qBittorrent Review


qBittorrent stands out among torrent clients by being completely free and not including any “crapware”, such as additional software that doesn’t benefit end-users. Instead of advertising revenue-generation models like advertisements do, community donations provide its primary funding source.

To install a search plugin, click the button in the Search plugins window and choose either Local file or Web link. Simply click on your chosen search plugin, and your browser will download it immediately.


qBittorrent is a free BitTorrent client with many useful features for users. Its user interface resembles that of uTorrent, making it simple for newcomers to navigate; additionally, qBittorrent offers several extra functions which give it an edge over similar torrent clients.

As an example, you can set a schedule and bind software applications to specific network interfaces to ensure your torrent downloads don’t use up too much bandwidth or become blocked if your Internet connection becomes disrupted.

qBittorrent also allows you to prioritize files based on your own personal needs, giving you more time for other tasks while it downloads files automatically in the background. Furthermore, its sharing feature enables users to share files among themselves.

qBittorrent is designed to work seamlessly with the latest protocol specifications, and boasts an active community of contributors that contribute bug fixes and improvements regularly. You can expect these to continue in the near future.

qBittorrent’s RSS feed support is another handy feature, keeping you abreast of developments across your favorite torrent sites. qBittorrent automatically adds new files and updates existing ones so you’re informed on any important developments in real-time.

qBittorrent has undergone significant upgrades, making it even more efficient and versatile than before. Keyboard navigation, the ability to launch external programs when adding torrents, new working set limit options on Linux platforms, an endpoint that changes transfer speed modes, resizable columns and a reworked filters sidebar are among the many improvements found here. Furthermore, you can lock your UI using its top right icon, create category paths in Manual mode mode and lock/unlock it using top right icons – these upgrades make qBittorrent even better than before!


qBittorrent is an intuitive torrent client designed for all levels of downloaders, offering all of the features most downloaders would require. Users can easily select files within a torrent or Magnet Link to download. In addition, an advanced options menu provides advanced users with additional control over arcane parameters while compatibility with UPnP/NAT-PMP networks is supported as well as its built-in RSS subscription feature that makes finding new torrents much simpler.

Downloading the installer package of qBittorrent from its project website is simple; to install, just open up the dmg file and drag its executable directly to your Applications folder (macOS). Before using qBittorrent however, please agree to its Terms of Use agreement before getting started with using it.

To help prevent errors while downloading files from the internet, qBittorrent automatically checks if a file is damaged or corrupt. If it is, download is aborted with an error message being displayed in the status window. To rectify this problem, try downloading it again from either its original source or from somewhere else altogether; otherwise contact its developer for help.

If you are having issues with qBittorrent, it could be because it hasn’t been properly set up on your network. To address this, open up the program and navigate to Tools > Preferences; make sure to enable Web UI and set a username/password combination before verifying that its port number matches that entered in Settings.

If your router supports UPnP/NAT-PMP, for optimal speed and connectivity use ports between 49160-65534 in qBittorrent config – changing this can help bypass ISPs that block common BitTorrent ports.


qBittorrent provides several features to assist in keeping your IP address secret when torrenting. These features include connecting to peers using SOCKS proxy (the most popular option), and setting your download speed limit to approximately 80% of total bandwidth available to you. When combined with a VPN service, these features make it difficult for anyone to trace online activities associated with torrenting.

ExpressVPN provides the perfect means of hiding your online activity when downloading, making it impossible for hackers or copyright trolls to identify you as a torrent downloader. Once connected to ExpressVPN, qBittorrent can easily be configured to work alongside it.

To properly configure qBittorrent with ExpressVPN, you will first need to change its default ports that it listens on. To do this, navigate to the Options menu in qBittorrent and choose Preferences before altering “Global Maximum number of Connections” and “Maximum number of Connections per torrent,” respectively – we suggest setting these at 1250/250 respectively.

Not only should you change the default ports, but qBittorrent should also use its VPN’s default port in order to prevent outside downloads or uploads through it. This way, any torrent downloads or uploads won’t interfere with your VPN connection.

To use the Web UI, it’s necessary to enable HTTPS on your router or firewall and ensure it remains enabled for as long as possible so as to prevent your IP address from becoming public knowledge. Furthermore, before installing it on a device make sure the port for qBittorrent has been opened up on your network and make sure its port is accessible by doing this easy task first.


qBittorrent’s features help protect users from copyright trolls and ISPs who throttling torrent speeds, with its encryption setting that obfuscates BitTorrent traffic so ISPs cannot recognize it as torrenting traffic. Although not impenetrable like VPNs, however, qBittorrent should still be used alongside one for maximum protection.

The client also allows you to configure a proxy server, similar to an ad blocker in that it hides your IP address so other BitTorrent clients won’t know that you are downloading specific files. This helps protect you from being slow down by copyright trolls who monitor torrent swarm activity and may prevent you from downloading files that violate their policies.

Like uTorrent, qBittorrent supports version two of the BitTorrent protocol to add extra security measures during file transfers and prevent malicious code and tracking ads that could otherwise hide in torrent files’ metadata from being spread around.

qBittorrent stands out among torrent clients by not being accused of embedding malware or bloatware into its software, which makes the client open source allowing its community of volunteer programmers to quickly identify bugs and fix them quickly. Furthermore, reports indicate that it doesn’t engage in data tracking like some other torrent clients do.

Like any BitTorrent client, qBittorrent should only be downloaded from official sources or project repositories. Third-party download sites could contain malware such as adware that could interfere with your computer and steal personal data; additionally, antivirus systems might flag it as potential risk and prevent installation altogether.


qBittorrent is one of the most widely-used torrenting clients today, being open-source software without ads or malware bundles that is both clean and well-reviewed by its user community. Fusshub features only such popular, well-reviewed, adware- and spyware-free apps as downloads on its platform.

As far as usability goes, qBittorrent is an excellent choice for users who prefer an intuitive experience. The classic BitTorrent interface will be familiar to anyone who’s used mainstream torrent clients such as uTorrent or Vuze in the past; although its retro appearance might put off design-focused individuals. But overall it gets the job done!

This software is easy to use, offering numerous useful options. For instance, it enables you to keep an eye on peers as they download content – this can help identify who is downloading what and help keep copyrighted materials out of circulation. Furthermore, File Prioritizer includes file prioritization capabilities as well as NAT traversal for compatible routers; furthermore it features file prioritization features and even supports setting up web user interfaces so users can remotely control it from a web user interface.

As with uTorrent, qBittorrent is free to download; however if you would like to support its developers by making a donation via their website. There’s also an unofficial subreddit which offers additional support if any problems arise with using it.

qBittorrent’s security features are strong, but using a VPN when torrenting would provide even greater peace of mind. Other users could see your private information in plain text which could allow blackmail or identity theft to take place. A VPN encrypts all online activity so no one knows what you’re up to while simultaneously increasing download speeds and decreasing any risk.

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