PureVPN Review

PureVPN employs an imprenetrable 256-bit encryption that’s hard for even skilled hackers to break, providing your privacy by disguising data so it appears garbled if anyone attempts to monitor online activity.

PureVPN provides monthly and yearly pricing plans that feature unlimited multi-login support (up to 10 devices simultaneously), 6500+ secure servers, and an expansive list of features – each plan comes with a 31-day no quibble money back guarantee!

1. Strong Encryption

PureVPN is an excellent VPN that utilizes advanced encryption technology to keep your sensitive data protected, offering military-grade protection that keeps online activities private and safe, blocking malware attacks, as well as concealing your real IP address from websites visited.

Service provider CyberGhost boasts a vast global network of servers that offers services for streaming, torrenting and file sharing. You’ll find servers specialized for certain activities available across several countries on its website; in addition, a kill switch feature prevents your connection from dropping even if the VPN goes down.

PureVPN stands out as an outstanding VPN provider because it does not charge for bandwidth usage, with plans available for up to 10 devices free. This makes it simple for you to use its services at home, on mobile phones or public Wi-Fi networks – with regular server location changes possible too!

PureVPN does store logs, but has taken steps in recent years to strengthen its privacy policies and abide by mandatory data retention laws in Hong Kong. In particular, they’ve enhanced their policy so as to more clearly outline that they do not store user records. Furthermore, the provider boasts impressive security features such as built-in kill switch protection, DNS/WebRTC leak prevention protection as well as split tunneling capability for added peace of mind.

PureVPN provides apps for most major platforms, including Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android and iOS. Each one features a clean user interface with support for OpenVPN/IKEv2, split tunneling capability and can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously.

This app’s user interface is user-friendly and straightforward, making it an effortless process to setup and utilize the service. It includes a list of popular streaming sites as well as settings you can easily customize yourself. In addition, its other features include being able to block ads, filter the list of servers more efficiently with Smart Location screen features, Quick Connect button customizations and block ads altogether. Plus there are additional premium features you can pay extra for such as port forwarding or controlling your router directly through this service app!

2. Fast Connections

PureVPN boasts an impressive server network, offering fast connections. Their Windows and Android apps allow you to view ping times before connecting, as well as upload/download speeds, tunneling protocols used, server type usage and purpose filters – such as streaming/internet freedom/security privacy/file sharing etc – which help ensure maximum performance from their connection.

Quantum-Resistant servers provide users with extra protection against government surveillance and data collection, and use verifiable encryption keys for maximum safety. This type of server can provide users with greater peace of mind.

PureVPN provides an important protection by way of its Kill Switch feature, which instantly cuts your internet access in case its VPN drops or experiences an outage for any reason, protecting both you and your private information from accidentally being exposed or downloading copyrighted material accidentally. You’ll find this feature available across its Windows, Mac, iOS and Android apps – plus there is even an exclusive kill switch dedicated for routers! This service does not come close in terms of reliability to other VPN services available out there.

PureVPN provides standard servers as well as some locations offering 20Gbps connections that offer fast streaming and gaming connections, boasting low latency of only 350 milliseconds; faster than many top VPN providers! These 20Gbps servers can handle streaming videos at 40+ fps as well.

Recently, the company expanded their server network from more than 4,000 servers in 140 countries to over 8,000 servers spread across 180 locations. A handful of servers specifically tailored for fast PUBG and Fortnite players also exist; most are physical while some may also be virtual; the latter might not provide as effective performance as when connected directly to a physical server.

This app is user-friendly and supports multiple devices – Windows, Mac OSX, Android and iOS; plus numerous router models. Ten simultaneous connections may prove particularly helpful for families or roommates sharing multiple devices simultaneously. Furthermore, download is free with a 31-day money back guarantee thrown in!

3. Easy to Use

PureVPN apps are user-friendly and beginner-friendly, especially the Windows app which boasts an intuitive and user-friendly design for novice users. Furthermore, up to 10 simultaneous connections can be supported within this one application! That is more than most other VPN services and can be an enormous help in households with multiple users. After purchasing, you’ll receive your account details as well as a link to download the client software. Once installed, this app allows users to browse the web, stream videos and download content securely without fear of anyone seeing what they are doing or accessing personal data without encryption. No one will be able to see what you are doing online and acquire personal information through it.

The VPN connects you with the fastest server that’s available in your location, selecting automatically the most suitable option for you. In addition, this app offers other useful features like automatic connection upon startup/sleep cycles, ping times, and more.

PureVPN stands out from its peers by including a kill switch on its Windows, Android, and iOS apps. This feature will shut off your internet if the connection to the VPN goes down for any reason, which can be especially helpful when working on projects that rely on uninterrupted connectivity – for instance downloading copyrighted material or visiting websites which might expose your real IP address if there’s ever a momentary drop off in connection – thanks to a kill switch your internet will simply go dead leaving no trace of you there when visiting other websites!

PureVPN apps are light weight, so they won’t slow down your PC or smartphone while using it. Furthermore, PureVPN supports all major operating systems including iOS, macOS, Windows and Linux as well as Smart TVs and other popular devices with native apps available for each.

PureVPN’s Linux app is relatively barebones, offering only an on/off button and promotional offer in its main window. Still, this user-friendly program features numerous useful settings – auto-connect upon startup/device sleep/Internet kill switch/protocol support/and more!

4. Strong Customer Support

PureVPN stands out as having an impeccable privacy policy. Theirs has been audited twice by two independent companies and both audits confirmed that PureVPN does not keep logs of IP addresses or activity. Altius IT conducted one audit while KPMG, one of the world’s premier audit firms conducted another. Both audits took place in 2018 and both proved that PureVPN’s no-log policy indeed holds.

PureVPN app is an ideal choice for users searching for an effortless online security and privacy solution, featuring a user-friendly interface with quick connect buttons that automatically selects servers based on factors like ping speed, distance from server location and recent usage patterns. Furthermore, users can change settings, view available servers list as well as choose among various protocol support (WireGuard, OpenVPN both UDP/TCP, IKEv2 or SSTP).

PureVPN stands out from the competition by not requiring users to download or install its software in order to take advantage of its services. Instead, a free trial period allows you to determine whether it fits your needs; with its 31-day money back guarantee in place you can test out this service without risk.

Fast and offering an impressive number of servers worldwide, it provides access to Netflix and BBC iPlayer without restriction, works in China, and has an iOS app allowing Apple TV content access with VPN protection. Furthermore, other streaming devices and features such as split tunneling, IPv6 leak protection, and kill switch are supported as well.

PureVPN seems committed to keeping its privacy promises, even after being subjected to legal pressure from Chinese courts who ordered it to hand over user data. Since then, they have discontinued keeping connection logs for user IP addresses or timestamps, thus protecting users against legal action in future.

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