Quick Heal Antivirus Review

Quick heal is an outstanding antivirus software solution for Windows that has earned an Advanced+ certification by AV-comparatives.

Protects against hackers breaking desktop passwords to access sensitive data stored on a computer and comes equipped with a track cleaner for internet usage traces removal.

DNAScan technology from Sony offers both behavioral and characteristic analysis of any potentially unsafe programs, in addition to parental controls and file shredding functionality.

Virus Protection

Quick Heal provides PCs and mobile devices with complete protection, featuring antimalware software as well as firewall functionality. Its VirusScan engine detects viruses, malware, spyware and rootkits while its web security feature blocks websites known to host malicious code or infected files. Furthermore, Quick Heal’s anti-ransomware feature uses behavior-based detection technology to analyze programs that attempt to encrypt files or backup data online; in addition it protects USB drives by restricting their access.

It offers single computer licenses at $74 annually, which is less than some competitors’ deluxe security suites. Unfortunately, its user interface (UI) is fairly subpar, producing several false alarms during testing as well as slight lag during scanning process which can be highly frustrating.

Quick Heal offers one of the most useful features available – remote support functionality – integrated into its program. Users can create an ID and password that allow a live technician to remotely take over control of their computer to help troubleshoot issues remotely. While this feature is great, please keep in mind it only works with secure Wi-Fi networks.

One unique aspect of the product is its capability of tracking changes to your operating system. The program can identify and notify you if there are any unexpected alterations such as software installations or driver uninstallation, as well as detect and block malware which has altered boot configuration.

Quick Heal includes a phishing filter to identify emails sent by cybercriminals that attempt to dupe users into clicking on harmful links, block unauthorized USB devices and block unauthorised users from changing Quick Heal’s running processes and services.

The anti-ransomware feature utilizes behavior-based analysis to detect ransomware that encrypts files and demands you pay a fee in order to decrypt them, as well as backing them up onto a cloud server should they become lost or compromised. Furthermore, its anti-malware capabilities detect ransomware attacks, phishing attempts and any other types of malicious activity on your device.

Malware Protection

Quick Heal antivirus provides comprehensive malware protection to defend against serious threats without negatively affecting system performance. It features an arsenal of tools to combat ransomware, Trojans, spyware, rootkits and other forms of malicious attacks on devices; protecting personal data stored there from any infringement and data leaks; as well as guaranteeing privacy by guarding it against potential attacks on personal privacy settings on devices.

DNASCAN technology detects and blocks alien threats with behavioral and characteristic inspection, as well as blocking phishing websites. Furthermore, its anti-ransomware feature protects files against ransomware threats by offering backup and restore functionality; USB drives are also scanned for infection to safeguard their protection. Finally, Quick Heal security settings cannot be changed without authorization to prevent hackers from seizing control.

This program is extremely intuitive to use; its graphical user interface is easy to comprehend, offering an overview of your computer. A main toolbar gives access to key functions while additional tools may be activated or disabled as necessary; you may, for instance, turn on a tracker that tracks online activity.

Quick Heal Internet Security Software also features other exclusive capabilities not found in its free version, including Parental Control that lets you limit use of certain applications and websites; Safe Banking protects financial transactions while scanning for and fixing security holes on computers; as well as scanning for and fixing these security holes itself.

Malware detection rates on its Windows platform fall far short of some competitors’, as evidenced by AV Comparatives’ test for Windows rating it last and SE-Labs Consumer report placing it 12th out of 13 contenders.

Anti-ransomware and phishing protection is especially strong, while malware detection rate is subpar; nonetheless, this suite remains an affordable and reliable choice. Though its user interface may be less intuitive than some competitors’ offerings, it still provides plenty of customization options and remains functional overall.

Ransomware Protection

Quick Heal Total Security stands out as the premier product from Quick Heal, offering features from both Antivirus Pro and Internet Security with Secure Delete and Data Theft Protection as well as additional options like Secure Delete. I would have preferred longer subscription periods and the capability of protecting more than three devices at a time; nonetheless, Quick Heal offers an exceptional value considering everything it includes.

Behavior detection technology supports its ransomware protection, keeping malware from invading your files and automatically backing them up and restoring them in case of infection. Furthermore, the program blocks websites known to host malicious codes or phishing scams while also monitoring external drives to stop any potential malware intrusion through USB.

Software designed to boost PC performance can increase its efficiency by decreasing processor and other resource load, which reduces slowdowns and protects it against threats such as spyware. DNAScan’s advanced tool uses behavioral and characteristic inspection monitoring techniques to detect potentially unsafe programs, identify threats before they install themselves on your computer and block spying agents from accessing web cameras allowing you to manage applications that utilize its video recording capacity.

Quick Heal was highly effective during testing conducted by AV-Comparatives. It blocked 186% of 206 test cases without false positives or compromises; furthermore, its real world protection test scored 100% with no missed detections or incorrect detections.

TrackMyLaptop Service, for instance, allows you to locate your laptop if it ever becomes stolen and filter emails to block attachments and links that could compromise your system. In addition, Quick Heal also offers other useful features, including firewall protection, parental control and file shredding; mobile and tablet device compatibility through separate applications that enable scanning and monitoring remotely.

Privacy Protection

Quick Heal offers comprehensive IT security solutions for PC, Mac, Mobile Devices, Tablets and Servers – such as Antivirus, Antispyware and Firewall protections for your devices. In addition, Quick Heal also offers various support tools including telephone and email support as well as knowledge base and live chat functionality for its customers. Finally, their remote support feature allows an experienced technician to remotely take over control of a PC remotely to set up scans or resolve issues as necessary.

Enhanced Malware Protection provides your device with additional protection against spyware, adware, keyloggers, and riskware. In addition, this feature protects against malware distributed via unsecure Wi-Fi networks by warning when connecting. Furthermore, this feature also runs your Internet browsers in virtual environments that act as protective shields between real-time systems and malicious downloads, thus blocking them from reaching their real destination and reaching real time systems.

Quick Heal Antivirus provides Data Theft Protection as another crucial layer of security against online theft. It does this by blocking unwarranted transfers of files between USB drives and your system and vice versa; and by locking all personal files away in an accessible password-protected vault that only you have access to with an individual password that allows for secure deletion.

The program also assists you with monitoring and overseeing your online activities using its built-in Personal Security Manager, which lets you monitor all types of online activity – websites, social media sites, search engines and apps alike – with alerts when suspicious activities are identified and the option to block them immediately.

Quick Heal software offers many features to keep your operating system up-to-date, such as automatically installing security updates. Furthermore, you can access and update antivirus definitions via a central web portal and even convert an existing Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro or Internet Security license into a Quick Heal Total Security product using its Upgrade Pack functionality.

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