Quick Heal Total Security Review

Quick Heal Total Security

Quick Heal Total Security is a comprehensive protection software, protecting against online threats with features such as data theft protection and PC tuneup.

Track and locate your lost laptop with ease using its tracking service, while simultaneously detecting vulnerabilities in OS settings and applications.


Quick Heal Total Security is an all-inclusive antivirus package with features such as camera protection, ransomware protection and parental controls. In addition, Quick Heal helps optimize PC performance while protecting it from malware, hackers and online theft.

Antivirus and antimalware protection technology from Symantec utilizes behavioral analysis of unsafe programs to detect and block new threats, scanning files, folders, and system folders for virus or malware infection as well as blocking access to fraudulent websites that seek personal information for sale to fraudulent actors and extort money from users.

Stealth Mode is another stand-out feature of this product that keeps unintended users from discovering the identity and attacking of your computer, while cloud-based email security safeguards against spam, phishing, and infected messages.

PC2Mobile Scan allows users to scan mobile devices connected to their computers for malware infections such as adware, spyware, riskware and keyloggers that can infiltrate them. It can detect and remove adware, spyware, riskware and keyloggers as well as help fix vulnerabilities exploitable by hackers – supporting Windows, Android iOS Blackberry devices as well.

Quick Heal Total Security offers more than the traditional set of security tools; its PC Tuner offers features designed to speed up and boost computer performance. It can help optimize start-up applications, services, clean out unnecessary files as well as find duplicate photos, reclaim disk space and defragment hard drives.

Ransomware Protection feature of this product is an invaluable addition as it provides comprehensive ransomware defense backed by DNAScan technology, even against unknown ransomware attacks that might otherwise come your way. Safe Banking feature ensures a secure web experience while External Drive Protection prevents malware infiltrating data on USB drives; additionally it features Parental Control so you can limit children’s browsing activities.


Quick Heal Total Security provides more than just antivirus and antimalware protection; its additional features include safe online banking and shopping, parental control, vulnerability scanning, keyboard recording protection to avoid theft of sensitive information like bank passwords and rock-solid ransomware protection that detects and blocks all ransomware attacks in real time; deep malware scanning so no viruses remain undetected – among many more features!

The software comes in both single-user and multi-device editions, the latter of which allows for protection across multiple devices – PCs and Macs alike – making it ideal for families using computers for managing household finances or communicating with family members; also great for businesses or schools with multiple employees or students.

Key features of AVN Antimalware Scanner for PC are its integrated antimalware and antivirus scanner, advanced web filtering, parental controls, an antimalware scanner that scans files, apps, drivers for malicious programs to identify and delete them, parental controls that supervise device usage by kids as well as improved PC performance, battery life extension and speeding Internet connections are just a few features available to protect you. Its antivirus component helps guard against spyware, adware, keyloggers, riskware as well as viruses Trojans rootkits while its antimalware scanner scans all files apps drivers for malicious programs before deleting them completely from your system – its antivirus component protects against spyware adware programs while its antivirus component helps defends against viruses Trojans & rootkits etc whereas its antivirus component protects against these threats as well as viruses & Trojans/rootkits etc; its antivirus scanner scans all files/apps/drivers to identify malicious programs; its parental controls help you set and supervise device usage of children using devices; additionally it may enhance PC performance; increase battery life & speed up Internet connections by upping internet connectivity speeding internet connections to increase performance; improve your PC performance; improve battery life & boost battery life / speed up Internet connections as well!

Quick Heal, an India-based technology company with over three decades in operation and an emphasis on “Security Simplifying”, provides products designed to safeguard small and large businesses, government establishments, consumers and individuals against cyber attacks through cloud protection services with advanced machine learning features that detect threats before they even happen.

Quick Heal stands out with its multi-layer ransomware protection, which quickly detects and blocks any ransomware attacks within seconds. Furthermore, its advanced behavioral detection technology identifies new or unknown threats which are then blocked immediately.

Quick Heal provides another great feature with its automatic smart backup: all your data can be safely saved to an external drive in case your PC goes offline unexpectedly, plus there’s an anti-theft feature which tracks it if it gets stolen!


Quick Heal Total Security is one of the premier Firewall and Security apps available for Windows PCs, providing complete protection from ransomware attacks, viruses, malware and other online threats. In addition, this app includes features like anti-theft protection, data encryption and PC tuneup tools; making it suitable for both beginners and experts.

The advanced DNA Scan technology used by this software combines behavioral and signature-based scanning methods to detect unsafe programs more effectively than conventional antivirus scanners, which typically rely on only one. Additionally, this feature helps the program reduce system resources usage by not rescanning files that have not changed since previous scans, thus saving system resources and decreasing overall scanning time.

Other security features provided by this app include a firewall to protect from external threats and stop unapproved USB drive access, blocking websites known to distribute rogueware or spyware, providing parental controls tool for monitoring internet usage for their children, providing backup and restore feature to save files from an infected computer, parental control tool for monitoring Internet and computer usage by children under 18 and parental monitoring tool that lets parents restrict computer and Internet usage by children, plus backup restore feature that helps save files from an infected PC.

Installing this program requires at least 2.1 GB of disk space and access to an Internet connection for updates. For optimal performance, download and install the latest version of software for optimal results.

As soon as your download has completed, click on the setup file to begin installation. Follow on-screen instructions until finished; once finished, a pop-up window will ask whether you would like to register your product with its manufacturer; you have two options – Register Now or Register Later – from which to choose.

Registering your Quick Heal security product allows you to import and export settings between computers, enabling quick changes without reinstalling software. Plus, using its advanced options you can customize program settings even further for improved program performance and speeding up PCs faster! It even comes equipped with its PC Tuner feature for speeding up computers further!


Quick Heal Total Security is the highest tier in their product lineup, featuring components from Antivirus Pro and Internet Security with additional features such as PC tuneup and data theft protection.

Quick Heal offers a lengthy installation process and upon completion will perform an initial scan, which displays as an interactive status bar to indicate whether or not your computer is safe from security risks. Furthermore, its interface includes five category tiles for Files & Folders, Emails & Apps, Internet & Network, Parental Control, External Drives & Devices protection.

Quick Heal quickly detects malicious files and folders while leaving others safe, with its results displayed at the bottom of its window.

DNAScan combines behavioral and characteristic analysis to detect malware. Furthermore, it monitors unsafe programs and blocks any changes made without authorization to their running processes or services. Furthermore, Quick Heal security settings cannot be modified while running in Safe Mode mode.

Quick Heal features an intuitive user experience with simple controls that are easy to comprehend, including webcam and parental protection capabilities. However, the software may occasionally send overly sensitive alerts. Furthermore, some important features are missing such as webcam protection or parental controls.

Quick Heal offers customer support that’s available around the clock via phone and live chat, plus it features a knowledge base where customers can find solutions for common problems. Plus, customers can take advantage of free trial versions for its products!

Quick Heal has been honored as an antivirus solution of excellence by AV-TEST, an independent research institute for IT security. They gave it perfect scores for protection and performance as well as near perfect scores for usability; additionally they showed 100% protection against zero day attacks such as web and e-mail threats which is particularly noteworthy considering no other anti-virus could block all zero day threats during evaluation by AV-TEST in its latest test evaluation of 22 home user security suites.

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