Rainmeter Skins

Rainmeter is a free and open-source desktop customization utility for Windows that enables users to build customizable widgets called “skins” that display information about various aspects of their system or other pieces of data. Each skin can be configured using an intuitive scripting language for maximum customization options.

Enigma is perhaps the best-known Rainmeter skin, thanks to its wide array of configurable options and display capabilities, from global time and weather updates, media playback status/control and multiple RSS feeds, all the way down to picture slideshows and automatic notes features!

Simple Media

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Senja Suite

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This skin features a contemporary and elegant appearance by using dark blue, almost black, and orange as its primary colors to create an eye-catching minimalist design. Its widgets include customizable clock, player, user information about current user, image gallery as well as quick buttons for shutting off/restarting computer quickly and seamlessly. Plus, its minimalistic aesthetic matches both Windows and Linux systems!

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MemoDijay rainmeter skins offer an ideal solution for creating a modern desktop experience. Boasting an attractive and easy to customize design, they look great against almost any background and come in various colors to replace the default Windows clock widget.

For an easy rainmeter clock skin that is easy to use, try the day night rainmeter clock skin. Designed with large digits that make reading the time simple, this choice makes your desktop appear neat and uncluttered.

Polarprecise clock skin is another superb Rainmeter clock skin. Featuring beautiful and unique arcs that add visual interest to your computer screen, these arcs can show information such as date/time/weather condition updates. Furthermore, you can change the background color to match any wallpaper.

Momento rainmeter skin offers a minimalist approach that will bring peace and relaxation to you. It includes a digital clock with an attractive font and weather widget, along with an app launcher bar to increase productivity and an elegant Roman-style clock to reflect your tastes and preferences.

If you love steam-powered machines from the 19th century, consider choosing the Steampunk clock rainmeter skin. Its retro aesthetic will bring life and flair back into your computer while its multiple customization options make sure it will match up with any style or mood perfectly. Furthermore, its lightweight nature won’t take up much space on your desktop computer!


Neoclock is an attractive Rainmeter skin that lets you showcase a stylish clock on your desktop computer. Easily customizable, its designs offer something for everyone while remaining easy-to-use – it certainly stands out amongst the available skins!

The case is constructed out of multiple sheets of acrylic that have been laser cut into rings. The front piece, clear acrylic with an inner circle produced by raster scanning the laser beam, holds together with two feet to keep it upright and has a hole for the power cable. On its reverse, there are three internal fixtures designed to support mounting PCB boards while simultaneously acting as mounts for NeoPixel Rings.

In the bottom-left corner of the widget are three options to update device information, take running configuration snapshot, and refresh neo pixel devices. By default, update device information is checked. Each time provisioning execution occurs, device details will be updated after provisioning execution is complete.

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