PureVPN Review

PureVPN is an established VPN service with an expansive server network based in the British Virgin Islands and promises no data retention; independent audits confirm it does not log web traffic.

PureVPN for iOS and Android apps features a straightforward connect button with menu icon; from this interface it is simple to access a list of country servers. Furthermore, PureVPN features kill switch capability, split tunneling support and support for various protocols.


One of the primary functions of a VPN is protecting your privacy online. A reliable VPN should hide your IP address and prevent DNS leaks, ensuring no one can see what you do online. Furthermore, it obfuscates your connection so even your ISP cannot detect that you’re using one – making PureVPN an ideal choice for anyone concerned about their online privacy.

PureVPN was among the few VPN apps we tested that did not show signs of DNS leakage and performed well in terms of stability, with apps for Windows, iOS and Android offering features such as split tunneling (which allows users to control which applications use VPN access) and kill switch capability. Furthermore, they support torrenting as well as providing encryption of Wi-Fi connections – an added layer of protection.

PureVPN boasts an expansive server network, featuring 6,500 servers located across 88 locations (Figure A). That makes them the leader in server density; however, many of them are virtualized; however this may lead to performance variations as your distance from servers increases; connecting to one in New York will likely have more of an effect than connecting with one in Vietnam for example.

PureVPN provides numerous security features, such as a VPN firewall that blocks unwanted traffic and an automatic kill switch, in addition to having an extensive no-logging policy and having passed an audit conducted by KPMG regarding user names, email addresses, dates of registrations as well as their IP addresses which were used when signing up with PureVPN.

Kill switches protect data in case your VPN disconnects unexpectedly, safeguarding against prying eyes in case of outages and protecting data relating to any copyrighted material that might otherwise be vulnerable. They are particularly useful if downloading copyrighted material.

PureVPN also includes a tracker blocker to protect you from advertisers tracking your web activity; however, this feature is only available with its Max account plan. In addition to tracker blocking capabilities, PureVPN boasts numerous security features – from encryption options such as WireGuard and OpenVPN through P2P networks and dedicated IPs all the way to quantum-resistant servers that provide protection from quantum computing attacks.


PureVPN boasts a global server network that spans 6,500+ physical and virtual servers in more than 70 countries. They use a combination of OpenVPN (TCP and UDP) and IKEv2 protocols, providing default obfuscation features as well as other security measures; adding dedicated IP addresses and port forwarding options into their customer area for added flexibility.

The company’s mobile apps are easy and straightforward to use, featuring a minimalistic design with just the Connect button and your current location in the app window. From there, simply connect and disconnect as necessary – for added control the Locations list gives access to all available options while Shortcut, Favorite or Recent server selection options provide greater control.

PureVPN provides military-grade AES 256-bit encryption to protect your data and communications from hackers and spies. This level of protection is the same as what’s used by the CIA and US military; rendering all information unreadable to anyone trying to intercept it.

PureVPN performed very well in our speed tests, supporting multiple simultaneous connections which is convenient. Furthermore, its app features a Dahsboard that shows which servers are fastest so that you can select different VPN protocols based on your requirements – and the company offers numerous payment methods like Bitcoin as well.

PureVPN was outstanding during our tests when it came to protecting against DNS leaks – something which is crucial as any such leaks could expose your real IP address to websites you visit, potentially allowing them to monitor your online activity and track you online. Both macOS and Windows were successfully protected against leakage by PureVPN’s apps in our tests, effectively blocking these leaks altogether.

PureVPN previously offered split tunneling, which enabled you to choose specific programs or apps to send their traffic through a VPN connection while leaving others unsecured. Unfortunately, this feature has been discontinued. Several add-ons such as dedicated IP address and port forwarding may cost extra; their website also features helpful FAQ articles and support ticket submission systems for further convenience.


PureVPN apps are designed to integrate seamlessly with each device, offering an uninterrupted browsing and streaming experience. Available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, routers and up to ten simultaneous devices simultaneously – they include essential security features like an internet kill switch and 256-bit encryption as well as port forwarding and DDoS protection as well as dedicated IP addresses and port forwarding which require additional payments.

PureVPN app is extremely easy to use, featuring a clean and straightforward design that makes browsing for server locations and features straightforward. In addition, each server listing includes a useful ping indicator to make finding what you need easier, while favorites can be added easily and recommended servers appear at the top.

If the list of servers doesn’t satisfy, PureVPN lets you narrow it down using various criteria, including connection speed and price. The app also displays whether a server is open or closed and allows you to see which connection statuses you currently have before selecting one from their menu – they offer over 6500 physical and virtual servers across 78 countries! Plus they support auto-redial if your connection drops unexpectedly – all thanks to auto-redial!

PureVPN is an attractive choice for users seeking to bypass censorship, surf anonymously, or stream movies and TV shows without data caps or restrictions. Based in both British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong – both places known for having privacy-protecting policies – some users may be put off by its complex structure which spans Hong Kong and Pakistan and could raise questions of transparency and ownership.

PureVPN provides several plans, with one offering standard plans starting from only $1.49 a month – significantly cheaper than most VPN services! Furthermore, their money-back guarantee makes trying them risk free and they accept PayPal, credit cards and crypto as payment methods as well as having an extensive FAQ page and live chat support to assist.


PureVPN provides numerous add-ons that can be purchased as additional monthly subscriptions for an extra monthly fee, most notably dedicated IPs that may be less likely to be blocked than shared ones, starting from just $1.49 in Australia, Canada, Germany, Malta and Singapore (other VPN providers such as Private Internet Access or NordVPN charge $4 to $5 more for this feature). Port forwarding allows users to seed torrents while connected via VPN service.

Service also provides a Business VPN solution starting at $8.45 a seat per month depending on whether payments are annualized or monthly, including an add-on that allows up to 10 team members access at once and a centralized management portal.

PureVPN stands out from its competition by owning its servers, guaranteeing user privacy by not sharing user data with third parties. This feature of their service should be taken into consideration when comparing it against other providers.

However, its involvement with the FBI in 2017 precludes it from being the best choice for users who prioritize privacy. Even though efforts have been undertaken by the company to regain trust from users since this incident occurred, this makes it hard for me to recommend for users who prioritize security over all else.

Server network of this service provider is extensive, boasting 6,500 servers in 70 countries spanning the globe and making it easy to unblock geo-restricted content with speed usually exceeding expectations.

TikTok, a popular social media app which is often blocked in certain countries due to its poor privacy policies, can be unblocked using it as one of only few VPN services that allows it. Combine that with comprehensive features and great starter deals on two year plans and it makes an excellent option for budget-minded VPN shoppers; but other competitors offer more innovative technology solutions than this service does.

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