R Wipe & Clean Review

R Wipe  Clean

R Wipe & Clean provides an efficient way to delete files that no longer serve a purpose and protect computer privacy. It permanently erases online and offline activities traces left by temporary Internet files, history, cookies, autocomplete forms, passwords, swap files recently opened documents lists Explorer MRU (most frequently used) lists as well as over 300 third-party applications that traces are left by.


R Wipe & Clean is an efficient software program for securely erasing unwanted files and folders to prevent identity theft and preserve computer privacy. This application erases traces of both online and offline activity such as cached Internet files (web page history, cookies, autofill forms and passwords), swap files, recently opened document lists, various application working and temporary folders as well as system data traces as well as activity traces from many third-party applications using strong erase algorithms that ensure privacy and security for its users.

RWipe & Clean can optimize the speed of your PC by analyzing and eliminating unnecessary data from its hard disk. It can free up significant space while increasing security and responsiveness on your system – it may even prevent standby/hibernation until its work has been finished.

This software features a touch interface designed for tablets and laptops with touch screens. However, it works perfectly well on non-touch screen devices as well. A new graphical menu makes selecting important functions easy while it also offers support for SSD devices and recognizes them accurately, to prevent additional wear on hard drives.

Create and customize multiple erasing and cleaning presets, each one starting immediately or at a specific time/event. Furthermore, combine several smaller computer cleaning/erasing tasks into a large preset that runs automatically as a background task – even stopping your computer from shutting off before its process has completed.

R Wipe & Clean is available on both PCs and Macs, and provides you with a fully functional 30-day trial version for both versions of software. Upon expiry, both programs convert into freeware versions known as R Wipe & Clean Lite; this allows essential computer traces to still be cleaned, but for advanced users looking to remove additional information.

Supports FAT and NTFS file systems

R Wipe & Clean can help you delete useless files, clear disk space and protect your privacy by clearing away various activities including your online and offline activity history and cookies, download list of documents and executable programs as well as data caches and temporary files created by operating system components, modern Internet browsers and communication programs, third-party applications or third-party vendors.

This utility securely and quickly erases your private information on all drives of your computer using either fast or secure erase algorithms. All files and unused space on hard drives are erased completely and permanently from your hard drive without having to modify original files, leaving no chance for recovery. It supports both FAT and NTFS file systems and offers support for multiple folders and files of any size; additionally auxiliary temporary files like setup temporary, logs files, memory dump files and old Check Disk files can also be deleted by this tool.

The software removes traces of more than 200 third-party applications including Microsoft Office. Furthermore, it deletes those left by various web-browsers and instant messengers such as Yahoo!, MSN, Google and AOL as well as their associated toolbars and toolboxes. It can even erase traces left behind by popular PC games; wiping CRX package caches; clearing form filling metadata stored with CyberLink PowerDirector; as well as clearing records placed directly into NTFS Master File Table are among its capabilities.

Additionally, this program can create and execute backups of the system registry in a specified format to restore Windows settings after an accident. Furthermore, you can set a Boss Key for emergency Web-browser closing; control standby/hibernate of your computer; rename locked files/folders as well as more!

R Wipe & Clean makes managing cleaning and wiping tasks simpler by consolidating them into one or more erasing procedures that are launched automatically, or upon predefined events (user login/log off, system startup/shut down, closing of one or all browsers). Its interface has been specifically tailored for touch screen devices so you can easily manage R Wipe & Clean with just your fingers dragging and tapping!

Erases traces of your online and offline activity

R Wipe & Clean is an all-encompassing R-Tools solution designed to delete unnecessary files, protect your privacy online and offline, free up disk space and optimize performance on your computer. It removes various privacy-compromising data on online and offline activity including browser history/cookies/list of downloaded/opened documents/system logs/data caches/temporary files created by operating systems, popular internet browsers/instant messaging programs/other applications as well as hundreds of third party applications – everything needed for an optimal experience on PC!

Furthermore, R-Wipe & Clean can remove the Windows Prefetch folder which stores unused application files to reduce startup time, as well as delete installed program traces which contain private information (activity traces, setup temporary and working folders, registry keys). Furthermore, this program can delete temporary auxiliary files such as file alternative data streams, memory dump files and old Check Disk files that R-Wipe & Clean does not support. Furthermore, custom wipe lists can also be created for applications not supported by R-Wipe & Clean.

This program also features an easy to use graphical user interface geared specifically for touch screen devices, enabling access to all controls and settings via swipe or tap gestures. Furthermore, the interface is customizable, giving you access to various themes and widgets available that suit your individual needs.

The software supports both FAT and NTFS file systems and can be used to permanently delete individual files, multiple files or entire drives or partitions. Erasure can either start immediately, or as part of a background task (user log-off/log-on, system shutdown/startup, shutting down all or some browsers etc.).

Additionally, this program allows for large scale wipe and cleaning tasks to be automatically run or scheduled at an exact time or event. Furthermore, it offers numerous additional features, such as selecting individual items to be cleaned/wiped by using filtering tool, wiping alternative data streams as well as full tracking of all erasing processes.

Optimizes the speed of your PC

One of the primary culprits behind PCs that run slowly is an accumulation of temporary files that clog memory and cause unexpected slowdowns. Regular cleaning will help speed up your PC while eliminating potential privacy threats associated with them.

A number of utility software programs make the process easy and swift. These applications will quickly scan your computer and alert you of programs or files taking up too many of its resources or potentially slowing it down; you then decide what action should be taken on these items.

These programs will also help to clean any traces of your online and offline activity and optimize its performance, such as temporary Internet files, history and cookies, autocomplete forms and passwords, swap files, recently opened document lists, various cache storage both online and offline, etc. They can be erased using different wiping methods (MFT wipes for instance), as well as cleaning any free space on your hard drive so any information stored there cannot be recovered later on.

R-Wipe & Clean provides additional features, such as the ability to delete browser and communication program traces, an efficient tool for prioritizing them for deletion, support for SSD devices and an innovative touch screen user interface. Furthermore, full versions of R-Wipe & Clean can be downloaded directly and a fully functional 30-day trial is provided for evaluation purposes.

At least once every month, it is advised to conduct a comprehensive cleanup of your personal data on your PC. Doing this will not only speed up your PC but will also protect it from prying eyes while providing more space for programs and files. Furthermore, installing an optimized device program such as CPUTune will manage usage to prevent overworking CPU and other components; thus ensuring optimal performance of your machine regardless of task assigned.

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