerland with its privacy-protecting laws – ensures an added layer of transparency.

The free tier provides access to three servers, while basic plans offer two. With Plus plans you gain access to additional servers and speed up VPN connection significantly.

Secure Core

ProtonVPN is an established VPN with an excellent track record, boasting many standout features such as Secure Core. This privacy-focused feature routes traffic via extra security servers located in Switzerland, Iceland and Sweden to protect users against network monitoring that might link activities back to users’ identities.

Secure Core can easily be implemented by selecting it in the server list of any desktop or mobile app, connecting first to a Secure Core server before going on to connect to its destination server of choice. This double encryption prevents data from being stored centrally – an effective defense against surveillance programs tracking internet activity. Furthermore, Secure Core servers are physically located within high security data centers for added protection against physical threats.

At our testing of Secure Core VPN service, speed performance was impressive for a VPN. This may be attributable to their use of bare metal servers and advanced tunneling protocols that provided impressive download and upload speeds averaging 193 Mbps and 196 Mbps respectively – though Secure Core may add an extra step which may slow your speeds slightly.

ProtonVPN was able to bypass many difficult-to-access streaming platforms and sites due to its strong encryption and not being located in the US – an advantage over many competing VPN services which only block some popular services.

ProtonVPN’s privacy policies are clear and transparent. The company doesn’t store or monitor any data that could identify you personally, and does not monitor the websites or activities you engage in online. All of the only information ProtonVPN retains about you is your email address for billing and support queries; any shared with third parties would include payment details as this must remain with the provider in order to process them successfully.

Although this service doesn’t provide live chat capabilities, its email support system is usually prompt and responsive, while their customer service team are helpful when resolving issues.

Kill Switch

Kill switches are safety features designed to safeguard online activities if a VPN server disconnects, protecting from leakage of information and prying eyes. ProtonVPN apps feature built-in kill switches compatible with all devices (smartphones and tablets alike) as well as the always-on VPN feature which automatically connects you with any ProtonVPN server automatically and keeps all data, work, and personal details safe & secure.

Kill switches provide protection from potential data leakage by channeling all internet traffic through a protected tunnel, in case your VPN becomes disconnected or goes offline, stopping all connection until manually reconnecting again. They are an essential feature of any VPN service provider and should always be turned on.

Though all VPNs contain kill switches, it is still important to test them periodically to make sure they are functioning as expected. If the kill switch seems faulty, try restarting the app or altering firewall settings if applicable – changing these may compromise device security; be cautious and only change them if comfortable doing so.

ProtonVPN stands out for its transparent privacy policy and location in Switzerland – home to some of the best internet privacy laws worldwide. ProtonVPN does not collect any personally identifiable data beyond email addresses and payment details, and will never voluntarily share it with third parties. Furthermore, their VPN apps are open-source allowing anyone access to ensure it’s secure – they even offer a bug bounty program which rewards people who find flaws within its software!

ProtonVPN apps are available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices and include automatic reconnection, ad blocking and DNS leak protection among many other features. Their apps have an intuitive user experience with a clean, user-friendly interface; fast performance thanks to WireGuard protocol; support for multiple streaming services; as well as offering 30-day money back guarantees!

No Logs Policy

Proton VPN services that stand out include a no-logs policy, which means the company does not record or store your browsing or download activity. This helps protect you from hackers who could track what websites you visit to gain valuable intelligence about yourself.

However, the company does keep some limited data regarding traffic flow through their network and timestamp of your login to detect and prevent password brute force attacks. Furthermore, this information is deleted after 30 days of inactivity – making this no logs policy among competing VPN services transparent and effective.

Proton VPN’s headquarters in Switzerland boasts some of the strongest privacy laws worldwide, making it harder for government agencies to access data stored with them and not participating in international surveillance alliances such as Five Eyes or 14 Eyes groups.

ProtonVPN also features an effective kill switch that reliably shuts off your internet access if the server becomes inaccessible or loses connectivity with you, offering additional protection from hacking or surveillance. This feature adds another level of defense.

Additionally, Proton VPN was audited by an independent third party – Securitum, a leading security consultancy firm – to verify its no-logs policy in April 2022 and this act of verification proved that Proton VPN’s commitment to its no-logs policy.

ProtonVPN stands out from its competition by offering not only a no-logs policy but also an generous 30-day money back guarantee – in comparison with many VPN services which only offer refund policies with less flexibility or only provide refunds after several days have passed.

ProtonVPN stands out among competitors by supporting multiple devices and operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android, iOS and Chromebook. Although not as many servers exist as some competitors do, ProtonVPN still provides enough servers for most users and offers quality customer support; although live chat may not yet be offered by ProtonVPN representatives; their knowledge allows them to respond swiftly when inquiries come up.

Transparency Reports

If your online privacy is of importance to you, transparency reports are an ideal way to assess if a VPN is doing what they claim it does. These documents showcase their commitment to keeping their promises. ProtonVPN has published some transparency reports, though more could be done to make them accessible and consistent.

ProtonVPN stands out among other paid services with its strong commitment to keeping users’ data private and secure. It adheres to a no-logs policy and conducts independent third-party audits by leading security consultants – this gives me great hope that ProtonVPN can keep its promise not to store user information or other sensitive material.

ProtonVPN stands out from its competition thanks to its expansive server network, boasting more than 1,800 servers across 66 countries – far more than most of its rivals! ProtonVPN can offer fast download and upload speeds on these servers due to high capacity connections; we conducted speed tests that registered speeds up to 360Mbps to the Netherlands, 349Mbps to Japan, and 345Mbps in New York!

ProtonVPN does an outstanding job at clearly explaining its privacy policies. For instance, they don’t store IP addresses, payment information or personally identifiable details – they only maintain email addresses for communication purposes and keep a log of your last app use date/time stamps.

This company provides transparency on how it handles law enforcement requests, which should provide some assurance for those concerned about online privacy. They only release a limited amount of data when requested, and will only hand over user records if there is an acceptable legal reason.

ProtonVPN boasts an array of features that allow it to compete with the top VPN services on the market, such as strong encryption and an instant kill switch. Furthermore, its pricing structure is both clear and unambiguous – something most other VPNs lack.

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