Quick Heal Antivirus Review

Quick Heal Antivirus is an all-round security suite, featuring excellent malware detection rates as well as some helpful features like boot time scans and an anti-theft tool.

Antivirus protection provided by Panda has earned perfect real-time protection scores when tested by AV-Comparatives, with an easy portal where users can manage and renew subscriptions for their security status and renewal subscription.

Protects your PC from viruses

Quick Heal’s antivirus program utilizes Advanced DNAScan technology to scan files for malware and block suspicious programs, while providing real-time email protection and webcam blocking to safeguard against potential intruders who would seek to spy on your computer and steal personal information.

Quick Heal offers more than just traditional virus scanning; in addition to a host monitor that can alert you of potential threats, and system tweaker to clean up disk space and speed up PC. Furthermore, its Vulnerability Scan checks for unpatched vulnerabilities within operating system settings and applications.

Quick Heal offers more than basic scanning options; its user can also take advantage of firewall and parental controls to safeguard their computers and ensure a safer computing experience for children. You can set a timetable for children using the computer through Parental Control while Application Access Manager limits access to gaming programs and media players. Furthermore, Quick Heal’s enhanced Firewall allows you to set security settings for each network connection you connect through its system.

Quick Heal offers an intuitive user interface and multiple security features, but isn’t effective against modern viruses. The antivirus program’s detection rates fall below average when compared with other AV programs; additionally, subscription costs for three devices per year is quite expensive at $75; in comparison, more comprehensive security suites could provide better value.

Scan your PC for malware

Quick Heal Total Security offers various scanning options, such as boot time scans, custom scans, memory scans and vulnerability checks. Although a full scan may take up to 30 minutes for completion, subsequent and scheduled scans tend to go much more quickly.

Quick Heal uses DNAScan technology to detect suspicious files with behavioral and characteristic inspection, providing early warning of new threats before they infiltrate your PC and spread across devices. In addition, Quick Heal includes a rogueware scanner which monitors for untrustworthy programs on your system – offering greater protection than signature-based antivirus tools and making this product even better overall.

Additionally, this program prevents data transfer to USB drives and external devices unauthorizedly, helping prevent theft of information while decreasing risk through USB transfers. Furthermore, its keylogger protection tool protects against keystroke loggers which intercept keystrokes to steal sensitive information from your computer.

Quick Heal features PCTuner, a set of tweaks designed to improve resource-intensive tasks, including duplicate file finding capabilities that save space on hard drives. In addition, privacy advisor and call blockers can protect sensitive personal information while TrackMyLaptop helps locate stolen laptops so you can potentially recover them.

Suppresses prompts

Quick Heal offers total ransomware protection that prevents unknown ransomware attacks thanks to behavior-based detection that monitors suspicious applications’ behaviors. In addition, its firewall wards off cyber threats and unapproved access. In addition, PC tune-up features optimize system performance and speed while email security scans and filters incoming and outgoing email to filter any malware attachments and prevent their entry.

The revamped antivirus scan engine avoids rescanning files that haven’t changed since their previous scan, saving time and resources while detecting vulnerabilities within your system. Furthermore, DNAScan technology has been upgraded to combine behavioral inspection with characteristic monitoring of unsafe programs for improved blocking known and unknown malware, spyware, adware, keyloggers, riskware threats.

Quick Heal helps prevent data transfer between computers and unauthorized USB drives, protect Windows startup files from infection with malware and restore default Internet Explorer settings that have been altered by spyware or riskware. Furthermore, its self-protection feature prevents any attempts by malicious users to alter Quick Heal itself, folders and registry entries.

Quick Heal security settings can be exported and imported between computers easily, which is particularly helpful during reinstallations or multiple computer configurations. Furthermore, the Remote Device Management (RDM) portal enables you to monitor Quick Heal-enabled devices and renew subscriptions as required.

Scan and clean your mobile device

Whenever an unfamiliar app uses excessive data or your phone bill is high from its unused applications, this could be malware. Quick Heal Total Security scans your mobile device for viruses to ensure its health; in addition it offers anti-theft features, call/SMS blocking capabilities, WiFi security features and privacy advisor services to provide full protection.

PC2Mobile allows you to search and clean your mobile device directly from your computer, simply by connecting your device and following on-screen instructions. Compatible with Android, iPhone and Windows devices alike! Plus there’s also an impressive backup and restore feature and password manager – perfect for protecting all of your files and passwords securely in the cloud!

AV-Comparatives conducted extensive tests of Quick Heal’s security suite and found it to be quite effective, producing only two false positives and producing good protection scores. Furthermore, its advanced DNAScan tool continuously monitors unsafe programs to block them from running; additionally, this can detect fake antivirus programs or any rogueware masquerading as antivirus solutions.

Quick Heal Total Security is an excellent way to secure your PC, mobile device and home network. Installation is a snap and its user interface is excellent – while its price may seem somewhat steep for its value proposition compared to other options that provide greater value such as independent lab-tested solutions with rich feature sets that include mobile apps.

Import and export security settings

Quick Heal offers five main categories to protect your PC: Files & Folders, Emails, Internet & Network Access, Parental Control and External Drives & Devices. Each feature has its own set of settings – most are standard among antivirus suites.

Under the Scan tab, for instance, are various scanning options. You can select custom, memory and boot time scanning, along with vulnerability scanning which identifies weakness in your computer system and vulnerability assessments that allow you to enable or disable specific scans as desired.

Quarantine tab is another useful feature, offering users the ability to place any suspicious file onto an exclusion list for analysis at Quick Heal Labs or delete one already quarantined. You can also create emergency disks and configure Internet proxy settings through this tab.

Quick Heal allows users to import and export security settings between computers for ease of reinstallations or multiple computer configurations.

Overall, Quick Heal Antivirus does a solid job of safeguarding your PC. Its virus detection and cleanup performance is outstanding even in this post-Meltdown and Spectre world, plus its startup time is fast without impacting system performance too severely. Furthermore, its interface is clean and intuitive with some slightly excessive alerts; but these should not detract from its effectiveness or price, both being quite competitive in this sector.

Password protected vault

Quick Heal stands out from other antivirus suites by keeping its most critical information at the forefront. A large banner alerts users whether or not their system is secure, with five category tiles offering further details: Files & Folders, Emails, Internet & Network Access Control Settings, Parental Control Options and External Drives & Devices.

Quick Heal utilizes both signature-based detection and behavioral analysis techniques to detect threats, helping it stay one step ahead and offer fast, accurate protection. Furthermore, its minimum resource use means it won’t slow down your PC.

Anti-phishing protection provided by this software includes detecting fake websites and blocking malicious programs that track keystrokes. Furthermore, it protects online banking transactions by running a safe desktop session to encrypt private information securely; blocks emails with infected hypelinks as well as prevents unauthorized access to USB ports on computers.

Quick Heal stands out with its ability to import and export security settings, which makes sharing computers much simpler by saving your preferences across computers. Furthermore, this software contains a password protected vault where files can be securely stored; passwords are stored encrypted on separate disks for added privacy – making Quick Heal an ideal solution for families or businesses who share computers.

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