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R Wipe  Clean

R Wipe & Clean provides an effective means of clearing away personal computer traces, wiping files, and freeing disk space. It irretrievably deletes private records pertaining to online and offline activities including temporary Internet files, history, cookies, autocomplete forms/passwords used when filling forms out online, swap files/paging files used as temporary memory buffers/swapping files used during swap files/paging files used as temporary RAM buffers etc.

It offers several fast and secure wiping algorithms, designed to ensure data cannot be recovered using either hardware or software tools. The program serves as an effective solution to safeguard computer privacy while creating a clean digital environment.


R Wipe & Clean provides an all-inclusive solution to maintaining a safe digital environment, including disk cleaning, file deletion and privacy protection online and off. Furthermore, R Wipe & Clean supports Windows operating systems as well as multiple languages.

R-Wipe & Clean was designed to be lightweight and user-friendly. Its straightforward interface and advanced deletion algorithms help ensure its efficiency and security; its feature of wiping data beyond recovery makes this an important consideration for those dealing with sensitive information. Furthermore, a free version is provided so users can test its performance and features before purchasing their licenses.

R-Wipe & Clean stands apart from similar programs by cleaning both offline and online activity. It can delete temporary internet files, history, cookies, autocomplete forms and passwords, autofill forms and passwords in AutoComplete Forms Manager (ACSM), swap files, recently opened document lists in Explorer MRU lists as well as various caches logs or other traces produced by operating systems or hundreds of third party applications. It can even delete Windows Prefetch folder – designed to speed application launch times by preloading needed files ahead of time – by preloading parts of their needed files ahead of time before loading parts of them from their needed file repositorys before.

The application offers an impressive variety of wiping options, such as quick and secure erase algorithms and support for FAT and NTFS file systems. Furthermore, users can launch the software immediately or at predefined times or events to initiate erasing procedures, with cleaning/erasing tasks beginning immediately or scheduled in advance. It can even combine individual cleaning/erasing tasks into larger ones that start immediately or on schedule.

Create Wipe Lists that specify files and folders to be deleted using filters, masks, or file exclusion lists – another great feature – and make them the subject of computer cleaning or deletion without alerting anyone about its actions. Customize these lists using filters, masks, file exclusion lists or filter masks; even wipe free disk space and prevent identity theft by erasing sensitive information – saving or using later to repeat erasing process is possible as Wipe Lists can be saved and repeated later using saved Wipe Lists while launch from command line without alerting anyone that computer cleaning occurs without warning users about its actions taking place – making computer cleaning in stealth mode unobvious to users unaware.


R-Wipe & Clean is an efficient solution for securely clearing personal data off of your computer and protecting yourself against identity theft. Utilizing advanced wiping algorithms, R-Wipe & Clean makes erasing files beyond recovery effortless – protecting privacy while freeing up disk space. Portable and compatible with all versions of Windows OS including both NTFS and FAT contemporary file systems; its advanced features include an intuitive graphic user interface as well as support for multiple languages.

This software was designed to prevent online tracking by clearing away browsing history, RSS feeds, cookies and more. Furthermore, it can delete program traces as well as any unnecessary system files occupying disk space, and clean “prefetch” files used by Windows to speed up PC performance.

Apart from its security features, this application also contains various tools that can help manage personal files and folders efficiently. These include creating a list of files and directories for deletion; scanning hard drives automatically for duplicate files to remove them; as well as detecting files no longer necessary such as temporary ones and logs that no longer belong there.

Users can utilize this tool to remove traces from almost all modern web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Chrome. Furthermore, it can erase communication programs like Skype and AOL Instant Messenger as well as wipe Windows Update-related traces as well as system data such as storage traces, associativity traces and program data traces.

The program includes an archiving feature to allow users to save a copy of deleted files or folders before they are permanently erased, as well as delete unused Windows registry entries – helping improve performance of operating system and make it more stable – along with wiping free MFT records and free space, protecting against malware or spyware attacks. Installation of the software is quick and provides various configuration options to customize how erasing is accomplished.

