Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player is an Android emulator that combines mobile software and desktop elements, allowing users to run multiple apps at the same time in different resizable windows.

Jide has developed an emulator based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow that features support for Google Play.

Remix OS is similar to other Android emulators such as BlueStacks and MEmu; however, it features better mouse support and multi-window support.

Gamepad & Joystick Support

Remix OS Player, an Android emulator for Windows, allows users to enjoy their favorite games on their computers using Android Marshmallow operating system and Studio technology to provide users with a full Android experience without needing mobile devices. Furthermore, this emulator comes equipped with a key mapping feature which syncs touch screen controls with keyboard and mouse input for smooth gameplay experience.

Its versatility makes this software an ideal solution for gamers looking to customize their gaming experience, while game developers can use the platform as a testing ground before releasing their work to the public.

This program boasts an easy installation process and intuitive interface, designed to emulate desktop OS environments complete with taskbar, notification panel and primary window toolbar allowing multiple apps to run separately in separate resizable windows. Furthermore, its compatibility extends across most games available on Google Play Store makes this software the perfect way to emulate experiences that would normally only be accessible on an emulator such as Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Remix OS Player stands out among several Android emulators for Windows by offering high-quality graphics, an integrated Google Play store and support for gaming controllers. Other notable features include automatic input mode detection, customizable toolbar and multi-window support.

Remix OS does have some downsides; for instance, it doesn’t support all popular gaming controllers and can have deadzone issues; for example, Logitech F310 controllers feature an inbuilt 20% analog stick deadzone which affects your movements when used heavily for analog stick movements – this won’t be an issue with most titles, but could prove frustrating with titles that use significant analog stick movements.

Customizable Keyboard Mapping

Remix OS Player is a software application for Windows PCs that enables users to run Android apps and games directly on desktop computers, using Android Studio technology for enhanced performance. Based on Android Marshmallow OS, Remix OS Player’s design emulates that of desktop OSs such as OSX with start menu, taskbar, notifications panel, multi-window support allowing multiple applications to run at the same time.

This emulator supports most Android applications and games, including popular mobile titles like Pokemon GO, Vainglory, and Clash Royale. Its gaming toolkit offers essential mapping tools that let gamers synchronize touch screen controls with keyboard and mouse input – giving players access to unlimited button mapping for each game without losing settings!

Remix OS Player not only offers gaming capabilities, but it also allows users to customize the Android desktop experience. Users can resize windows and run stacks of different applications within different resizable windows to maximize productivity. Furthermore, this app also supports generic PC-compatible HID class devices like joysticks for easy mobile game control with keyboards or other controllers.

Virtualization technology enables users to run Android on PC without needing to replace existing operating systems with it, without needing to use virtualization themselves. Unfortunately, this feature only works on PCs equipped with Intel processors that support Intel Virtualization Technology (VT). To activate it, users should access their BIOS/UEFI settings and locate “Virtualize CPU”, setting it as “Enabled”.

Remix OS Player stands out as being especially user-friendly because it doesn’t require a separate partition for Android to operate; rather, it runs directly off Windows OS so users can easily switch between Android and Windows programs at will – such as messaging apps, games, or email check. Remix OS Player makes multitasking seamless! Users can be using Remix OS Player while doing anything they wish – from watching YouTube videos and chatting in messaging apps all at the same time to checking emails simultaneously!

Remix OS Player can be downloaded for free from its official website and requires an Intel-based processor and at least 8GB of storage space to install properly. Once done, simply open up the EXE file and follow on-screen instructions until complete – once finished you can launch Remix OS Player from either your Windows start menu or desktop shortcut!


Remix OS is an Android emulator designed by Jide Technology that recreates the full experience of Android Marshmallow for PC users. It combines PC features like resizable windows and taskbar interface with Android desktop environments for an optimal experience on Windows 7 or later operating systems; to run smoothly it requires an Intel processor with 4GB RAM memory.

Remix OS Player is easy and straightforward to use, beginning by downloading it from its official website and installing it automatically. After doing so, the first-run routine will prompt you to choose a language and configure settings; English and two dialects of Chinese are options here. Once this setup process has completed, click the Start button to launch Remix OS Player for the first time!

Once inside an operating system, you’ll be presented with a screen showing a series of white text that serves to help familiarize you with its new surroundings. Once this step has been taken care of, you can explore further and download preinstalled apps such as Pokemon GO, WhatsApp, Telegram or Subway Surfers from the App Store.

Remix OS offers an impressive gaming toolkit, making it the ideal choice for serious gamers. It supports gamepads and joysticks as well as generic PC HID class devices like mice and keyboards; additionally, its key-rebinding functionality gives competitive gamers more control of their characters for increased competitive play.

This app also offers a chat client, making multitasking while gaming more manageable and enjoyable. By communicating with teammates during gameplay, this feature makes the gaming experience all the more engaging.

Remix OS is an innovative piece of software that can significantly enhance our mobile device use. It boasts numerous useful functions that will make using it simpler, making your smartphone even more productive, especially for users who spend extended amounts of time working on computers.


Remix OS Player makes use of your PC’s hardware to replicate an Android experience that comes close to its actual counterpart. Thanks to virtualization, Remix OS Player operates within its own sandbox on your computer – meaning you can run programs simultaneously on both operating systems without needing to switch between them.

Remix OS 2.0 is built upon Android Marshmallow, making it much more up-to-date than other emulators that rely on older versions of the mobile platform. Furthermore, Remix OS offers an in-app customizable keyboard mapping tool so you can play touch control scheme games more efficiently using mouse or keyboard input.

This free-to-use program can be easily downloaded and installed in minutes. Once it is set up, Android apps will run seamlessly on your Windows PC – but first virtualization must be enabled by turning on Intel VT (Virtualization Technology) within your BIOS or UEFI settings.

Remix OS will automatically detect your CPU and GPU settings and adjust itself accordingly for optimal performance when running Android on PC. Furthermore, you can modify graphics options within Remix OS settings menu to further improve visuals.

Remix OS Player will open with a sequence of white-text phrases across a black screen before initiating its setup process. After answering some simple prompts, Remix OS Player will present a desktop with taskbar at the bottom and menu bar on its left side.

Remix OS is an effective way to experience Android games and apps on your desktop computer. Set-up is quick and effortless; performance is great–allowing you to enjoy playing your favorite Android titles using either mouse or keyboard controls. Plus, its built-in Google Play store makes downloading new titles simple! Unfortunately, however, Remix OS may not run on all systems due to its relatively high system requirements.

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