RapidTyping Review


RapidTyping is a program that teaches users touch typing, or typing without looking at the keyboard, through lessons tailored specifically for people of various skill levels and games designed to target specific goals or skills.

This program features a virtual keyboard and supports multiple languages, such as QWERTY, AZERTY, Dvorak and Colemak. Additionally, classroom management, student tracking and teacher dashboard capabilities make this ideal for classroom usage.

Easy to use

RapidTyping is an easy-to-use keyboard training tool designed to increase typing speed and accuracy. The program offers lessons and exercises suited for different skill levels from novice to advanced users as well as statistics and feedback about typing performance. Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

The software uses a virtual keyboard to teach users where to place their fingers, as well as teaching them how to type without looking at the keyboard. Color-coding indicates different zones on this colorful layout that supports QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, Dvorak Colemak and ABNT2 layouts as well as moving hands that demonstrate which fingers should press for each letter on this virtual keyboard.

Timer functionality is built into this program and appears during each lesson to aid people in tracking their progress. Furthermore, users are allowed to create their own lessons with text of their choosing – an especially helpful feature for teachers or parents looking to develop more challenging content. Furthermore, users may download and use portable versions without Internet connectivity if desired.

Typing quickly and accurately is essential in today’s computer-dominated society. That’s why keyboard training programs like RapidTyping have become so popular; they allow you to practice typing skills at home or work.

RapidTyping is an efficient tool for learning to type and reducing typos. Offering lessons tailored for each student level, this software can be used in both classroom settings as well as self-study. Training results can be exported in various formats while you create new lessons. Furthermore, RapidTyping can even be installed onto servers for classroom use! Both its desktop version and portable edition work from any Windows computer with Internet access while its portable edition works from USB flash drives or external devices.

Supports multiple languages

RapidTyping is a program that makes learning touch typing enjoyable for users. It features many useful features and is free for use, supporting various languages and keyboard layouts. Its virtual keyboard has zones marked in different colors to help students navigate keys; students are then taught which finger to use on which keys. Furthermore, helpful statistics and comments regarding performance are provided as well as games and lessons offered through RapidTyping.

The program comes equipped with an inbuilt Lesson Editor that allows users to create lessons in text or RTF format and insert them directly into courses for use as metrics. Users can add, insert, change or delete lessons as well as students groups – with results displayed as WPM (Words Per Minute), CPM (Correct Words Per Minute) or accuracy metrics as metrics of their progress.

RapidTyping provides an enhanced learning experience by allowing users to customize the size, fonts and color-coding of the keyboard for individual learners of all ages. Users may opt to conceal arrow keys and numeric pads from virtual keyboards while setting it to display as QWERTY, Dvorak or Colemak layout.

The application provides various lessons ranging in difficulty level and language. For instance, its Introduction Course covers all of the characters available on a standard keyboard while its Beginner Course emphasizes hand positions and activities necessary for learning rows of keys. Furthermore, an expert course helps users fine-tune their typing skills and speed up typing speed. Furthermore, this program can even be installed locally on servers and run independently on each student workstation in classroom settings.

RapidTyping provides more than lessons and courses: its built-in keyboard can be used for practice. There are also games and lessons that can help improve typing skills and accuracy; Typing Race will test their reaction time while Snow Typer and Albarn’s Attack challenge their speed.

Easy to install

Rapid Typing is a light program designed to teach you to type quickly and accurately. It provides lessons and exercises organized according to difficulty level, from letters and symbols through shift keys and digits. Furthermore, different virtual keyboards (QWERTY, DVORAK and ABNT) and languages can be selected, making it simple to find settings best suited to you and your needs.

Rapid Typing offers an expansive array of lessons, with the flexibility for you to create your own course if necessary – perfect if you’re an instructor looking to test students or kids! In addition, Rapid Typing features progress statistics so you can see your improvement over time; helping keep motivation up when practicing typing skills.

This free program was designed for children and adults alike, making installation and use simple. Furthermore, its portability means it can run off a USB drive – providing an ideal tool for improving typing skills without expensive tutors.

The program’s default setting features a colorful interface with animations and lesson wallpapers that may prove distracting, however they can be disabled in the settings menu. You can also adjust font and keyboard layout settings according to your personal preferences, or change background color for increased focus during lessons.

RapidTyping is both easy to install and use, as well as maintenance-friendly. Unlike some programs which consume both memory and space, RapidTyping uses minimal resources; you can also set your own keyboard shortcuts, making accessing it faster when necessary.

Another advantage of this program is its compatibility with all major versions of Windows, from older releases to the most up-to-date releases. Linux systems may also work, though configuration will likely be necessary prior to proper functioning. It also can be used on tablet computers for convenience when working while traveling.

Simple interface

RapidTyping is a free program designed to assist individuals in learning how to touch-type. It teaches users how to utilize the keyboard more efficiently by offering various lessons and drills with increasing levels of difficulty. Furthermore, its colorful user interface may encourage children and others to continue using this program; furthermore it also features progress charts as well as analyses of typing speed and accuracy for analysis purposes.

This program is perfect for both novice and seasoned typists, providing an intuitive user interface to teach how to place one’s fingers correctly without looking at each key individually. A virtual keyboard displays hands sweeping over each key with highlighted zones highlighting where each finger should go on the keyboard. Furthermore, practice exercises enable users to test their abilities and hone their skills further.

The program supports multiple keyboard layouts beyond QWERTY, such as Dvorak and AZERTY, making switching easy. Users can select whether to show keys as uppercase letters or lowercase letters and adjust its size as necessary.

RapidTyping may seem outdated to some typists, but its user interface remains easy to use and understand. Furthermore, RapidTyping is free and comes without registration or usage limits, as well as no ads or toolbars. Furthermore, its portable version means it can run on any computer without additional software installations or internet connectivity issues.

RapidTyping allows users to customize the program by creating their own lessons and courses, setting their own keyboard shortcuts, selecting from among several languages available and customizing font and color settings for lesson text. Furthermore, this software can even be utilized within classrooms by creating network installations shared among all students enrolled.

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