Easy to use

R Wipe & Clean Portable can help protect you from online snoopers by securely wiping away data that compromises your privacy from your computer. Using fast, safe wiping algorithms, files and folders that compromise privacy can be erased quickly so they cannot be recovered, and encrypted content using your chosen algorithm – further making recovery more challenging for attackers.

This program is lightweight and requires minimal system resources, making it easily accessible to a range of users with various hardware specifications. Furthermore, it analyzes and optimizes system data to increase performance, while offering tools to remove files and directories no longer required on your device. In doing so, space can be saved while data doesn’t become lost in case of hard disk failure.

R Wipe & Clean can help you delete traces of your online activity such as cookies, web browser cached files and temporary files. In addition, this software includes tools to delete installation traces, user activity logs and miscellaneous program caches – and multiple wiping methods so your information cannot be recovered in the future.

R-Wipe & Clean’s intuitive interface and advanced features make it simple for anyone to use it, enabling easy selection of common traces for cleaning as well as removal from apps such as browsers and instant messengers. In particular, its Traces Selection Helper makes selecting them quick and painless! Additionally, R-Wipe & Clean provides the functionality to select specific applications to delete from a list, such as modern browsers and instant messengers.

This tool supports the latest versions of Windows, can be used to delete MFT records and free space on SSD devices, and has additional features not seen elsewhere (for instance: encryption/decryption capabilities). Furthermore, there are additional features which cannot be found elsewhere ( such as: encryption/decryption of MFT records/free space on SSD devices and encryption/decryption options) which make this an invaluable program.

R Wipe & Clean is an effective option for anyone seeking to protect their digital privacy. With its unique approach to erasing files and wiping unused space from disks, this program is great for both casual and power users alike. Best of all, R-Wipe & Clean is free for download and use – giving you plenty of opportunities to test drive its capabilities before making up your mind about which software to choose! If this software type is new to you, R-Wipe & Clean can also serve as a comparison with similar programs available on other options available options as you explore what type of options there might be and make up their minds about what R-Wipe & Clean stands for.


R Wipe & Clean is an efficient and portable software tool designed to protect your privacy while freeing up disk space on your computer. Utilizing military and government-approved data erasure methods, R Wipe & Clean ensures deleted files cannot be recovered by recovering files deleted by most modern web browsers and communication programs, program data caches, downloaded documents lists and opened document lists as well as temporary files can all be erased – making this an indispensable solution for keeping digital environments clear.

R-Wipe & Clean uses either fast or safe deletion algorithms to delete files quickly and free up space on disk drives, supporting both FAT and NTFS file systems. Its touch screen compatible graphical user interface is user friendly for users of all skill levels, making this program accessible even to novice users. In addition, R-Wipe & Clean can assist users in eliminating temporary files, registry entries, or anything else which slows down performance of their PC.

CleanSweep allows for the secure deletion of files to protect identity theft and maintain computer security, creating specific lists of traces to be cleaned from unsupported applications, and consolidating multiple computer cleaning and wiping jobs into large erasing procedures that can start immediately or at scheduled times/events (log-on/log-off, system startup/shutdown, closing any or all browsers etc).

This software can scan your entire disk for unnecessary files and delete them, speeding up operating speed and making PC use smoother. Additionally, it can remove cookies or any traces of online activities relating to you – something important for protecting privacy as well as increasing disk space utilization. It has an intuitive user interface and is compatible with most Windows devices.

R Wipe & Clean provides many useful features, such as full system integration and the ability to execute most wipe and cleaning tasks directly from Windows. You can set a “Boss Key” to quickly close web-browsers in emergencies or enable stealth mode for hidden erasing, control standby/hibernation states so your computer won’t enter them until your erasing process has completed, as well as use its start-up renaming manager to rename locked files or folders locked by Windows or other programs.

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