Remix OS Player – An Android Emulator For PC

Remix OS Player is an Android emulator for PC that offers a more traditional desktop experience while being quite powerful, featuring significant compatibility with both games and applications from Android OS.

Jide has made gaming optimization its top priority with this software, offering gamers keyboard mapping tools to make touch-based games more playable for mouse and keyboard users.


Remix OS creators have taken steps to make its accessibility even simpler for users. Their team has developed software which will allow people to run Android Marshmallow version on their computer in an application that runs as a window within Windows; making this version much more compatible with desktop computers than its predecessors.

The program will give users a desktop that resembles Windows in many respects, featuring a taskbar at the bottom of their screen with icons for apps, files, settings and other crucial functions. Users will be able to right click to access context menus and use keyboard shortcuts common among Android applications – as well as resize windows according to individual preference.

One of the key features of this software is allowing users to access all Android apps available on Google Play, such as popular games such as Clash Royale, Pokemon Go and Vainglory. Furthermore, dedicated gamers will appreciate its key mapping tool which makes playing touch screen Android games more easily on keyboard and mouse control systems.

Remix OS will offer access to the newest Android games while being compatible with an array of popular messaging, social media and productivity applications – such as messaging services like WhatsApp or social networks such as Facebook – making switching between playing games and checking email or managing work projects easily without losing performance. It also supports hardware acceleration which provides gamers with optimal gaming experiences by providing them with higher frame rates with the same quality graphics of mobile devices.


Remix OS differs from traditional Android emulators in that it runs as a window within your existing Windows OS, making it simple and hassle-free to run apps and games on older machines as well as providing additional features to support newer hardware. Its lightweight design enables even older machines to benefit while providing advanced users with plenty of options to customize Remix OS to their own specific hardware needs.

Remix OS Player by Jide Technology takes the concept of Android as a whole and uses it to develop an operating system for computer hardware instead of mobile devices. It does so by offering a virtual environment based on Marshmallow (6.0) with full access to Google Play Store; users still have the ability to download apps and games as usual and use keyboard mapping tools that simulate gestures that would normally be performed using touch screens by instead typing out gestures on keyboard.

Remix OS Player was specifically created as a gaming tool and includes features specifically tailored for that use, such as its multi-window capability and built-in multitasking system that enable users to switch applications quickly. Gamers will find this system particularly helpful since they can instantly switch back out of a game to access email, calendar, or music player without booting into different operating systems.

Although no longer receiving updates, this program remains a popular choice among gamers. However, note that it can only be run on computers equipped with 64-bit processors and at least 4GB RAM; lower end hardware could lead to issues when trying out this software.

The free version of Virtualization Technology software is compatible with Windows 7 and later, requiring an Intel Core i3 CPU or equivalent, 4GB of system memory and 8GB of storage space to run smoothly. Furthermore, its proper functioning requires that Virtualization Technology feature be activated within BIOS settings.


Remix OS is an advanced Android emulator designed for use on PCs. Based on Android Marshmallow and using Google Studio technology for mouse support and multi-window support. Furthermore, Remix OS features support for Android game controllers as well as keyboard shortcuts to help users control their favorite games with both mouse and keyboard controls.

Installing Remix OS Player on your computer requires an external USB drive with at least 8 GB of space and requires minimal technical expertise. Once you have this equipment in hand, simply follow the installation guide instructions to complete this simple process and enjoy dual booting both OSes.

Remix OS provides you with a desktop that resembles that of a typical Windows PC, complete with a taskbar across the bottom of the screen, providing standard Windows functionality like system tray, Start menu and clock. Furthermore, multiple applications can be opened simultaneously in resizable windows that can be maximized or minimized as desired.

Remix OS installer tool comes as a 687MB executable file which unloads its tightly-packed contents onto your PC system in folder form. When prompted to select an installation location (C: drive or other unoccupied partition), users are given an opportunity to make their selection.

Once the tool has completed installing Remix OS on your PC system, it will create a folder containing both its emulator and supporting files – labeled “RemixOS” – in its place where your primary Windows folder was. If you installed both operating systems to one drive at once using BIOS settings for dual booting configuration.

Although Remix OS includes many popular applications, you will need to sideload Google Mobile Services if you wish to access its suite of products such as Gmail or Chrome as the developer does not currently have permission from Google to include this mobile service with Remix OS.


Remix OS Player takes an Android-based operating system found on some tablets and mini-desktops and transforms it into a full desktop version that runs on PC hardware. It features familiar elements of traditional Windows systems, including taskbar and start menu; plus users can run multiple Android applications in resizable windows simultaneously.

As well as featuring features more often associated with PC software than Android devices, such as copy and paste keyboard shortcut support and right-click mouse functionality, MultiWindow makes using apps meant for touchscreens easier with mouse, keyboard and multiwindow capability allowing quick switching between different tasks.

Remix OS Player was designed with gaming in mind and includes a key mapping feature to allow gamers to synchronize touch screen controls to mouse and keyboard inputs for easy gameplay on larger screens; additionally, PC power allows them to experience superior performance thanks to this functionality.

Remix OS can be downloaded free of charge for computers running Windows 7 or later, and requires an Intel processor with 4GB RAM to operate effectively, with at least 8GB of storage available on your device.

Remix OS Player offers an excellent alternative to traditional PC operating systems and mobile phones, being highly compatible with a vast array of Android apps while still delivering speed and responsive performance. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface facilitates seamless transitioning between Android and Windows environments.

Remix OS is also ideal for turning older laptops that have been sitting idle into useful machines thanks to Android apps available from the Google Play store. Though its development has ceased, Remix OS remains an effective choice for anyone wanting to maximize the potential of their PC.

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