Readiris Review – OCR Software That Transforms Paper Documents Into Editable Digital Files


Readiris OCR software provides powerful and accurate OCR for paper documents, PDF files and image files – while maintaining their original layout – into editable text that can be edited by a variety of document readers. Readiris maximizes productivity for flatbed scanners, all-in-one printers and digital cameras.

Use Readiris Settings to customize its preferences. Among other things, you can choose whether or not recognition speed should take precedence over accuracy, as well as how damaged characters should be handled.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

As society moves more and more toward digital technology, it is increasingly essential to be able to easily convert paper documents into searchable and editable digital files. One of the top software programs available to do this is Readiris – used by leading scanner and document management companies such as HP, Adobe and Canon. There are two versions available of Readiris: the Professional edition is designed for individuals or small workgroups while Corporate offers comprehensive features for business environments; both provide options and configuration settings to easily transform scanned PDFs and scanned files into editable digital files or PDFs.

This program performs several functions for digitizing paper documents into digital formats, such as OCR, text recognition and barcode reading. Users can add digital signatures and security protections to their files with this program that supports 192 different languages. By automating repetitive tasks such as document scanning, indexing and file conversion it saves considerable time and effort as well as providing accessibility features like speech to text conversion and Braille support that enable people who are blind or visually impaired access scanned documents more easily.

An additional feature is the ability to convert PDF and other files to audio, which can then be played back on any compatible device. This feature can be particularly helpful for individuals who struggle with reading text, or need content while traveling or on-the-go.

Overall, this software boasts numerous impressive features that make it well worth its price for those seeking to save time and effort by eliminating tedious retyping sessions. However, there are a few downsides, including not being compatible with some file types or needing a powerful computer in order to function efficiently.

Text Recognition (TR)

OCR software transforms paper documents, images, or PDFs into editable digital documents – saving you the hassle of retyping. Readiris’ OCR is designed for scanning and converting text documents to editable formats such as Word, Excel and HTML while maintaining original document layout. Readiris works quickly and efficiently so you can edit, search, archive or publish these new documents.

Document Recognition Technology from Scribe recognizes text in your documents much faster than competing products – even with complex texts like handwritten or faxed documents – making processing much faster for both scanned and imaged documents. Furthermore, this OCR program outshines others when dealing with overlapping characters, open loops, and characters not properly closed.

Use it to convert standard document images and PDFs into searchable PDFs – an ideal format for archiving and sharing. The result will look exactly like its source material while adding a searchable text layer that allows for indexing purposes. From there you can easily access archived documents using web browsers or programs supporting PDF format retrieving information quickly and efficiently.

After OCR and text recognition processes have completed, your documents can automatically upload into your chosen cloud hosting service for access any time, anywhere. It’s the ideal solution for organizations that must store, analyze and manage a large volume of documents; with its new feature that lets you join two PDF documents into one, sharing documents has never been simpler! Plus it provides many tools to comment, annotate and sign PDF’s.

Barcode Recognition (BC)

Recognizing over 20 types of bar codes embedded in documents or XML indexes. Recognizing bar code data even when scanned using a duplex scanner or high-speed camera. Recognizing business cards to extract their contact details to save in your favorite contacts application. Automating separation of pages containing barcodes from others (blank pages or those containing text pages). Renaming files, extracting bar codes, then saving as an XML index for easy retrieval.

Optimized document layout allows for easier editing with image and layout editing tools:

Page Orientation Detection automatically recognizes in which direction a document is facing and rotates it accordingly.

Despeckling detects and removes “noise,” such as small black spots that frequently appear in low quality images or when using inadequate scanner settings.

Your preferences allow you to save and apply a specific set of recognition and processing settings (primary and secondary languages, preferred accuracy over speed, output format and its settings (PDF passwords, online storage system settings, page sizes, indexing settings and page analysis, despeckling and deskewing settings) whenever scanning documents. You can then apply those same settings when scanning them again.

Readiris Pro 10 Corporate Edition offers you the capability of running recognition on all the images stored within a folder (watched folder). This enables you to keep it running every day in its dedicated location and automatically recognize every new file added into it, while providing options such as file naming for recognized documents as well as cancelling operations with just a single click.

Image Recognition (IR)

Readiris takes this process one step further by recognising documents with one click, saving both time and money by automating document processing!

How it Works: After scanning or opening an image file in Readiris, every page of your document is automatically divided into several zones that represent text, image, and table data (for Readiris Corporate only). Each zone type can be seen on each page in the Zones tab – to modify its automatic analysis simply click one of its zones and choose an editing option!

Change the font, size and style of any recognized character as well as adjust table or column layout or positions. Furthermore, manually select or deselect parts of text – Readiris will then adapt its recognition process accordingly.

Readiris Pro supports not only popular image formats such as JPG, TIFF, PCX, BMP and GIF files but also DejaVu for highly compressed text files such as JPEG 2000 compression format as well as DejaVu compression format used by highly compressed text files such as DejaVu DejaVu for highly compressed text files and can export your data into 70 applications such as Word Excel and Acrobat.

Furthermore, you can automatically generate a user index of each document recognized in your PC folders, making them easier to locate later on. Furthermore, use the search function of your index documents to search for specific words or characters in them.

Document Management

Document and PDF management software that empowers you to convert, create, edit, sign, annotate, manage, review, share and protect documents and files of all formats for maximum daily productivity.

Software recognizes text and layout from paper documents, images or PDFs to convert them into smart digital documents that can be edited and shared – you can even save files directly to popular cloud hosting services in one step!

Readiris’ sophisticated OCR, text recognition and image recognition technologies enable it to automatically convert handwritten or printed documents into searchable PDFs, convert PDFs and images to editable documents such as Word, Excel or indexed PDF, scan paper documents into electronic form with its scanner compatibility wizard and import existing documents directly onto a computer system for processing; its output files can then be read with word processing programs, spreadsheets, email clients or PDF readers – keeping their original layout. This feature makes the software particularly suitable for those needing to preserve formatting

The graphic user interface was designed with simplicity and elegance in mind. It features an Office-style ribbon interface with modern shortcuts to speed up tasks. The OCR application can easily be learned and used even by newcomers; themes and colour schemes can also be chosen to suit your brand identity and customisation options are also available so multiple people can share one device to access data at the same time. Plus it supports various languages – even offering a free edition just for personal use!

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