Quick Heal Total Security Review

Quick Heal Total Security offers an array of PC protection features. Its advanced DNAScan technology uses behavior detection to quickly identify and monitor potentially unsafe programs.

It also features USB device access control to help prevent data theft via external drives, with customizable settings to meet individual user requirements.


Quick Heal Total Security protects Windows PCs, Macs and Android smart devices against viruses, ransomware, phishing attacks and malware threats – protecting personal information against unauthorized access and optimizing device performance to increase productivity.

DNAScan technology provides core protection, using behavioral and characteristic inspection to detect and block unknown threats, protecting against zero-day attacks as well as providing multilayer ransomware protection.

Your password protected vault lets you securely store personal files and documents on the cloud, while restricting unauthorized USB port access and preventing data theft from malicious USB drives. Furthermore, its TrackMyLaptop service helps locate lost or stolen laptops; its silent mode enables uninterrupted PC usage; its system tools include disk and registry cleanup, PC tune-up and duplicate file finder for added peace of mind.


Quick Heal Total Security employs advanced DNAScan technology to monitor programs and detect any suspicious activities or dangerous behavior, while offering an automatic rogueware scan which searches for malicious programs posing as malware removal tools.

The software includes a password protection feature to prevent unauthorised users from altering Quick Heal settings when operating in Safe Mode, and to export these settings onto other computers.

The enhanced antivirus engine works quickly to scan files, folders and the registry in real-time for spyware, adware, rogueware dialers riskware and other types of malwares such as spyware. Furthermore, it can prevent unauthorized copying to USB drives; its browser sandbox protects you against fraudulent websites; its browser sandbox keeps banking sessions safe; plus its free TrackMyLaptop service helps locate lost laptops if they go missing.


Quick Heal offers protection from ransomware attacks that encrypt files and demand payment to unlock them, using its ransomware protection feature proactively detect and block such threats.

Effectively prevent programs known as keyloggers from recording what you type on your keyboard and stealing your login IDs, passwords and credit/debit card details. Also blocks unauthorised data copying onto external USB drives from your computer.

Protects you against hackers attempting to break into your desktop passwords by recognizing and blocking their attack attempts in real time, and safeguards your privacy by automatically erasing tracks of online activities such as shopping, banking and messaging apps on PCs. It allows you to customize settings through its Safe Banking, PC Tuner and Parental Control features; additionally it prevents kids from visiting harmful sites while restricting gaming programs access.


Quick Heal Total Security’s firewall feature continuously monitors your computer system to safeguard it against threats while optimizing its performance.

Monitor network activity for viruses, spywares and other harmful agents using Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems respectively to detect harmful network activity as well as prevent future attacks from reoccurring.

Protects your data against critical ransomware attacks by monitoring program behavior in real time. Its enhanced Malware Protection offers stronger defense mechanisms against spyware, adware, keyloggers, riskware and riskware attacks; automatically scans external storage devices for infections while blocking autorun infections on USB drives; additionally its Password Protected Vault safeguards confidential files against unauthorized access while tracking lost/stolen laptops by remotely locking/wiping its contents remotely.

Webcam Protection

Quick Heal Total Security provides a range of security features, spanning malware protection to an anti-ransomware tool. In addition, this software includes game booster and file cleaner tools designed to speed up laptop performance rather than prevent privacy breaches.

The software features a password protected vault that prevents unauthorised individuals from gaining access or viewing confidential data without entering their correct password. Furthermore, it prevents malware from hijacking your camera to steal videos privately stored on it and helps manage applications that have access to webcam.

Data breach alert is another helpful feature, helping you detect whether any of your personal details have been exposed online. This feature is especially beneficial to anyone storing sensitive data like bank account or other personal information on their laptop computer.

Vulnerability Scan

Quick Heal Total Security provides an effective preventive detection technique with its Vulnerability Scan feature, identifying vulnerabilities in operating system settings and applications and fixing them to shield your PC against threats.

Software also comes equipped with a password protection vault that stores files away securely in an online portal – making it simple and efficient to track or recover if your laptop gets stolen or lost.

Other useful features include virtual keyboard protection, which stops hackers from accessing your data by keylogging your PC, as well as silent mode that suppresses Quick Heal prompts and notifications without impacting its security protocol – perfect for games, movies and presentations without interruption! In addition, cloud-based email protection blocks spam, phishing and infected emails from reaching your inbox.

Internet Security Portal

Quick Heal Internet Security antivirus software offers your PC and Wi-Fi network real-time protection against online threats, from various malware to phishing attacks and more. It features the powerful DNAScan tool, providing continuous monitoring for unsafe programs for stronger protection than signature-based tools. Furthermore, Quick Heal offers protection from phishing attacks by shielding it with Sandbox browser protection as well as browsing protection via its signature-less system.

Data protection software such as this helps safeguard data theft by blocking unauthorized copying from computers to USB drives and keyloggers – programs that steal information by recording what you type into the keyboard and share it with hackers – from recording what you type. With its Password Protected Vault feature, this software also protects confidential documents and files from unauthorized access and provides cloud-based email security that stops spam, phishing scams and infected emails from ever reaching your Inbox.

Performance Booster

Quick Heal Total Security features a PC Performance Boost feature which offers the usual disk cleanup, registry clean-up and defragmentation – as well as additional functionality such as duplicate file finder for those with multiple copies of photos stored on their computers.

The software also helps safeguard against keyloggers who attempt to record your keyboard strokes in order to steal sensitive information such as bank passwords. Furthermore, it cleans browser cookies, cache and auto complete forms as well as erase traces left by popular application programs to safeguard privacy breaches.

TrackMyLaptop is another useful feature available with all Quick Heal products for free and can assist in the tracking and recovery of a lost or stolen laptop. Using its unique ID and password system for remote support, TrackMyLaptop also serves as an online portal where you can add devices equipped with Quick Heal software, monitor its current status and renew subscriptions.

Mobile Device Protection

With the rise of BYOD (bring-your-own device) practices and using personal devices for business, mobile devices are quickly becoming a key target of attackers. Attackers may use fake websites or links to trick employees into downloading malware before exploiting their devices to steal sensitive data.

Quick Heal Mobile Device Protection allows administrators to define cybersecurity strategies around mobile device infrastructure in corporate networks. Its world-famous DNAScan technology detects and blocks unknown threats; while its enhanced anti-phishing tool protects users from phishing attacks. In addition, parental controls prevent children from accessing adult sites.

This program’s advanced anti-malware protection provides users with protection from malware infections by scanning files, documents, and system folders for malicious files. It can also track lost or stolen laptops. In addition, a PC tune-up tool improves resource-intensive programs’ speeds for faster performance.

Password Protected Vault

Password vaults are popular password management tools that offer high levels of protection, promote good password habits, and save users time. Unfortunately, however, they are not completely immune from hacking attempts; therefore it is crucial that best practices be adhered to when using such software.

Password vaults store all user passwords securely in an encrypted file that can only be accessed using a master password, making it harder for cyber criminals to gain access even if their security has been breached.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can further increase security of password vaults, and some offer cross-device and operating system synchronization features, making them suitable for businesses that must maintain consistent passwords across devices and operating systems.

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