Quick Heal Internet Security Review

Quick Heal Internet Security

Quick Heal Internet Security is a comprehensive antivirus suite with various tools designed to prevent cyber attacks. Utilizing behavior-based technology, Quick Heal can identify malware missed by signature-based tools.

Anti-ransomware protection provided by this software protects files without compromising them in an attack, and features such as anti-keylogger keep your keyboard from recording what you type.

Webcam Protection

Quick Heal’s security suite is designed for users who need to maintain control over their data privacy. With a number of modules that protect files and data inaccessibility for only you, as well as protecting laptops against malware attacks and data theft. In addition, there are features designed to boost computer performance and monitor children’s online activities, Quick Heal offers complete data privacy solutions that you can rely on.

One of the key features is Webcam Protection, which keeps your privacy safe by restricting external devices from connecting to the camera and managing software that accesses it; this prevents unauthorized spying. Anti-Ransomware provides additional protection by detecting and blocking ransomware attacks in real time with Behavior Detection Technology.

This software features an encrypted File Vault that you can use to protect sensitive files on your laptop from being viewed by others. An anti-tracker feature prevents websites from monitoring your browsing activity to collect data; in addition, this suite also helps prevent unauthorized copying from your laptop to USB drives.

Quick Heal Total Security also boasts a performance booster and DND mode, which allow it to optimize PC performance by clearing out junk files and optimizing RAM usage. In addition, Quick Heal’s antiphishing protection helps detect and block malicious sites for your security; its stolen laptop tracking feature sends alerts directly to law enforcement authorities as well.

Quick Heal Total Security features an intuitive user experience and an extensive feature set, yet fails to deliver in tests by AV-Comparatives; its score was below average in key anti-phishing and ad blocking metrics.

At $75 for three devices over one year, it may seem costly when there are other, less costly deluxe security suites available. Still, it remains an effective solution that offers protection against multiple cyber threats.

Vulnerability Scan

This product provides robust features to defend against malware without impacting system performance, including detection and removal of spywares, adwares, rootkits, dialers and riskwares. Furthermore, Wi-Fi routers can be checked for vulnerabilities like DNS hijacking and weak password protection to provide visibility into security risks that threaten them and improve device protection. It even gives an insight into your device risks with helpful tips to improve device security.

Ransomware shield effectively defends against unknown ransomware attacks by continuously scanning files and applications in real time with Quick Heal DNAScan technology, protecting files by restoring original versions when altered by malicious threats, providing internet browser sandbox protection to limit attack surfaces, while the Virus Protection feature remains vigilant by inspecting behaviors of applications and files for behavioral and characteristic patterns – it even blocks suspicious websites which might try to get you to share personal information with hackers.

File Vault allows users to secure sensitive files with password protection in a password protected vault, making this feature highly recommended to avoid data loss. Easy and password protected accessing is required before accessing this vault – although before version 19.0 this field was vulnerable to brute force attacks which compromised its security.

Redesigned User Interface and Improved Interface make it easier than ever for you to navigate and customize this software, and supports Windows platforms of all varieties. Furthermore, key features are:

Quick Heal Internet Security costs $74 annually per user and offers full protection from malware for one PC, making it one of the more costly full-featured antivirus programs available today. However, other options offer more extensive features like backup and encryption that rival this product’s. Furthermore, its not as effective at blocking viruses as some of its rivals despite its usable interface and settings you can adjust – this multi-device program stands out among its rivals as an attractive offering worth exploring further.


Quick Heal Total Security is an advanced antivirus program designed to safeguard your PC against online threats and safeguard your data. Utilizing artificial intelligence, this cybersecurity solution uses artificial intelligence to detect undiscovered online threats while optimizing system efficiency. Incorporating camera protection, data breach warning, anti-keylogger software and parental controls – along with features like camera protection, data breach warning and parental controls to keep hackers and malware at bay as well as ensure ransomware attacks against your data – Quick Heal Total Security can protect both home users as well as professionals working for businesses dealing with sensitive information. Recommended for home users, professionals as well as businesses dealing with such information containing sensitive data. Recommended home users as well as professionals and businesses dealing with such sensitive information.

Quick Heal has enhanced their Malware Protection to provide your computer with added defense against spyware, adware, keyloggers, rogueware, dialers, riskware and other forms of malicious programs. Furthermore, using advanced DNAScan technology combines behavioral and characteristic inspection of unsafe programs for greater detection capabilities than traditional scanners alone.

Quick Heal offers an antivirus feature designed to safeguard your PC when running in Safe Mode – its Virus Protection feature regularly stays current with research updates, quickly scanning files, folders, configurations and external drives to detect and delete viruses or spyware threats that might exist there. External drives or devices also receive this protection against threat transference.

Quick Heal offers another outstanding feature that administrators of companies needing to secure multiple computers and mobile devices will appreciate: its remote management portal enables remote management via web browser control over devices while also renewing and managing licenses. This feature makes Quick Heal an indispensable security solution.

Quick Heal’s RDM feature works like Teamviewer to make troubleshooting PC issues much simpler for a technician. Simply create an ID and password that enables Quick Heal technicians to remotely diagnose your PC – an invaluable time and effort-saving method when trying to solve problems on your own computer.

PC2Mobile Scan

Quick Heal’s PC2Mobile Scan feature allows you to safely scan mobile phones from a computer for viruses and malware from 550+ different models, including popular brands like Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry and Apple. Furthermore, its minimal system resource requirements enable it to protect devices without impacting desktop performance.

Protecting the mobile phones in your family is a fantastic way to monitor teenagers who frequent the Internet, and can assist in keeping track of any changes made on children’s phones, enabling you to monitor activity and prevent children from visiting potentially unsafe websites.

Quick Heal Internet Security suite is easy to set up and use. Once registered online, its installer will prompt you for whether to update now or later and download all applicable updates for installed programs. Installation takes longer than most due to scanning your entire PC before downloading updates; once these have been successfully downloaded and installed you can open and use the program as planned.

Quick Heal performed admirably during our laboratory tests, detecting virtually all of the malware samples we used. Its in-house protection was equally impressive; once installed it blocked us from executing any further malware. On the downside however, its signature detection rates weren’t as impressive – its score on AV Comparatives’ real-world protection test in July 2018 was less than 99 percent and resulted in several false positives and one compromise during testing.

Your Wi-Fi router may be vulnerable to DNS hijacking or weak passwords. Tracks from past computers that might lead to privacy breaches on your own can also be deleted with ease. In addition, this software can block USB drives so as to prevent users from copying data onto them or only allow read access if required.

Parental Control is another useful feature, enabling you to set specific times and websites that contain content you deem inappropriate for your children’s viewing. Plus, this feature can even be accessed remotely so you can keep tabs on them no matter whether they are at school or home!

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