RealPlayer Cloud Starts With 2 GB of Free Storage

RealNetworks recently unveiled an updated version of RealPlayer that combines media player capabilities with cloud service capabilities. Starting with 2 GB free storage capacity and offering subscription plans for additional storage needs.

This software features tools for organizing media libraries and can rip CDs. Furthermore, it can download and convert videos for viewing on mobile devices.


RealPlayer is a media player created by RealNetworks that can support an array of audio and video formats, such as MP3, QuickTime, Windows Media and multiple RealAudio/RealVideo variants. Users can stream audio/video over the internet as well as burn CDs/DVDs and sync media to mobile devices using RealPlayer. Furthermore, “enhancers” may also be added to enhance audio/visual quality.

RealPlayer goes beyond traditional video and audio playback capabilities to also include downloading online video and converting it to a more compatible format, creating music playlists, recording live radio broadcasts and TV shows, creating music playlists and recording live broadcasts or online TV shows. A free version is available for basic functionality while advanced features such as format conversion and cloud storage require paid subscription.

Initial setup of RealPlayer walks users through the process of adding existing media files and creating music playlists, while offering an easy web browser that makes finding and downloading online videos simple; additionally it can even download large videos into manageable clips for portable device playback.

RealPlayer includes all of the standard controls found on most players, such as a graphic equalizer with preloaded preset options and customizable settings; users may also shuffle or repeat clips and set RealPlayer to automatically pause media when entering sleep mode or exiting from RealPlayer.

RealPlayer features a jukebox-style file library that enables users to organize digital music by genre, album artist and song title. Users can create folders to organize files while using its search feature to quickly locate specific clips. In addition, RealPlayer can create and play Internet radio stations as well as sync media with mobile devices like iPhones and BlackBerry smartphones; users can upload and share links for videos they create to Facebook and MySpace pages; an optional upgrade for RealPlayer Plus adds HD resolution video playback DVD burning and web browsing functionality for additional functionality.


RealPlayer, from RealNetworks software company, provides users with a superior audio and video experience. The program supports numerous file formats and has advanced settings that enhance overall user experience. Furthermore, RealPlayer continues to adapt with modern digital media demands by adding features that keep it competitively priced in this age of media consumption.

RealPlayer not only plays media files, but can also download them for later playback. A mouse-over will activate RealPlayer’s download this video feature, giving users the choice between downloading the original full file or an MP3 version for listening later. This is an invaluable feature for those who enjoy watching their favourite videos without ads interrupting playback, or who are trying to save space on their computers.

RealPlayer software enables users to easily organize their music and movies into playlists for easy listening and watching. Users can even stream their content using DLNA or Chromecast streaming services – making RealPlayer ideal for most PC configurations with minimal system requirements, making sure everyone can experience its benefits.

VLC Media Player, a free, open-source alternative to RealPlayer download, provides an ideal way to manage multimedia. Compatible with most media file formats and offering a user-friendly navigational experience thanks to a minimalistic user interface, VLC offers streaming protocols like RTSP, RTP and RTMP along with subtitle and codec searches for efficient media management.

RealPlayer has long been an institution in digital media, boasting advanced functionality and multimedia features that appeal to beginners as well as veterans alike. Over its long history of development and evolution, its standing has only increased. RealPlayer recently underwent several updates designed to enhance performance and usability – faster download speeds, a Private folder for hiding personal files as well as better integration with Unifi online streaming service are just a few features introduced with this latest version.


RealPlayer makes organizing media library easy, providing several options for keeping digital media library organized. From creating playlists of music, videos, and audio files; creating folders for media storage on your computer; applying custom naming or filing schemes; to changing clip information instantly if need be; RealPlayer enables you to acquire new media by ripping CDs, recording vinyl/tapes/tapes directly or streaming online – as well as offering tools like crossfade and 10-band equalizer that enhance listening experiences – to making media acquisition easy and flexible!

RealPlayer features a search feature to quickly locate files in your library, as well as multiple ways of organizing and viewing music, videos and photos. Web Video streams videos from multiple online platforms while RealTimes turns photos and video clips into engaging montages complete with special effects and background music. RealPlayer also lets you record CDs/DVDs as well as upload files to cloud storage services.

RealPlayer makes managing all your media files from one convenient location easy. Its Library interface offers an icon-based dashboard with controls for music and videos in the center, photos/videos on either side and duplicate files identified/trimmed/trimmed videos/audio, gorgeous album art display capability for music collections as well as recommendations of optimal versions for favorite songs!

Though RealPlayer is no longer freely downloadable, there are alternatives that offer similar functionality and more. One such player is DivX Media Player which supports most major video formats and has an optional Pro version with advanced features like cloud connection to store content and HDTV encoder support. Plex is another alternative which acts both as media server and media player to stream media to various devices while connecting social networks seamlessly.

RealPlayer is an all-encompassing media player that keeps your digital media files organized and plays them back with quality and dependability, while providing useful extra capabilities like backup/recovery, cast to large screen playback, media conversions and much more.


RealPlayer download and streaming media player provides an all-in-one multimedia solution, from burning CDs and SVCDs to audio and video playback, DVR-style buffering, search (using Google’s Search API), Internet radio streaming services like Pandora Radio to an embedded web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer) with file jukebox capabilities that support Internet Radio stations and an ability to transfer files directly onto devices such as iPod, Zune, cell phones such as BlackBerrys or iPhones, PlayStation Portables (PSP or Xbox 360s), etc.

To create an Audio CD, choose your songs in your Library and click Burn. To make a DVD, a disc burner with blank single-layer DVD-R or DVD-RW disk must also be present; RealPlayer must recognize this disc burner as writable for proper functioning; otherwise it may have become damaged and won’t work as intended – to check this status use the Drive Information pane in RealPlayer’s Options menu.

When you are ready to start burning DVDs, place a blank disc into your burner and click Burn. Once you have selected all of the clips that will go onto the disc, choose whether to include an onscreen menu and specify its name before RealPlayer begins the burning process; using its Time Elapsed/Time Remaining bar you can monitor its progress.

RealPlayer download and streaming media player offers more than the ability to burn CDs and DVDs; its range of tools for managing media also include 10-band graphic equalizer, cross fade, an advanced audio converter that reduces file sizes while maintaining quality, as well as an iPod/iPhone synchronization tool and one that lets them move/copy files between PC and mobile device synchronization tools. Users may also record analog cassettes/vinyl records into digital files for digitization while streaming Internet audio/video. It supports RealAudio/RealVideo formats too!

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