Quick Heal Antivirus Review

Quick Heal Antivirus

Quick Heal Total Security is a comprehensive computer protection suite, suitable for multiple devices, that offers comprehensive protection from viruses, spyware and other forms of malware while also helping prevent data theft and improving PC performance.

Quick Heal earned high scores in AV Comparatives’ July 2018 real-world protection test, blocking 100% of test cases without compromise and performing exceptionally well in other lab tests.

Cloud-based system

Quick Heal Antivirus utilizes a cloud-based system to provide users with comprehensive protection from all forms of threats. The product was created to scan for and protect against viruses, spywares, adwares, roguewares, dialers and riskwares; detect rootkits; restore critical system files that have been altered by malicious agents; scan external devices against malware threats while simultaneously helping manage PC settings remotely via web portal.

Parental Control is one of many useful features included with the security suite, enabling parents to schedule Internet usage for children and block them from visiting adult-themed websites. Furthermore, online banking transactions are safeguarded with protection from fraudster websites that could steal financial details; fraudulent sites also cannot gain access to your financial details due to cloud-based security systems providing real-time ransomware protection using DNAScan technology.

This antivirus program also provides other functions, including email security to block spam mails and phishing emails from reaching your inbox; and cloud-based antivirus scanning capabilities capable of detecting new and unknown threats like spywares and Trojan horses. In addition, a PCTuner utility speeds up computer performance by tuning start-up applications and services as well as cleaning unnecessary files and registry entries from your computer.

As well as offering anti-virus and anti-malware protection, Quick Heal security software also scans and cleans USB drives and mobile devices. Furthermore, you can import/export Quick Heal settings between computers – an invaluable feature for users working across multiple computers as it saves them time by automating these settings manually.

Quick Heal’s most recent offering, Total Security, is an all-in-one security solution combining components from its earlier products – Antivirus Pro and Internet Security. With an updated virus protection engine designed to avoid scanning files that haven’t changed since last scan and lower resource utilization; as well as PCTuner, Parental Control, and Data Theft Protection as key features.

Over the last several years, CyberArk has experienced steady growth, receiving an investment from Sequoia Capital of Rs 60 crore and opening branch offices in Japan and the US. Their security solutions aim to simplify IT security management for consumers, small businesses and government establishments through cloud-based systems and advanced machine learning technologies that detect threats, attacks and malicious traffic before they take hold.

Anti-theft feature

Quick Heal Total Security is a security suite that protects your computer against ransomware, malicious programs and other threats. Using its innovative behaviour-based detection technology which analyzes program actions in real-time to identify malicious software even when signatures aren’t present. Furthermore, Quick Heal blocks unsafe or potentially dangerous websites and protects you against phishing sites attempting to access personal data without permission.

Antivirus has an intuitive user interface, putting all of its essential security features front and center. The main screen presents a large banner indicating whether or not your system is protected, followed by five category tiles for Files & Folders, Emails & Mail Servers, Internet & Network, Parental Control and External Drives & Devices. You also have the option to mute notifications so work can continue uninterrupted.

An antivirus’s anti-theft feature offers additional protection, allowing you to remotely lock down a computer or mobile phone if it becomes stolen and block its Internet access. Furthermore, this feature helps recover passwords lost due to spyware infections as well as restore files compromised by spyware threats.

Other security features of note include the ability to back up and recover important files during a ransomware attack, an automated smart scan which helps keep PCs free from new malware, as well as an advanced DNAScan tool which combines behavioral and characteristic inspection of unsafe programs, plus its unique rogueware protection – features which cannot be found elsewhere in most antivirus solutions.

Finally, this security suite includes PC2Mobile Scan and PCTuner which help optimize your computer’s performance. Furthermore, its remote support functionality enables a technician to access and monitor it remotely if required. Finally, its antivirus has earned itself a strong reputation within the industry, making it ideal for business users.

Quick Heal Antivirus stands out from other antivirus products with its clean, user-friendly interface and simplicity of use. It makes an excellent choice for people who wish to protect their computers and other devices against viruses and ransomware without investing time or budget into learning complicated tools.

Parental control

Quick Heal Antivirus is a comprehensive security program, offering protection from malware, Trojans, spyware and ransomware as well as protecting mobile devices against hacking and unauthorized access to personal information. In addition, Quick Heal Technologies in Pune India offer advanced parental controls which let parents monitor and restrict children’s internet usage – along with blocking websites, apps and programs inappropriate for children as well as setting timetables that limit screen and internet usage timeframes.

Quick Heal Antivirus’ latest update offers an improved detection engine and enhanced performance, including its Advance DNAScan tool which uses behavioral and characteristic inspection to detect unsafe programs, rootkits and special purpose Trojans that hide on PCs as well as any rogueware masquerading as antivirus tools and steals personal data from them.

Cloud-based email security from Spam Expertise also prevents spam, phishing, and infected emails from reaching your inbox. Furthermore, it automatically scans files and folders to detect any suspicious activities; additionally it prevents unauthorized copying of data through USB drives; additionally it can restore files that were modified by malware or spyware.

Quick Heal Total Security’s anti-ransomware capabilities stand out as one of its key highlights, protecting your device from ransomware attacks by blocking access to encrypted files on your computer and preventing unauthorized changes to file systems and access. Furthermore, it can track where stolen or lost laptops may have gone.

Another key feature of this security program is its anti-keylogger tool, which serves to protect your passwords from being stolen by hackers by scanning for keylogger programs and alerting you of their presence. Furthermore, this tool can stop programs running in the background or altering them without your knowledge; furthermore it prevents unauthorized users from accessing them via a secure vault.

Quick Heal’s Parental Control feature has been enhanced to increase the safety of your children’s computers. Parents can manage and restrict children’s Internet and application use on PCs as well as block certain websites or applications from being accessible, and protect children against unintended accessing of devices including mobile phones and tablets.

Free trial period

Quick Heal Total Security is an antivirus program designed to safeguard your PC against viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware. Featuring an advanced antivirus engine capable of detecting and eliminating threats that emerge every day, Quick Heal also includes additional tools like an anti-keylogger tool and automatic scan scheduler as well as an anti-phishing feature to stop websites stealing personal data and an export/import feature allowing you to move Quick Heal security settings between computers as well as RDM portal which displays security status of products while renewing licenses as needed.

Quick Heal Internet Security features a typical interface for security applications, with a list of tools down the left side and main displays for each tool. The virus database can be updated manually or automatically; there’s even a parental control system to limit children from accessing your computer; plus there’s the TrackMyLaptop service built-in so if it gets stolen you can track it easily!

The software’s Enhanced Ransomware Protection feature uses behavior detection technology to detect and block new and unknown ransomware attacks, backing up your data securely to an offsite location and helping restore files if an attack does take place. Furthermore, this feature obstructs access to malware-infected websites as well as emails with infected attachments from being sent out.

Quick Heal has average AV-Test lab scores, while their IO Test score is outstanding. Furthermore, there is also a free trial period which gives users an opportunity to evaluate the software prior to making a decision on purchasing it. Please be aware that trial versions only have limited availability before eventually expiring; during which you may still use it but won’t receive updates or technical support during that period; but during which videos about Quick Heal on their website provide further insights.

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