Quick Heal Internet Security

Quick Heal Internet Security

Quick Heal Internet Security offers many tools that will keep your computer secure from threats like viruses, malware and spyware.

Parental control and PC tuneup tools are also included with this software package, with an intuitive user interface for ease of use.

Virus Protection

Quick Heal Internet Security provides anti-virus protection that quickly and effectively neutralises malware threats, along with additional features to ward off cyber attacks.

The software’s DNAScan technology serves as the cornerstone of its virus protection, and can detect and eliminate viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, rootkits and keyloggers as well as help protect you against landing on fraudulent websites that try to gain your personal information by way of fraudulent offers or redirection links. It even protects against potential phishing websites trying to scam out personal details from you.

Quick Heal utilizes a cloud-based detection engine to stay current on emerging malware threats, providing rapid and precise responses when they arise – particularly useful for users with less-than-sophisticated antivirus solutions.

Quick Heal offers another useful feature in its Ransomware Protection feature that automatically backs up and restores files if they become the victim of ransomware attacks, while also protecting against unintended access by untrustworthy third parties to your backup file. Quick Heal also uses encryption technology to prevent third parties from reading it directly – an additional safety net against ransomware attacks that is highly recommended!

As part of their other features, Smart Backup ensures your files remain safe from malicious threats, while External Drives & Devices tool protects from others attempting to copy data onto USB drives from your computer and authorize certain USB drives with full access.

Anti-Phishing protection will safeguard you against fraudulent online shopping and banking sites as well as prevent keyloggers from unwittingly being downloaded onto your device that can capture passwords and sensitive data.

TrackMyLaptop can assist in tracking down lost or stolen laptops from Quick Heal products, providing peace of mind if yours goes missing or stolen. Other features available from them include PC Tuner for speeding up resource intensive tasks on your system.

Ransomware Protection

Quick Heal provides various tools and options to protect your PC from ransomware attacks, including its Virus Protection and DNAScan tools, Anti-Ransomware feature and Smart Backup functionality. All these can help protect you against ransomware attacks since hackers cannot extort you if the backup exists offline.

TrackMyLaptop service included with the program can assist with tracking down stolen laptops with its free tracking feature, using GPS mapping technology to accurately map out where your computer has been found and provide real-time map of its position on its website.

Quick Heal stands out from other suites with features like its Advanced Rogueware Scan that help set it apart. In addition to a robust antivirus tool that blocks malware by analyzing its code, this software includes an Advanced Rogueware Scan that monitors for signs of rogueware on your system and automatically scans programs to remove them.

Quick Heal Internet Security offers a Vulnerability Scan that detects vulnerabilities in an operating system or installed applications that hackers could exploit, as well as alert you of unauthorized changes or system settings changes, as well as block applications from accessing webcams or microphones.

Quick Heal uses minimal resources when offering its protection features, ensuring it won’t slow down your device. The app comes complete with an intuitive website where you can monitor your security status and renew subscriptions as well as receiving critical IT security alerts and news.

Parental Control

Quick Heal Internet Security provides an impressive set of features. It can shield your computer against ransomware attacks, stop phishing attacks and block malicious downloads while also featuring an anti-keylogger tool and automatic scan scheduler – and can even prevent viruses and malware from spreading via external drives.

Quick Heal DNAScan technology enables this program to thoroughly scan your PC for unknown threats, using behavioral and characteristic inspection and monitoring of unsafe programs for more effective protection than signature-based tools alone. In addition, its vulnerability scanner helps fix system settings hackers may use to steal your data or infect your computer while its advanced rogueware scanner identifies and removes new forms of rogueware which might otherwise go undetected by signature-based tools.

Parental control is another feature available through this antivirus software program, enabling parents to protect their children by restricting them from accessing certain websites and applications, including messaging programs, gaming programs and media players that you don’t wish for them to have access to. In addition, time restrictions can limit how long children spend online.

To implement parental controls, create Standard Accounts for each of your children and customize their settings. You can export/import Quick Heal security settings between computers in order to save time if multiple computers share similar configuration. Likewise, this feature can prevent malware from altering Quick Heal settings, block autorun malware of USB drives to prevent infections, as well as offer various scanning options ranging from scanning individual files/folders on demand through to scanning your entire system and all files and folders simultaneously.

Data Theft Protection

Quick Heal Internet Security offers multi-layer protection against cyber-attacks and malware. The software protects online and offline privacy with features like anti-virus, antimalware, antiphishing, anti-ransomware and firewall. In addition, Quick Heal protects against identity theft and data loss as well as blocks unsecured Wi-Fi connections in order to block unwarranted access.

Antimalware tools within this program effectively detect and remove threats such as Trojans, viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware, adware, keyloggers and riskware. These tools use behavioral and characteristic inspection to ward off unknown threats; an Advance DNAScan feature continuously scans for unauthorised programs on your system to provide stronger protection than signature-based tools can. It may even catch threats that bypass traditional antivirus definitions.

Password-protected vaults offer secure storage of sensitive data. No unauthorized person can gain entry or alter it without using the right password; hackers cannot use your confidential data to gain entry and steal money or bank accounts; additionally it alerts you if any malicious app attempts to gain access.

Warnings are issued whenever you try to connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi network, which is crucial as unsecured networks allow attackers to gain access to personal information such as login IDs and passwords, banking details and credit card data. It can also detect malicious apps or programs and help remove them from your device.

At first glance, this suite appears easy to use, with a comprehensive selection of scanning options and multiple layers of protection against today’s dynamic threats. Unfortunately, its protection scores were below average compared to other suites we tested, while its annual and three device subscription fees cost $74 and $75 respectively.

PC Tuner

Reclaim space on your system by clearing out junk files, defragging the registry, and optimizing PC settings to improve speed. Even older computers will run faster with its sleep mode technology and performance boost features. While initial definition download can take time and may cause some delay upon startup times, its dashboard-style interface makes monitoring all moving parts easy.

This software suite has long been around, providing various features to keep your computer healthy and performing at its optimal performance. These features include defragmenting and tuning your hard drive, clearing away trash and bloatware, reducing CPU and memory usage, speeding up Internet and download speeds, protecting browsing habits from personal data collection and protecting browsing habits from other utilities; its advanced tools help fix issues other utilities don’t notice; its one-price-fits-all feature is an attractive competitive edge;

Users can export Quick Heal security settings to other computers, making the setup of new PCs much simpler. This feature can be particularly beneficial in families or offices where multiple machines require similar protections.

Quick Heal Total Security earned Quick Heal the “Top Product” award from AV-TEST Institute for its impressive malware detection rate and usability. Quick Heal’s impressive results included 100% success against various types of malicious programs – such as zero day attacks where attackers exploit unknown security vulnerabilities not yet fixed. Furthermore, during testing there were zero false alarms while genuine software was rarely blocked as malware. AV-TEST Institute assessed Quick Heal’s protection, performance, user usability rating independently to come to its decision about award recipients.

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