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PSX emulators enable PC users to enjoy PlayStation games without a physical console, including Tony Hawk, Tomb Raider and Driver classics. These programs have quickly become a hit among gamers looking for classic entertainment on their PCs.

pSX runs best on modern computers with 64-bit processors. Setup is straightforward: extract it from its zip file and place it into a folder with read/write access on either your desktop computer or external hard drive.


Mednafen (an acronym for My Emulator Doesn’t Need A Frickin’ Excellent Name) is a multi-system emulator capable of running games from multiple consoles and systems, including Windows and Linux. With its sleek user interface and simple use, Mednafen makes an excellent tool to help developers create and test games, whether on desktop computers or consoles connected to TV screens.

This open-source PlayStation 1 emulator is widely considered superior to its official PlayStation emulator. It boasts incredible accuracy and speed, offering features such as upscaling, texture filtering, overclocking, GameShark support, standard controller support as well as DualShock style DualShock support – its emulation speed even rivals that of its counterpart – and allows for per game control setting. It supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms and lets you set individual game controls!

This emulator is based on the bsnes source code, but has been modified by Ryphecha for enhanced performance and accuracy. Furthermore, its cores for Master System, Genesis, and SNES were enhanced to eliminate idle loops for each game individually; global configuration settings or game-by-game can be configured accordingly; additionally it features low resolution single session Kodak PhotoCD Portfolio disc emulation support.

Mednafen can emulate some of the most popular gaming devices, including Apple II Plus, Atari Lynx, Nintendo GameBoy/Color and Neo Geo Pocket/WonderSwan emulators for Neo Geo Pocket Color Pocket Color Neo Geo Pocket/Color WonderSwan Sega Saturn/Playstation PlayStation/PS2 etc. Making it an extremely flexible emulator but it may be difficult for novice users who do not understand an emulator language e.g. “Emu.”

Notable features of PSX Emulator Pro include its user-friendly GUI and wide compatibility with PS1 games, but boot up time can sometimes take too long on some machines and graphics can sometimes appear jerky when browsing menus or playing. Furthermore, its performance may not match that of other PSX emulators in terms of quality and functionality.


ClassicBoy is an Android app designed to emulate multiple retro consoles and handheld games on mobile devices, such as DraStic DS Emulator, PCSX-ReARMed, Beetle-PSX, Mupen64Plus VBA-M mGBA Desmume Genplus Yabause FCEUmm etc. Furthermore it lets you connect external controllers enabling multiplayer games with friends as well as save different controller profiles for individual preferences and games.

ClassicBoy Gold stands out from its competition by offering more than just comprehensive console emulation functionality; it also has a number of unique features, such as gesture mapping into game buttons and using accelerometer sensor to simulate D-pad controls. Furthermore, ClassicBoy Gold’s Turbo mode lets you adjust running speed of games. Plus it comes equipped with customizable audio/video settings as well as supporting ROM management, export/import functions.

ePSXe, another free Android emulator app, is another widely-used emulation option. Support for various consoles includes PlayStation, NES and Game Boy Color as well as some additional features like fast forward and support for hardware controllers; its performance is relatively smooth while it also includes cheat codes.

If you want an enhanced PSX emulator, look no further than ClassicBoy Pro. Although more expensive, this version offers numerous additional advantages compared to its counterpart: resume game states from auto-saves and slot-saves; convenient gesture and sensor control options; as well as more plugins available.

The developer of this emulator has made it clear that it should not be considered as a replacement for real gaming devices; rather, it can be used to access old video games with external devices and experience their thrill without incurring the costs of actual purchases. It makes an excellent option for anyone wanting a truly exciting gaming experience without breaking the bank!

To install ClassicBoy on an Android device, click on its app icon and grant access to your system resources – this is necessary for it to function properly. After authorizing access, ClassicBoy will download and install on your device – giving you instant access to playing all of your favorite games!


Sony’s PlayStation gaming platform boasts an illustrious history, boasting classic titles that remain popular today. Thanks to desktop emulators that simulate its hardware and allow direct control via keyboard or mouse, these classic titles can still be enjoyed today!

DuckStation, for instance, stands out as an outstanding PSX emulator due to its commitment to authenticity. DuckStation stands out as being one of the top PlayStation 1 emulators on the market; furthermore it also supports other consoles including Game Boy Advance, Super Nintendo and NeoGeo and boasts numerous features designed to make playing these games as pleasurable as possible.

XEBRA is another open-source emulator offering superb PSX emulation. Its unique selling point lies in its focus on native resolution rendering, which negates any need for upscaling or other methods that modernize games’ looks and feels. Other features of note include customizable controls and other tools designed to make gaming more immersive.

XEBRA stands out from other PC emulators by not requiring a BIOS file and supporting multiple operating systems, including Linux and Mac OS X. Furthermore, its setup and use is relatively straightforward compared to more sophisticated emulators such as Mednafen or ClassicBoy; although neither have as many features.

If you want a quick way to start playing XEBRA quickly, its autostart feature can automatically boot up the emulator when running a ROM file. Simply enable this option by clicking Run->Autostart; once activated XEBRA will launch and play your game – but note that multitrack CDs may prevent some games from working correctly!

RetroPie is another solution for PSX emulation on Raspberry Pi devices that lets you enjoy your PlayStation games anytime, anywhere! Thanks to its excellent emulation capabilities, RetroPie allows gamers to access their favourite PlayStation titles from almost any device – be it computer, smartphone or tablet! RetroPie should be part of every serious gaming enthusiast’s arsenal!


PCSX2 is one of the most advanced PlayStation 2 emulators on the market, providing stunning graphical fidelity when playing PlayStation 2 games. Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X computers and supporting most controllers; features include a frame limiter to prevent overheating as well as an in-game save system; this software is free and open source however donations to its developers would encourage further development work on it.

PCSX2 requires a powerful computer in order to run efficiently, though its specific hardware requirements vary largely based on game. Most often, CPU performance rather than GPU (video card) bottlenecking affects PCSX2, so faster CPU should result in better results; though some games may still suffer due to unoptimized graphics code or weak video cards.

To maximize PCSX2 performance, enable MT-VU1. This plugin will improve game speed by multithreading CPU cores and optimizing CPU usage. Furthermore, be sure to use an appropriate graphics card that’s compatible with PCSX2.

Once you’ve arranged your games and emulator, you can begin playing. Simply place ISO files in the CDVD folder on the emulator before selecting “System > Boot ISO (Fast).” Finally, choose your region before waiting a few moments until your game loads fully – at which point, you should be free to enjoy playing!

PCSX2 stands out as a top pick among PlayStation 2 emulators due to its compatibility. It can run most titles from the PS2 library and display high-resolution images on your monitor, supporting multiple gamepads and keyboards for play by both right-handed and left-handed gamers alike. Furthermore, you can save it to a folder for easy launch anywhere – especially useful if your computer is infected with viruses! To ensure it remains virus free it’s vital that you only download from trusted websites; otherwise you risk potentially downloading an infection which could doom your machine irreparably!

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