Psiphon VPN Review

Psiphon is a circumvention tool designed to bypass government-imposed Internet censorship. Additionally, it offers limited but nonetheless substantial privacy protection.

Users can select their server location from a list of countries available and automatically connect to the fastest server available.

Psiphon offers a simple web browser built-in, which proxies all Android device traffic when in VPN mode and supports several languages.


Psiphon was created specifically to bypass Internet censorship and restrictions, using various obfuscation techniques to mask traffic and keep repressive regimes from blocking its usage. Furthermore, Psiphon protects users against ISP spying programs as well as government surveillance programs.

Psiphon offers an intuitive user interface for selecting your preferred server location, and will even automatically select the best server based on your network speed. Users may also utilize split tunneling for web browsers, which directs content from websites outside your country of location straight into local IP addresses of Psiphon’s servers.

Psiphon makes browsing faster if your network is slow, unlike many other VPN services which charge users for using their software. However, users must remember that the free version contains ads and collects browsing activity data which could later be sold off to third-parties.

Psiphon is not only completely free, but is also extremely user-friendly on all major mobile operating systems. Its PDF user guide and FAQ page make navigation simple while Psiphon’s technical support via email aims to respond within 16 hours if any questions arise.

Psiphon can be used on many devices, but users who require VPN protection should keep in mind that it does not provide this protection and should therefore find another dedicated VPN service instead.

Be mindful that Psiphon may not always be capable of bypassing all types of internet shutdowns, including the one implemented in April 2017 by Cameroon government against Anglophone regions – however some Psiphon users were still able to connect using alternative routing paths and access their needs despite this measure by the government.


Psiphon is a program that can bypass Internet restrictions and censorship. Using various techniques (including VPN, SSH and HTTP proxy technology) it provides users access to websites blocked in their location – it’s free, user friendly and flexible enough for any developer’s modification! Psiphon also adheres to GPL licensing meaning its code can be shared openly with developers worldwide for continued improvements.

Psiphon installation is straightforward. After downloading its executable file, users simply run it to install. Once complete, Psiphon allows users to connect to servers and browse the web anonymously without fear of Internet censorship or tracking by local ISPs.

Psiphon provides an intuitive user interface, but is lightweight and requires little configuration to function effectively. By default it uses Windows system proxy settings while no external drivers or services are necessary for operation. Furthermore, users can select their preferred tunnel mode which may affect connection speed and stability.

Psiphon for Android allows users to bypass any restrictions placed upon them by their home country, by accessing any censorships or restrictions that exist there. Users can download it either through Google Play Store, or side load it and activate this option in their security settings if side loading.

Once Psiphon is installed, it immediately begins connecting to networks and browsing the web without fear that their privacy has been compromised. A green icon indicates its functionality; users may browse freely without worrying that Psiphon won’t be able to bypass all types of censorship.

Psiphon gives users more than just an easy connection; they can customize their experience by choosing from among its many server regions, which is particularly helpful when trying to access region-specific content. Plus, if one server becomes unavailable or overloaded, Psiphon automatically finds replacement servers if required – and being very portable means it can even be carried around on USB flash drives for use from multiple computers!


Psiphon is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Android devices. The Windows version requires at least 2 GB of storage space and an internet connection while Android requires 2GHz processor speed and 4GB minimum storage. Psiphon can unblock most websites while providing streaming media services; however it doesn’t work with major services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

This software is free, though it contains advertisements. Furthermore, it collects and sells user data to third-party entities.

Psiphon has been around for more than a decade, designed to bypass content-filtering systems used by repressive regimes to censor Internet use. The software utilizes various techniques – including proxy servers – to circumvent content filters used against users online.

Psiphon employs encryption to protect data packets as they move across the Internet from one device to a server on its network, but does not use end-to-end encryption, meaning repressive governments could still crack its ciphers used to protect user information. Due to a lack of transparency regarding which ciphers Psiphon employs for protecting user data, there’s no way of knowing exactly how secure this service really is.

Both Psiphon Pro and the free version of its app connect to an extensive global network of over 1000 servers located in over 40 countries. Users have the option of either auto-selecting the fastest country or manually selecting from a list. Psiphon Pro provides additional speed upgrades.

Psiphon offers a user-friendly app with a clean interface and is straightforward to operate, automatically opening a browser window when connecting to one of its servers and offering various languages as options. Unfortunately, connecting can become more challenging if using apps which manage screen brightness or lockscreen protectors; they may reduce visibility or prevent connections altogether.


Psiphon, unlike many VPNs, does not require a subscription; however it has a speed cap of 2mbps and is supported by ads. It offers limited functionality in its free version; however you can upgrade to a pro version for extra features with PsiCash’s prepayment system offering speed boosts at additional costs. It works on Windows, iOS, mobile phones and can even serve as a VPN without PC usage – ideal for people wanting a mobile-first VPN solution!

Psiphon was developed as open-source software in 2006. Initially developed at Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto, later managed and maintained by a private group – including VOA’s parent agency Broadcasting Board of Governors – including VOA itself. Psiphon is intended to bypass internet filtering and censorship using various techniques like proxy servers and encryption.

Psiphon operates an extensive global network of over 1,000 servers located in various countries; however, the company does not publicly reveal the exact locations or number of them they operate themselves or through third-party providers. Psiphon claims it can handle high volumes of traffic during national insurgencies.

The company takes great strides to protect privacy and security for its users, offering various payment methods – such as cryptocurrency – without ever logging user data and offering other security measures, like running multiple devices simultaneously with their software program.

Psiphon may claim it provides comprehensive privacy, yet there remain serious reservations about their policies. Their headquarters are in Canada – part of the Five Eyes spying alliance – while they don’t adhere to zero log policies and only keep activity records for 90 days (this figure falls significantly short of legal requirements in many countries). Because of these limitations, Psiphon should not be seen as an especially secure VPN option; Cyber Ghost VPN could provide better security.

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