RapidTyping Review


Rapid Typing is a free software program that enables users to improve their keyboard typing skills through lessons and challenges. Customization options enable you to tailor lessons and exercises specifically to meet your needs, while multiple keyboard types are supported as well.

Typing training becomes more like playing than studying with our built-in typing game! Additionally, charts allow for convenient monitoring of performance any time.

Easy to use

RapidTyping stands out from other typing programs by giving you the flexibility to select which lessons best suit you and focus on areas where there are problems rather than forcing through lessons that don’t work for you. Plus, this program is free – perfect for kids as well as adults alike!

This program uses a virtual keyboard based on the layout of your physical keyboard and supports all common keyboard types including QWERTY, DVORAK, ABNT, Colemak and bepo. It provides several courses of different difficulty levels and languages and tracks your progress along with providing statistics for words per minute, characters per minute and accuracy. Furthermore, it can also be installed onto a teacher’s computer so each student’s workstation over local network can access it simultaneously.

User interface of Lesson Maker Pro is intuitive and uncomplicated, featuring a text area in the center of the window to input your lesson text, with a toolbar at the top providing access to basic program options and managing lessons, while Lesson Editor allows for creating custom text segments and segment editing capabilities. Furthermore, two moving hands above your keyboard may indicate which finger should press each key – saving valuable time!

Though this program does not contain an integrated word processor, it does support standard ANSI and ISO keyboard layouts and includes a built-in spell checker. Customizing your keyboard layout by choosing which keys should be highlighted is easy, while changing font size and color is just another easy feature of using this program. Plus it tracks progress which is invaluable in improving typing abilities!

This program is intended to enhance someone’s typing skills by teaching them how to type without looking at the keyboard, an essential skill for fast, accurate typing. However, mastery takes practice; additionally it assists individuals in learning touch typing faster and more accurately.

Easy to install

RapidTyping is a full-featured typing tutor available free of charge that’s easy to install and use. Support for multiple languages and keyboard layouts makes this program suitable for students from around the globe, offering lessons suitable for beginner through advanced levels of skill development. Users can select their keyboard layout of choice while its virtual color-coded keyboard allows easy navigation.

Apart from teaching users where the symbols are located on the virtual keyboard, this feature also keeps tabs on progress and provides you with various statistics such as words per minute, characters per minute and accuracy rates. This data is conveniently represented as tables and charts so you can easily monitor your own or your students’ performance. Teachers in particular may find this feature particularly helpful for monitoring student progress.

Once RapidTyping is installed, it’s easy to start using it right away. The installer offers various configuration options such as creating a desktop icon and placing a shortcut in “All Programs.” Moreover, you can select which folder RapidTyping should install to; if using RapidTyping within a classroom environment you can specify a network folder where all students will have access.

As soon as you’re ready to learn, click the RapidTyping icon on your desktop or in the All Programs menu, and follow the instructions. RapidTyping offers English or Arabic typing options with its default keyboard layout being Arabic; French German Russian layouts may also be selected by changing keyboard layout options. With its user-friendly design and easy interface that make RapidTyping perfect for young learners looking to start typing their alphabet or learning another language quickly!

Teachers find TypingClub an invaluable way of monitoring student performance and creating groups. Furthermore, TypingClub contains many features useful both self-taught students as well as professional typing instructors; including an expansive progress tracker with numerous metrics as well as import capabilities for typing lessons from files.

Easy to customize

RapidTyping is an innovative program that can help you become faster and more accurate typist. The software provides numerous exercises, tests, and games designed to quickly enhance your typing abilities. Furthermore, you can customize its appearance and hotkeys for optimal use – this makes RapidTyping suitable for both novice users and more experienced ones. Furthermore, the program can even be used across different keyboards making its use convenient and user-friendly for both novices and experts.

Rapid Typing is a free, open-source program created to teach both children and adults to type more quickly and accurately. It includes an in-depth training statistics screen so you can track your progress as you gain proficiency over time, plus various fun games to test speed, accuracy, and spelling speed.

This program includes courses that cover various aspects of typing, including basic keyboard, shift keys, digit keys (located above letter keys) and numerical pad use. Each course focuses on one section of the keyboard to teach users which fingers should access each key; additionally it has a virtual keyboard which highlights where each finger should access its respective keys for easier learning and finger placement. Furthermore, most popular keyboard layouts including QWERTY for left and right-handed users as well as Dvorak BEPO Colemak AZERTY and ABNT2 support can also be found within it’s courses –

RapidTyping features not only courses but also many customizable typing games that are fun and challenging. Some are educational while others are simply entertaining; all can be easily played on either a regular computer or tablet device – some games even incorporate popular novels or fables as inspiration!

The program allows instructors to set lesson goals for every course, outlining minimum values for speed, accuracy, and slowdown that constitute an excellent lesson experience. These values can be seen both in Lesson Editor and Statistics diagrams of course courses; should any lesson’s results not meet these benchmarks then repeating will be offered as an option.

Easy to track your progress

Typing fast and accurately is essential to success when writing emails, blog posts or articles – as well as making you look more professional. While mastering this skill may take some time to master, RapidTyping provides exercises and lessons designed to make you a faster typist.

This software is simple and fun to use, with an engaging fishbowl-themed interface. Text to be typed appears to flow out like water from a bowl, making the typing experience visually attractive to both children and adults. In addition, there’s a virtual keyboard supporting QWERTY, AZERTY, Dvorak Colemak layouts plus tracking your progress as each lesson passes. Export your typing statistics as a valuable way of evaluating performance on either an individual basis or that of students enrolled.

The software includes lessons, courses and tests suitable for users of all ages. Each course comes with various levels of difficulty that cover specific sections of a keyboard’s keys (for instance: Introduction and Beginner courses cover all letters available on a standard keyboard; while Expert Course focuses more on special keys). You can even create your own courses using the Lesson editor!

Once your user account has been created, you can start practicing all the different lessons available within the program. Your statistics, including words per minute and accuracy will be constantly tracked for improvement; additionally, you can create your own personalized keyboard to hone your typing skills further.

One of the greatest aspects of this program is its customer support services. Their staff is friendly and accommodating; you can reach them through online chat or phone calls. Furthermore, there’s a FAQs page available that serves as an excellent resource for beginners of typing.

RapidTyping provides customer support as well as a free trial version, giving you an opportunity to see if the software suits your needs before making your decision to purchase. Furthermore, signing up for a subscription could result in additional discounts!

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