RapidTyping Review

RapidTyping is a free program designed to assist aspiring typists in learning touch typing quickly and accurately. The exercises and drills offered within RapidTyping are organized according to difficulty grade for maximum learning potential.

Each lesson provides extensive training statistics in the form of visual charts. You can customize these metrics by using the Statistics dialog box.


RapidTyping is a free, full-featured program suitable for students, teachers, and adults of any age. It boasts a colorful interface and provides advanced typing statistics; additionally it includes an option to track progress over time. RapidTyping comes both setup and portable versions and is built to run on either a single PC or network – for classroom settings it can even be installed locally on a server and accessible from all computers within that classroom!

This software is simple to use and features an interactive virtual keyboard that illustrates where fingers and hands should be placed. Additionally, it supports various keyboard configurations – QWERTY, Dvorak for left or right hands, AZERTY, ABNT Colemak as well as others – plus color-coded keys on its virtual keyboard that help beginners understand which finger should press which key.

Users can select lessons from different categories, including the Introduction course and Beginner course. Each of these lessons teaches specific keys and skills. Once a user finishes each lesson, they can view a statistics chart which lists their words-per-minute speed and accuracy percentage; once this speed or percentage goal has been met, they can move on to the next lesson.

By using the Lesson editor, users can customize courses to address specific text segments or topics for practice and also devise tests to gauge progress. This feature is especially beneficial for children as well as adults alike as it allows them to tailor their typing practice accordingly.

This program offers users complete customization, enabling them to tailor settings and change keyboard layout. They may opt for either a regular or ergonomic keyboard which reduces strain on hands and wrists.

However, the program isn’t without its drawbacks: its user interface can be unattractive and confusing, sometimes even being disruptive for students and teachers. Furthermore, classroom use of the software could prove too much for its resources – however despite these drawbacks it still merits trial by students, teachers, and adults.


There are various typing games designed to help users improve their speed and accuracy. Some focus on specific goals or skills such as keyboard layouts or languages while others provide more challenging or engaging challenges or entertainment, including FastTyper 2, Snow Typer, Word Mountain, Albarn’s Attack or Magic Spells; some are available as standalone applications while others require internet access for gameplay.

RapidTyping is a free keyboard training program tailored to adults and kids of all ages, featuring colorful themes and avatars, an animated underwater experience, and an on-board typing game for fun keyboard training sessions. Furthermore, RapidTyping features advanced features like training statistics as well as customized lessons.

Typing lessons come in various levels of difficulty and can be organized alphabetically or more creatively, such as creating complex patterns. If you want an extra challenge, Pro Extreme Typing offers similar arcade-like games, challenging players to complete phrases without looking at the keyboard.

RapidTyping stands out from other programs by not forcing learners to adhere to predetermined learning plans; rather, it enables them to select lessons suited for their skill level and needs – enabling them to improve both speed and accuracy without becoming overwhelmed.

This program supports multiple keyboard layouts, languages, computer systems, as well as customized lessons tailored to their personal preferences and tracking the results of typing practice. Furthermore, this can also be used in classroom settings where student/group statistics can be exported in HTML/XML or CSV formats for exportation.


RapidTyping, a typing tutor designed to improve keyboarding skills through exercises and lessons, makes this task more fun than ever! Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems as well as portable devices.

RapidTyping’s virtual keyboard provides visual instruction for correctly positioning fingers and hands over each key, supporting QWERTY, AZERTY, Dvorak, bepo and Colemak layouts among others. Furthermore, moving hands display over the keyboard indicate which fingers should be pressed next – simplifying learning for users who prioritize left hands and providing visual advice for left-handed priority users.

This software features a built-in Lesson Editor that allows teachers to add new lessons or modify existing ones; import text segments of various lengths; as well as import and display foreign-language symbols.

Students and adults alike can use this program to increase their typing speed and accuracy, create their own training courses and monitor their progress through advanced statistics. They can even export results in various forms including tables and charts.

This program contains several helpful functions, such as a timer and visual overview of errors made during lessons. Furthermore, you can make it your own by choosing a theme and color; additionally, aquarium animation may be turned off if more attention should be paid towards keyboard exercise.

The program can be installed on local servers in classrooms, then run directly on each student workstation over the network. Furthermore, its administrative features include assigning students to learning groups or levels as well as viewing training results and exporting student results and tracking progress.


RapidTyping is an advanced touch typing optimizer and educational program, suitable for adults as well as kids. With its user-friendly course editor, RapidTyping enables users to add text segments of any length into lessons with specific numbers of words and symbols. Furthermore, advanced training statistics can be easily viewed anytime and grouped by Session Day Section Course allowing the user to export them as PDF, HTML XML CSV files for later reference.

The program supports multiple languages and keyboard layouts, making it compatible with almost any computer. The virtual keyboard features color-coding to ease navigation for the user and features a realistic virtual hand for extra realism. You can select between one, two or three block keyboards with numeric pad support as well as various QWERTY, AZERTY, ABNT2, Dvorak Colemak and BEPO layouts to get exactly the layout that works for you!

Another key advantage of this software is its ability to monitor students’ progress. This data can be displayed both as tables and charts for easy review of typing skills by each student. Furthermore, users can easily customize the program by adding or removing lessons or changing levels of difficulty so as to meet individual student needs.

Portable editions of this software allow users to use it without installing it, providing convenient use on any computer without needing an install. They are accessible via a USB drive and support any Windows OS. Teachers may find this a particularly effective option as it can easily be brought into classrooms to run across individual workstations in a network environment.

While this program may lack many of the educational features found in more expensive products, it remains an acceptable solution for beginners and younger users. You can use it either alone or alongside other programs that teach touch typing basics; its intuitive design offers customizable lessons as well as comprehensive training statistics – making it suitable both for home and school use.

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