PureVPN Review

PureVPN provides an attractive and cost-effective subscription plan, including add-on features like dedicated IP and port forwarding.

Service has both physical and virtual locations – the latter using Smart DNS routing to conceal their true locations for improved privacy, but may cause performance issues in some situations.


A VPN’s no-logs policy and strong encryption protocols ensure your connection remains private and secure, and offer features such as a dedicated kill switch to protect against internet connection drops if the VPN connection drops, as well as support for multiple platforms and devices.

PureVPN servers span across various European countries and Japan, making it easy for users to quickly locate one near them and bypass geo-blocks. Furthermore, the service works with most major platforms and devices – mobile phones included! Though not among the fastest VPN options on the market, PureVPN remains fast enough for streaming video content or downloading torrents without issue.

User interface of VPN Unlimited is user-friendly, offering a quick-connect button that instantly links you with the nearest available server and an expansive list of locations from which you can choose one country server to connect to. In addition, advanced features such as port forwarding and DDoS protection can also be enabled along with support for multiple devices simultaneously and an integrated firewall to protect IP leaks.

PureVPN provides pricing plans designed to fit every budget, from monthly plans and discounted two-year plans, all the way through a free trial period so that users can try out their services before making their commitments.

PureVPN offers two gigabytes (GB) per month free, which may not meet the needs of heavy internet users. But for just a bit more each month you can unlock unlimited bandwidth with IPv6 leak protection and firewall-based kill switch protection, which helps safeguard you against attacks by hackers attempting to access or steal personal information from you. Plus it supports various platforms and devices including iOS, Android and Windows as well as being one of few services reliable enough to work reliably in China; plus an array of add-ons such as ad blocking and parental controls!


As is the case with any VPN service, PureVPN takes measures to safeguard both your privacy and security. These include an automatic kill switch that cuts all data traffic when it detects an error; an IPv6 leak prevention protocol; firewall-based kill switches which block data entering or exiting from or entering into PCs outside the VPN tunnel; as well as AES-256 encryption to keep passwords, bank details and sensitive information safe from prying eyes.

PureVPN boasts an expansive infrastructure, boasting more than 6,500 servers in 70 countries spanning 88 locations worldwide. Furthermore, PureVPN features such as built-in DNS server support and dedicated IP addresses are essential tools for unblocking content due to geoblocks or bypassing censorship restrictions.

PureVPN provides security add-ons that can be purchased separately, such as DDoS protection – an add-on that protects against attacks from hackers that attack web pages by sending large volumes of traffic – often an issue for remote workers who handle personal or confidential information while on the move.

Split Tunneling, another feature offered by this service, enables users to choose between encrypted and unencrypted data – this helps preserve speed while still providing services like online banking or social media without fear of monitoring from their ISP.

PureVPN is compatible with multiple devices, such as Linux, Mac and Windows computers, iOS and Android mobile devices and routers. Furthermore, Chrome and Firefox web browser extensions for PureVPN are available and it is installed on many streaming devices including Amazon FireStick, Kodi, Microsoft Surface and Roku – not forgetting smart home gadgets, televisions and gaming consoles as well as popular Internet of Things devices like smart home gadgets – making this offer extremely appealing to most users. Furthermore, its 31-day money-back guarantee further ensures its popularity among many potential users.


Some VPN services provide dedicated apps for mobile devices, enabling you to stay secure when traveling. TunnelBear, for example, provides both free and premium apps for Android, Mac OSX and Windows operating systems – its premium plans feature unlimited device connections and premium servers located city-level selection; additionally they have team plans which include team billing tools as well as MACE ad/malware blocker to bolster online security while SOCKS5/Shadowsocks protect from traffic analysis.

The app’s user interface is designed to be straightforward, making it accessible for anyone. Furthermore, its advanced settings give you complete control of its behavior and performance – for instance enabling automatic reconnections if connection drops and optimizing encryption levels to ensure optimal privacy and protection.

PureVPN accepts various payment methods, from cryptocurrency and prepaid cards to cryptocurrency payments and more. New customers are covered by its 30-day money-back guarantee while customer support is accessible 24/7 through chat, email and phone – pricing is competitive while service levels are reliable and helpful.

Speed may not meet expectations, but still provides great value for your money. Their global network spans 78 countries and is equipped with over 6500 servers – enough for streaming and P2P activities as well as offering a robust protocol suite with customizable options. Also included is a secure 256-bit AES encryption standard and kill switch feature, plus many other benefits which make it an excellent choice for businesses and private users alike – including its mobile-oriented VPN client with its user-friendly design. Your VPN servers are located across dozens of cities around the globe, making it simple for you to locate one close to where you currently are. In addition, its client is compatible with iOS and Android devices and offers 24/7 live chat support as well as email. Furthermore, its FAQ section features comprehensive answers while there’s also a knowledge base and video tutorials available for learning how to get started with its service.


PureVPN stands out as an economical VPN service provider on the market, boasting prices that are particularly cost-effective when considering their number of servers and locations available to them. In addition, PureVPN provides an impressive money-back guarantee.

PureVPN allows up to 10 devices at the same time to connect, with its feature allowing family sharing of accounts a great solution for households that utilize multiple devices for different uses. You can even set your PureVPN accounts with parental controls for greater protection for younger family members from unwanted content.

One of the great features of PureVPN is that it supports various operating systems and devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. This makes downloading and installing PureVPN software on all of their devices effortless; furthermore, switching servers effortlessly ensures you make the most of your connection experience.

PureVPN boasts that they do not log or collect any of your personal information, with an audit by Altius IT of their no-logs policy in 2019. In particular, no device identification numbers, VPN session timestamps, IP addresses, DNS requests or browsing histories were collected during any sessions – data which could compromise privacy – nor did any identifiers for networking devices be stored either.

PureVPN stands out from other services with its gamer-centric features. The provider has dedicated servers designed specifically to deliver optimal online gaming performance – these servers can be found throughout many countries and cities worldwide, giving you plenty of choices when selecting your location of choice for gaming online.

PureVPN provides excellent customer support services that can be reached by phone, email or live chat. Their website is organized well, offering helpful information. Their app’s help section is fairly comprehensive but does not cover everything found online – and unfortunately doesn’t feature the ability to display FAQs or raise tickets directly within it which would be welcomed additions since this feature is so often needed by VPN users.

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