Recuva Review – Is Recuva a Good File Recovery Software?


Recuva is a reliable file recovery solution, available free to everyone and offering nearly every form of rewritable media recovery such as hard drives, USBs and flash memory cards. Plus it even manages virtual drives when upgraded to its paid version!

Piriform software’s free system optimization utility CCleaner (also available here) does not have any adverse impact on your computer and can recover an extensive variety of files.

Deleted Files Recovery

Recuva is an outstanding free file recovery program that supports all major file formats. This software can recover files deleted from local drives, external disks, memory cards and digital cameras; or lost through formatting or hard drive failure. With its user-friendly digital interface and simple digital user experience it makes Recuva an ideal tool for novice computer users looking for ways to restore lost partitions on Windows computers.

Recuva makes recovering deleted files effortless with its user-friendly wizard, allowing you to select both type of file and where it was last located on your hard drive. This enables a faster scan process while narrowing your search, as well as showing whether each found file can be recovered or not.

Recuva stands out from its competition by performing a deep scan of your hard drive. A basic scan only scans the Master File Table (MFT) for information about deleted files; by contrast, deep scanning examines every block to detect more files deleted by Recuva. Recuva also provides detailed information about every file found by its search, such as file size, header info in hexadecimal form, preview of recovered file(s) before making your recovery decision.

Recuva makes scanning easy: upon completion, Recuva presents all of the files it has located as a list. With just one click you can sort and filter this list, making it simpler than ever to locate exactly the file you need. Plus you can pause/resume scanning as needed to save time!

Recuva may lack email support, which could present issues for IT professionals or businesses. However, the program includes an exhaustive FAQs section which should provide sufficient answers. Furthermore, an enterprise version can be downloaded directly from its website.

Recuva is an excellent and user-friendly file recovery program worth downloading for free. Featuring an intuitive user interface, fast scanning speeds, and high detection rates; although Recuva may lack some of the more advanced capabilities offered by its competitors, Recuva still represents an ideal option for anyone who has accidentally lost files.

Lost Data Recovery

Recuva’s free version, reviewed here, recovers most files that have been accidentally deleted or lost; however, it does not recover those permanently lost due to deletion of a file system or corrupted disk clusters (though its premium version does offer this capability). Recuva can also be used to recover lost data from external storage devices like USB flash drives and MP3 players.

Recuva scans for all sorts of files including photos, videos, emails, documents and more. Its user-friendly wizard-like interface helps users select where and what kind of data needs restoring before beginning scanning – the list of recovered files will then be shown for easy download directly onto their PCs.

Recuva provides you with a quick way to determine whether file recovery is feasible before deciding to download any files. If the file system has been overwritten, Recuva displays this result table entry with a red circle indicating it cannot be recovered and otherwise with green circles showing that recovery should be possible with greater certainty.

Once you have identified the files that need recovering, select them and press Recover. Your recovered files will then be stored to a folder on your computer – however it is advised that a different location be selected so as to not overwrite existing data on that drive or storage device.

Recuva is an outstanding solution for recovering deleted or lost files, both free and premium versions offering advanced features like the ability to repair corrupted files. Recuva’s free version offers excellent efficiency and reliability while its premium counterpart boasts additional capabilities like being portable enough for USB drives without installing on each computer needing scanning – perfect if your data has been deleted, lost due to virus infections, hard drive failure or other reasons. Furthermore, Recuva can even be downloaded as an Android app so it can easily be brought with you wherever needed without installing on each individual machine needing scanning!

Formatted Drive Recovery

Recuva can recover formatted drives and files; however, it cannot fully restore overwritten data; instead it only offers file name recovery and partial folder structure restoration. Furthermore, unmountable disks and those using RAW file systems cannot be scanned; also modern photo and video formats remain undetected due to outdated preview options and constant crashes during our tests.

Recuva provides you with a straightforward method for recovering files: select your target file type and location before the program begins searching for deleted ones. Scanning can usually take less than an hour to finish; once complete, you’ll be presented with a list of recovered items – to view more details for any one file click its respective More Details button.

From here, you can view its name, size and last modification date. Additionally, if it was overwritten by another file, try running a deep scan to recover older versions of it.

Recuva not only supports recovering formatted drives, but can also recover lost and deleted files from other rewritable media such as SD cards, digital cameras and USB flash drives – making it the ideal solution for anyone who has accidentally deleted files or experienced software-related data issues.

This program comes in both freeware and professional versions; with the latter featuring additional features such as being able to recover data from virtual hard drives and support for additional file types. Furthermore, its small footprint makes it run on less powerful hardware without requiring professional services; but please be aware that its knowledge base may not cover all issues adequately.

Recuva is an excellent solution for recovering files from an accidentally formatted drive or partition, while also helping with partition recovery (though its functionality is less comprehensive than tools such as iCare Data Recovery).

Restore Folder Structure

Recuva is one of the premier software tools for recovering files with original structures intact, such as photos, videos, documents and any other important files. The program makes recovery quick and effortless while being safe to download as it doesn’t cause any harm to files or devices and is 100% clean from adware, spyware or any other forms of malware.

Launching the program opens an easy-to-follow wizard that guides you through each step. Select file types you’d like searched or leave that field blank to perform a comprehensive scan of all files on a hard drive, memory card or other device. After scanning is complete, view recoverable files with thumbnail previews as well as full size previews; sort them according to size, date or name for more efficient browsing.

Recuva makes saving recovered files to healthy locations or new folders easy, and gives you options to compress or uncompress them as needed for large data archives. Recuva also displays each recovered file’s size so you can determine its integrity; plus you can even select one and view its content through a hex editor!

Recuva offers another advantage over other recovery programs: its ability to recover RAW files. This feature can be especially valuable to users who have accidentally erased or overwritten their data; other recovery programs cannot typically retrieve such overwritten files – unlike Recuva which typically can.

Recuva is an excellent tool for recovering deleted or lost files that is completely free to use, as well as being an excellent option for people using backups of their data on other storage devices. Unfortunately, however, Recuva doesn’t boast as many features or functionality than some of its competitors; nevertheless it remains popular due to its ease of use and large community support forum for any problems users might experience; additionally premium customer support and virtual drive support can be purchased at a small fee.

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