Rainmeter Skins

Iron Man Jarvis is a Rainmeter skin that lets you transform your desktop computer into Tony Stark’s AI, Jarvis. This skin features numerous widgets which display hard disk capacity and power management keys – perfect for giving any desktop an Iron Man-esque aesthetic!

This Rainmeter skin features a clean interface and works beautifully across screen resolutions. It includes useful information such as per-core CPU usage, weather data, media shortcuts and power management keys.

Modern Clean Desktop

The Modern Clean Desktop skin offers a simple, minimalistic alternative to Windows taskbar. Featuring two columns: one narrow vertical column for software shortcuts and a wider one with system information; this design blends well with most desktop setups while maximizing under-desk space. In addition, its free download and customization makes it available across multiple resolutions as well as customizable wallpaper.

The Gemini Suite Rainmeter skin offers minimalistic features such as CPU, RAM and storage widgets as well as date/time/Xbox game bar information. Perfect for gamers looking for easy game launching solutions without using Steam directly, its intuitive design also integrates your Steam account and includes weather widget and 3D icons of programs/power functions – plus much more.

Rainmeter Skin ‘Solen’ uses green accents to highlight clock and calendar details. Centered around desktop with transparent taskbar and the TaskbarX plugin installed, the skin allows easy switching between applications and settings while offering weather widget and customizable wallpaper capabilities.

Before Dawn Rainmeter skin stands out visually with its beautiful display of information-packed modules on your desktop. Customizable modules display Time & Date information, Shortcuts to frequently used programs and Media Controls with RSS feeds – not to mention shortcuts & shorteners! Unlike some other Rainmeter skins this one requires no setup whatsoever, offering multiple resolutions for its display.


Rainmeter skins come in all sorts of styles and designs; however, FeedReader II stands out as an option that gives more than meets the eye – not only giving a clock but also showing the latest news updates in real time on desktop! This makes an ideal way for users who prefer personalized desktop environments that stay updated instantly.

Rainmeter offers several exciting rainmeter skins to customize your desktop, including Mass Effect’s Spacecraft display skin that transforms it into an advanced display of spacecraft. Perfect for fans of video game and those seeking a way to personalize their desktop environment. You can download this skin from either Rainmeter forums or DeviantArt.

MemoDijay is an elegant rainmeter skin designed to combine multiple components. With its minimalist aesthetic and simple font that works well with most wallpapers, multiple color options for the background and clock face and user-friendly functionality – MemoDijay makes rainmetering simple! No additional configurations or special configurations are necessary to use MemoDijay successfully.

This suite combines clock, date, weather forecasts, and Gmail skins into one easily customizable desktop experience. Its low opacity allows it to seamlessly blend in with the background of any desktop; and its vibrant colors are great for those seeking a minimalistic suite.

Neoclock is an elegant clock that adds classic neon flair to any desktop, as well as offering calculator, notepad and music player functionality.

This suite features various useful widgets, such as CPU usage bars, HDD space usage and physical memory consumption. Its design evokes steampunk aesthetic, inspired by nineteenth century steam-powered machines; adding a touch of luxury to your desktop experience.


Neoclock is an elegant Rainmeter skin ideal for adding an elegant look to their desktop computer. Featuring a Roman-style clock with an “It is” tag displaying time in an authentic manner, its color can also be adjusted to complement your wallpaper and its day/night mode ensures visibility even in low lighting environments.

Rainmeter Skin by Lucamennoia offers an innovative and engaging way to display date and time on desktop computers. Featuring an eye-catching spinning ball design that can be customized to match your desktop background color scheme, as well as text calendar and app launcher bar functionality, Rainmeter’s Rainmeter skin will bring life and fun back into timekeeping on desktop PCs!

Momento is another minimalistic Rainmeter skin designed to relax and calm your mind, featuring an easy clock, date widget and weather widget as well as weather widget and text calendar widgets. Additionally, Momento comes equipped with audio visualizer functionality and text clock features.

MemoDijay is another useful Rainmeter skin for your computer, featuring clock, text calendar and an iTunes player. Additionally, its light opacity blends perfectly into the wallpaper without drawing too much attention away from other programs.

The software allows you to configure the settings of a device, such as its status (On/Off), current temperature, and humidity level. Furthermore, it’s possible to assign names and passwords for security. Furthermore, events are monitored internally log file before being sent out via Syslog server for monitoring purposes. It’s simple and requires no complex installation – plus it runs across several operating systems including Linux!

Minimalist 2

The Minimalist 2 is an ultralight dual bivy that can be customized with various zipper arrangements and floor materials (silnylon, Dyneema(r), or ripstop nylon). A regular length Minimalist 2 can fit people up to about 76″, while extended versions are also available for those taller than that.

A minimalist person values time and space and is content with only what they require for daily life. Living clutter-free helps increase creativity and relaxation, as well as maintain inner calmness. Aside from chores, minimalists tend to spend less time doing them in favor of working more on hobbies and passion projects.

Ambient Minimalism 2 is a loop and sample-based virtual instrument designed for ease of use with Komplete Kontrol and Maschine, allowing quick creation of mysterious and disquieting ambient soundscapes, backing tracks, cinematic cues. Packed with hundreds of multi-patches as well as loops, samples and one-shots designed to quickly uncover unique yet haunting combinations, Ambient Minimalism 2 can quickly bring any project alive!

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