PureVPN Review

PureVPN is an established VPN service offering strong encryption and no log policy, along with features like password manager, file encryption and more.

Apps from this provider feature an easy, straightforward design. Their apps offer a single button for connecting and accessing all available locations with one click.

1. Pricing

PureVPN makes it simple to bypass geo-restrictions with its extensive server selection. Plus, with a reliable kill switch and access to top protocols, data remains protected from prying eyes. Plus and Max subscriptions include extra features like DDoS protection and password manager PureKeep.

PureVPN stands out from its competition by offering highly affordable pricing plans; their two-year plan can be purchased for less than $2 per month, making it one of our favorite budget picks.

British Virgin Islands provide another layer of security against data collection laws elsewhere; moreover, keeping out of Five Eyes alliance is hugely advantageous to people worried about government or ISP surveillance.

One subscription allows up to five devices to connect simultaneously – an impressive feat in any VPN service provider’s portfolio. If more connections are required, business subscriptions start from $8.45 monthly for up to 10 users; additional dedicated VPN gateways can also be purchased starting at $50 a month per device.

2. Servers

PureVPN boasts an expansive network of servers in 88 locations and 69 countries – this may not match some rivals (like CyberGhost who boast over 9100+ servers), but nonetheless remains an impressive and expansive network with excellent speeds and privacy features.

PureVPN servers are secured with industry standard 256-bit AES encryption to keep all your online activities private while browsing the web, streaming movies or playing games. Furthermore, additional features such as kill switches, auto-connection and DNS leak protection as well as obfuscated servers to prevent WebRTC leakage are offered for further peace of mind.

One of the unique aspects of PureVPN is their selection of specialty server categories, accessible via the Locations menu in their app. P2P/Torrenting servers offer optimized streaming while quantum-resistant servers use verifiable cryptographic keys for increased privacy.

The VPN app’s interface is very user-friendly and intuitive, featuring a handy Dahsboard that displays your connection details while the main settings screen allows you to choose your tunneling protocol, server address and a variety of other options. There are even some extras like favouriting servers you frequently use or setting an automatic connect time if desired!

PureVPN provides dedicated apps for Android and iOS devices as well as supporting DD-WRT router applets, and allows for up to 10 simultaneous logins allowing you to connect various devices at the same time.

3. Apps

PureVPN provides apps and operating systems compatible with various devices and operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. In addition to browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers, PureVPN can also be easily utilized with various routers to provide protection for an entire household or small business.

App interfaces tend to be very straightforward, with just an on/off switch and locations just one click away. They also include search bars and ping times to help locate servers with the fastest speeds; though some users might prefer more complex designs. For most people though, simplicity works just as well.

As soon as you open the PureVPN app, a selection of use cases based on your planned usage are presented to you. Simply choose the option that meets your requirements best and PureVPN will autofill its connection settings with optimized options – an effortless setup experience! This thoughtful feature makes setting up service faster and simpler.

PureVPN provides more than just standard VPN features; they also include additional ones such as an internet kill switch, split tunneling and DNS leak protection. Their kill switch works exactly as promised – cutting off internet access when not connected to any VPN server. Split tunneling offers further protection by routing packets through two separate servers simultaneously while DNS leak protection protects against potential DNS leakage issues.

Other security features offered by PureVPN include password manager, file encryption and digital privacy features. With PureVPN’s privacy settings you can select which web trackers and data brokers to block as well as block malicious scripts which could expose your computer to hacking – an invaluable feature not found on many competing VPNs. However, keep in mind that PureVPN collects some basic usage data such as when and where you connect and your bandwidth usage – although this should not be considered a cause for alarm.

4. Security

PureVPN employs top-tier encryption to protect your online activities in complete privacy. By scrambling data you send over the internet into unintelligible gibberish, even if someone intercepts it they won’t be able to decipher it – providing additional protection from hackers! Your sensitive information won’t be accessible by anyone but yourself, making PureVPN an excellent way to safeguard it against third parties or others who could attempt to gain entry.

PureVPN features a kill switch, which instantly cuts your connection if the VPN server goes down unexpectedly for any reason. This feature is especially important if you intend to use PureVPN for downloading copyrighted material or streaming from illegal sources; and is available across all operating systems that support PureVPN such as Windows, Mac OSX, Android and Linux.

IKEv2 is also implemented by this company to protect users and prevent any leakage of your public IP address, which would allow websites and services to track you more easily.

PureVPN deploys AES-256 encryption on its servers to keep them safe from intruders – this standard has long been trusted by both the US military and CIA, rendering it virtually impenetrable. Plus, your data sent over VPN will also be encrypted to protect your privacy even more effectively!

PureVPN provides several add-ons that you can purchase separately to further protect your privacy, such as a password manager called PureKeep, which stores passwords in an easily accessible place and generates strong ones, and encrypting documents and files using PureEncrypt. Furthermore, families can install it simultaneously on up to 10 devices which makes the service ideal.

5. Customer service

PureVPN stands out with their impressive customer service offering of email, live chat and an informative FAQ section on its website. Furthermore, this provider features articles related to online privacy and streaming guides designed to maximize their users’ VPN usage experience.

Customer support at the company is available around-the-clock to provide assistance with any problems customers might be experiencing, while its FAQs page features answers to commonly asked questions. Unfortunately, however, it does not have one centralised FAQ page which would make finding answers more straightforward for users.

PureVPN stands out in terms of security by following an excellent no logging policy and passing independent audits by KPMG. Specifically, its no logging policy doesn’t keep personal IP addresses, exact locations or connection times logged – an additional protection against time correlation attacks. Furthermore, one of its unique policies allows KPMG to conduct non-scheduled privacy audits whenever needed.

The VPN also supports all major VPN protocols, ensuring its service can be used on multiple devices. Furthermore, its obfuscation techniques help it get past China’s strict firewall; making this an excellent option for those residing within its borders who wish to utilize internet browsing while there.

Port forwarding isn’t included with its standard plans; those needing it for torrenting must pay an extra fee – though it’s certainly a small price to pay for online privacy and other features.

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