Quick Heal Antivirus Review

Quick Heal Technologies is an Indian cybersecurity software provider established in 1995 as a computer service center by Sanjay Katkar.

Virus, malware and spyware detection with DNAScan technology is designed to use minimum system resources while effectively protecting both laptops and desktops.

The Enhanced Malware Shield offers machine learning to detect sophisticated threats that use non-traditional attack patterns that have not been included in antivirus databases, along with anti-theft protection and parental control systems.

Safe Mode

Quick Heal offers several security features that are key for the protection of files and settings on Windows, such as Safe Mode. Safe Mode lets you run Windows in a protected environment and prevents unauthorised users from gaining access to files, folders, drivers and settings – such as files with viruses that spread. Infected or suspicious files can also be encrypted to stop their spread – plus Safe Mode blocks copies on USB drives as well as changes to Quick Heal security settings without permission from other parties.

With its cutting-edge DNAScan technology, which uses behavioral and characteristic analysis of programs as well as application monitoring to detect and remove persistent malware infections from PCs, DNAScan helps detect and clean off stubborn malware infections on a daily basis. Furthermore, this deep system scan protects your PC and monitors network activity to identify any malicious programs before entering it and stop their entry into your system.

Scans and scans your entire hard drive to detect any hidden threats and remove rootkits if necessary. Furthermore, this feature allows for boot time scans so as to detect and eliminate threats before they even begin running.

Keep all of your passwords, sensitive information and personal files organized with an online vault that protects from intrusion. Backup copies can then be easily created and restored when necessary.

This feature works with your web browsers to protect your privacy by hiding your browsing history and personal data from websites with malicious intent. Additionally, it works with popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo so no third party has access to any of your sensitive information.

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro has recently undergone major enhancements in terms of detection and cleaning capabilities, revamped antivirus engine performance and enhanced self-protection features. It now prevents unnecessary rescanning files which have not changed since last scan which speeds up scanning process while decreasing resource consumption.

Protect Your Privacy with Adware Removal Software Adware can detect adware and block tracking by unauthorised trackers, giving you more privacy in online browsing experiences. Furthermore, it can detect critical security vulnerabilities in both operating system and installed software systems and inform you so you can patch any gaps immediately.

Ransomware Protection

Total Ransomware Protection offers real-time detection and blocking of ransomware attacks through its Behaviour Detection Technology, with backup options in case your files get encrypted without paying ransom fees to restore them quickly. As one of the top-performing antivirus products available today, Total Ransomware Protection stands out amongst its competition as an outstanding choice in this category.

Advanced DNAScan technology enables PC users to detect unknown threats by continually monitoring programs for suspicious activity – an upgrade from signature-based detection models. Anti-Keylogger prevents programs from monitoring your keyboard activity, offering another layer of defense against keyloggers which steal personal data.

Quick Heal’s browser security can also come in handy; it monitors which websites you visit and prevents you from visiting those reported as malicious or phishing sites. It provides a useful complement to its e-mail security suite which prevents malware from using your SMTP connection to send spam or viruses directly to contacts.

Quick Heal’s on-access scanning keeps a close watch on file operations and can impede daily actions such as moving and copying files. In our tests using a script to move/copy large volumes across multiple drives, Quick Heal was approximately 8% slower when active compared with when it was not. While not the worst performance we’ve seen from an antivirus suite, more recent products provide superior performance.

Quick Heal has updated its scan engine to eliminate unnecessary rescanning of files that haven’t changed since their previous scan and use less resources in doing so. Furthermore, its firewall features enhanced defence mechanisms against spyware, adware, keyloggers, riskware and other forms of malware.

Parental Control System by Computer Associates allows you to limit access to your computer and apps. A grid allows you to schedule access in one-hour increments, with specific applications blocked off if necessary. In addition, another grid limits system access while another tab manages passwords.

Software offers comprehensive protection from cyber threats with cloud-based AI-powered predictive malware hunting technology and Backup and Restore functionality that allows for safe data backup onto external drives or the cloud – helping protect from ransomware attacks or data loss and restore easily from ransomware attacks or data loss. You can even register your laptop with TrackMyLaptop’s free TrackMyLaptop service in case it gets lost or stolen!


RDM is a free portal that enables you to remotely add any Quick Heal-enabled device and view its current status, receive notification of malware infections or renewal of product licenses, as well as create and renew accounts in Quick Heal Total Security’s Anti-Theft menu by selecting RDM. Log into RDM using your registered email ID, password and set a passcode; once activated an OTP will be sent directly to you which allows remote management via Quick Heal Remote Desktop Wizard.

Quick Heal Antivirus boasts many advanced features to provide comprehensive protection for your computer, mobile devices and laptops. It offers Safe Banking to safeguard financial transactions online; Parental Control for restricting Internet and PC usage by user accounts; Browser Sandbox to ensure smooth web browsing experiences; and enhanced Malware Protection that guards against spyware, adware, keyloggers and riskware from infiltrating your system.

The Auto-Scan feature periodically scans your computer and detects threats such as viruses, trojans, rootkits and other forms of malware such as viruses. It helps clean them up by blocking them as well as warn about potential security vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi routers that need protecting and provides advice on what steps are needed for protection. Furthermore, this feature scans external drives when they are connected and detects any malicious files on them immediately.

Quick Heal offers another essential feature with its Firewall: protecting against hackers by keeping them out. In addition, this feature helps block websites known for hosting malware codes as well as offering real-time email protection.

Quick Heal’s Stealth Mode protects your PC from being seen by hackers even when turned on in public places, rendering it invisible in the network and stopping hackers from tracking down and attacking it. Furthermore, our constantly-updated Virus Protection Database gives us up-to-date information regarding common threats and their detection.

Password Protected Vault

Quick Heal Password Protected Vault is a password manager designed to safeguard personal information against cyberattacks. It helps users create strong, unique passwords for each account while securely storing them away in its vault. Quick Heal’s vault provides additional safeguard against data breaches or cyberattacks by limiting how many passwords hackers can guess or hack.

Software-based vaults differ from cloud-based password managers in that they reside on users’ computers instead of being managed remotely and synchronized across devices. This gives users full control over their passwords without depending on a third-party service for management. Some vaults also come equipped with features like device control that prevent them from accessing unsafe USB drives by requiring them to enter a password before accessing them.

One of the key advantages of this vault is its ability to encrypt files stored inside. They will only become decrypted when entered with a valid password or MFA token – an excellent safeguard against ransomware which holds files hostage for ransom payments.

An innovative feature is its ability to stop webcam spying and monitoring, as well as its Wi-Fi scanner which detects malicious routers and recommends security measures for them. Overall, this suite provides comprehensive protection from malware without hindering PC performance.

The software’s malware scanner performs full scans faster and with fewer resources consumed by competitors, stopping any potential infections on external drives or from spreading to the computer itself. Furthermore, it identifies and stops malicious programs in the background – such as keyloggers and riskware – running unknowingly in the background.

Quick Heal stands out among malware scanners with its user-friendly interface and is distinguished by a red theme for its antivirus window, while its entry-level suite and top-tier product have blue or green colors respectively.

This comprehensive suite can benefit both home and business users alike, particularly those engaging in online banking or storing sensitive data. Its advanced security features help prevent data breaches and cyberattacks while its parental controls protect children’s PCs. Furthermore, ransomware attacks can be avoided while files from being altered by untrusted sources are safe from changes made without authorization.

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