Red Dead Redemption 2 Audio Compatibility Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 returns to John Marston and his gang of outlaws’ world of outlawry across a vast map filled with verdant plains, cities at the cusp of modernisation, and rustic frontier towns – an experience filled with subtle yet alluring details that invite players into its depths. It’s an alluring world which tempts players into losing themselves within its depths.


Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic, open world western that’s filled with history and character. Set against a backdrop of 1899 America, its inhabitants all strive for survival on its treacherous frontier.

Rockstar’s award-winning series returns 12 years before Red Dead Redemption took place, so players will need a knowledge of its events for full comprehension of this sequel – although none of its main plot threads has been lost as these key scenes from Red Dead Redemption remain relevant in this sequel.

The game begins with Arthur Morgan, an ex-gang member seeking a fresh start on a ranch in the country. But when drawn back into his former life of theft and violence alongside former partners and internal conflict threatens to tear them apart again, it becomes his responsibility to choose where his loyalty lies.

As the game unfolds, players will encounter an array of characters inhabiting Red Dead Redemption 2. These range from lawmen, outlaws, gangsters, family members and mercenaries with distinct personalities and motives to family members with no specific reason for being there at all. Jose Gonzalez’s haunting Far Away provides particularly moving moments when Morgan arrives in Mexico for the first time.

Gunfights and gang attacks provide plenty of action in this game, while impressive hand-to-hand combat makes for engaging gameplay. As seen in the video above, hand-to-hand combat is designed to feel “deep and engaging at all times”. Players have access to an assortment of weapons with unique characteristics such as reload speed and recoil.

Environment is equally impressive, featuring America’s vast wilderness as an unforgettable setting. Mountain trails lead to dense forests; desert stretches spread out ahead of them while rugged livestock towns await exploration by players.


Red Dead Redemption 2 delivers on its promise with an array of unforgettable characters, many returning from its predecessor and reprising roles from that game. Most members from Dutch van der Linde’s Van der Linde Gang make appearances here as well, though there may also be newcomers.

Arthur Morgan is the main protagonist in this game and undergoes considerable growth during its course. At first ruthless, Arthur comes around and adheres to a moral code he stands by – killing without cause is now off limits, often talking down confrontational individuals or intimidating them into not speaking out against him.

Micah Bell is one of the most hated characters in the game for good reason. He often resorts to violence first and foremost, creating serious rifts within Van der Linde Gang. His involvement in the failed Blackwater ferry robbery stands as an indicator of this fact; furthermore, his ability to pressure Dutch into supporting riskier ideas often causes tensions between him and Dutch.

Pearson, the gang’s chef, is another key character. Although often quiet and reserved, he can get things done when it comes to robbing and killing. Furthermore, his skill as a con artist makes him an indispensable member of their gang; one of few who stays until things really start going downhill for him.

Alex McKenna voices Pearson; her longstanding acting resume includes roles on Gray’s Anatomy and Bear With Us as well as modeling experience allowing for additional believability in her performance. Meeya Davis plays Tilly who also boasts a similar acting experience from television and film roles.


Rockstar’s blockbuster western RDR2 made its way onto PC less than one year after first hitting consoles, but was initially plagued with performance issues and poor optimization on even powerful GPUs. Through experimentation, however, RDR2 can run as smoothly as possible on any PC system.

This game runs on a modified version of Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE). Therefore, its graphic settings and requirements can be quite demanding; however, with appropriate hardware and tweaks you can make your game look even better than ever!

RDR2 boasts a comprehensive graphics menu that you can access prior to launching the game or at any point during gameplay, either pausing and navigating there in-game or before starting it up again. There’s plenty to explore here including options for changing resolution (including widescreen and ultrawide options) as well as settings like framerate cap and refresh rate settings.

As with other modern open-world games, RDR2 supports multiple resolutions and display modes, as well as controlling various graphic settings in-game – lighting, shadows and textures can all be adjusted independently of HDR support – plus there is the option to remap controls; especially helpful if players struggle with Arthur Morgan’s lock-on aim.

Unfortunately, getting the game running at 60 frames per second (fps) can be quite a struggle. Even with all the highest settings on a high-end gaming desktop computer, it’s not unusual for below 30 fps in certain parts of the world; even setting graphics quality settings to low doesn’t always help!

To maximize performance, it is recommended that the graphics preferences be set to “Favour Performance”. This should provide a smooth experience without compromising too much visual fidelity.

From there, you can modify the pixel density to lower or raise your game’s resolution as necessary. Furthermore, texture quality settings can be adjusted between low, medium, or high to change how detailed objects and surfaces are in the world – medium being an optimal balance of visuals vs performance. Finally, unlocked volumetric raymarch resolution adds eye-catching sky detail for added visual impact.


Red Dead Redemption 2 offers more than an engaging plot and captivating characters; its audio experience is equally stunning. By using surround sound headphones, players can fully immerse themselves into its wild west world. However, before experiencing its auditory bliss fully there are a few things to keep in mind before trying this technique for themselves; this guide will examine compatibility issues, in-game settings and any other factors which might impede or enhance this audio-visual nirvana.

If you’re expecting the action-packed excitement of Grand Theft Auto, RDR2 may leave you perplexed. Though there are thrilling shootouts and train robberies here and there, they are more often the exception than not; RDR2 is mostly an immersive historical drama set against an expansive wilderness setting.

Because of this, the soundtrack and vocal tracks play a larger role than usual in Rockstar games. Composer Woody Jackson returned to write the game’s original score, working alongside artists such as Colin Stetson, Senyawa, David Ferguson and Matt Sweeney; record producer Daniel Lanois produced vocal tracks featuring artists like D’Angelo, Rocco DeLuca Rhiannon Giddens and Josh Homme collaborating together on vocal performances.

The result of our collaboration was an extraordinarily moving and unforgettable experience, from its minimalist yet powerful score, perfectly matching gameplay, genre and time; to powerful vocal tracks which deliver emotional power – as evidenced by popular cover versions spawned from several songs within this game’s soundtrack.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an astounding success in nearly every way, proving itself worthy as the successor to Grand Theft Auto series, while at the same time offering thought-provoking commentary about our pursuit of success and human perfection, as well as offering unflinching criticism of modern culture while celebrating technical virtuosity that eventually gives way to its own decay.

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