Quick Heal Antivirus Review

Quick Heal Technologies provides IT security solutions. Their products protect computers, mobile devices and networks from potential threats.

Quick Heal differs from traditional antivirus programs by employing behavior-based detection and advanced machine learning technologies to protect its users.

Personal Vault offers you a secure place to store confidential data that’s only accessible by you – no one else.


Quick Heal Antivirus offers many features designed to ensure the safety and security of your PC. The program detects and eliminates malware infections while protecting your privacy by blocking phishing websites and spam emails, and doesn’t slow down or diminish performance on your system. Furthermore, ransomware protection safeguards data against encryption threats, providing file recovery services. A firewall also safeguards against outside threats while blocking untrusted network connections – essential features when it comes to computer security.

Quick Heal Antivirus 2022 offers a clean and intuitive user interface. The left-side menu organizes features into Protection, Privacy and Performance categories while its right side contains additional tools and download links for Quick Heal’s VPN service – ideal for protecting sensitive data online – in addition to knowledge bases and community forums where users can post questions regarding its product.

At the lower-right corner of the main window is a Scan icon that allows you to run various scans, including full system, custom, memory, boot time and vulnerability scans. Furthermore, this suite includes duplicate file finder and disk defragmenter tools and has its own small toolbox with PC optimization tweaks.

USB Drive Protection is another helpful feature, preventing malware-infected USB devices from accessing personal files or photos without permission. Furthermore, security software offers Data Theft Protection that stops attempts at copying information off your PC to external devices.

Quick Heal has received strong marks from independent testing labs when it comes to protection. SE Labs conducted a Q4 home anti-malware protection test which awarded Quick Heal an impressive 90% score; though not at the top tier like antivirus suites; most malware samples detected and blocked from running on tested computers were blocked by Quick Heal before their ability to run itself was terminated due to SE Lab’s contract ending in 2019. Meanwhile AV-Comparatives ransomware protection test showed Quick Heal had slightly below average protection rate ratings than average average when tested against ransomware protection test conducted by AV-Comparatives test was conducted, with Quick Heal ratings rating its protection rate being slightly below average overall.


Quick Heal Antivirus provides comprehensive protection from various threats. With tools that protect you from ransomware attacks and malicious websites that steal information as well as an advanced tracking feature and powerful spam filter to distinguish spam emails from legitimate emails, Quick Heal Antivirus provides comprehensive protection from an array of dangers.

Quick Heal Antivirus can be downloaded directly from their website and once the setup file has been downloaded, double-clicking it will launch the installer and follow on-screen instructions to install. When completed, enter in a valid product key to activate and then update automatically with available updates or visit their website and click “Update.”

Once your initial scan has completed, the Quick Heal dashboard offers five tile-based sections to house all your security settings: Files & Folders, Emails, Internet & Network, Parental Control, External Drives & Devices as well as your current status banner and right sidebar which displays all currently running scanners along with their progress.

Quick Heal performed admirably in our tests, with only minimal false positives and no compromises to test computers from malware. However, Quick Heal fell behind its competitors in our AV-Comparatives real-world protection test; this one differs slightly from SE-Labs consumer report in that it requires near instantaneous access to malware samples in real time.

However, Avast remains an excellent option for PC users seeking an effective antivirus suite. It features an intuitive user interface with plenty of customizable settings to suit individual user requirements; additionally there is the option to silence prompts and notifications allowing uninterrupted usage. Furthermore, keeping up-to-date, scanning regularly, and following best practices for internet security will keep your computer protected from the latest threats.


Quick Heal Antivirus is a comprehensive antivirus program that safeguards your PC against malware attacks. With powerful features and real-time protection designed to safeguard against viruses, spyware, adware, ransomware and mobile banking threats – as well as cloud email security, firewall and parental control features – Quick Heal protects against infections from all angles! You can even use Quick Heal to block websites known to host harmful content.

Software designed to protect all digital devices – including PCs, Mac OS computers, Android smartphones and tablets – including PCs running Windows or Mac OS computers as well as Android smartphones and tablets running Android. Utilizing DNAScan technology for undiscovered threats detection as well as behavior and characteristic inspection to prevent malware infections; its strong spam filter identifies and separates junk or unwanted emails; it offers real-time protection from ransomware attacks by detecting and blocking them quickly; prevents your data from being encrypted as well as stopping unauthorized users accessing files that protects files for you preventing data encryption preventing further attacks while safeguarding data security with respect to ransomware attacks detection as well as real-time ransomware attack protection in real time protection; finally protecting data encryption by blocking attacks using real time detection technology; protecting both against critical ransomware attacks by real time detecting and blocking them while protecting data encrypting in real time; protecting both data protection while stopping unauthorized users access to files while protecting data security by protecting you files being compromised while stopping unauthorized users accessing files with regards to their protection as well as stopping unauthorised users accessing your files in real time!

Easy Firewall offers an intuitive user interface and multiple features to protect your computer, including its firewall which blocks incoming and outgoing connections and can scan files for potential security vulnerabilities; additionally it detects and removes rootkits – programs which hide themselves on operating systems – as well as having a heuristic engine which detects potentially harmful programs.

Once you’ve installed Quick Heal Multi-Device software, the next step is activation with a product key. The activation process is quick and painless – taking just minutes. After activation is completed, Quick Heal Multi-Device will work across as many devices as your product key warranty allows.

After just a few seconds, an activation wizard will appear and ask for your product key. Enter it and click next; this way the activation Wizard can verify and display the status of your license.

If you don’t have access to a computer and would prefer using your product offline, click “Register Off-Line” for off-line registration. Once registered, an off-line activation URL and Installation Number will be given; make sure that this number is saved as a file on your computer so it can be referenced later.


Quick Heal Antivirus offers cost-effective plans to keep your devices secure, protecting them against cyberattacks, malware and ransomware attacks as well as keyboard activity recording – something hackers could potentially exploit for manipulation purposes such as bank passwords – as well as providing deep malware scanning to ensure data breaches don’t compromise digital privacy.

Quick Heal Total Security’s latest edition provides enhanced anti-ransomware protection. It can detect ransomware threats in real time and stop them from infiltrating your computer, making this product ideal for both small businesses and individuals alike. Installation is straightforward and minimal resources are used during usage – making it perfect for both individuals and small businesses alike. There is even an affordable multi-device license available that lets you protect all computers, mobile phones, Windows OS computers, Mac computers, Android devices with just a single product key!

Quick Heal stands out from other antivirus programs with its user-friendly interface and robust default security settings, making it one of the premier Windows antivirus solutions. Users who need to transfer security settings between different computers may find its portable installation useful. Its fast scan engine offers protection from all sorts of malware ranging from viruses to spyware; in fact, its fast detection engine can even identify threats not recognized by other antivirus solutions.

Quick Heal stands out as one of the premier IT security solution companies with their range of products that aim to streamline security management across devices and platforms, catering specifically for consumers, small businesses, government establishments and even enterprises. Their internet security solutions also include managed cloud security solutions.

Quick Heal Pro antivirus prices in India start from Rs 816 annually for single user protection based on AI predictive technology to defend against all forms of online attacks, Wi-Fi scanner and parental control are included as part of this plan.

Quick Heal offers more value for your dollar compared to Norton security suite, providing access to three PCs or Macs at a lower price point compared to Quick Heal’s basic antivirus program. Furthermore, Norton plans provide access to additional software features compared to Quick Heal – giving it more value overall than Quick Heal can offer.

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