Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player is an emulator designed to run Android Marshmallow on a Windows PC, taking advantage of your CPU and RAM resources to simulate desktop-like environments.

The primary window resembles the Windows taskbar in that it contains quick links to settings, bin and file manager – as well as an Android-inspired Start menu.


Remix OS Player is an Android emulator which enables gamers who prefer using mouse and keyboard to run Android games and apps directly on Windows desktop without booting up into another operating system.

While not as fast or stable as dedicated Android gaming devices, virtual Android gaming gives you a taste of everything mobile devices have to offer in a desktop environment. It is an excellent way to try out games before purchasing or create apps without needing real phones as test beds.

First and foremost, you’ll notice how intuitive this software is. The interface features all the essential components of modern PCs – taskbar and Start menu included. In fact, any user who’s familiar with desktop OS will feel immediately at ease using this product.

Another fantastic feature is multi-window functionality. This allows users to simultaneously open multiple Android applications within the same window – perfect for people working on multiple projects simultaneously or needing to stay in contact with loved ones and friends. In addition, it comes equipped with a file manager which makes transferring files between applications simple.

Remix OS Player makes accessing and installing Google Play easy, making it compatible with most Android apps and games. This can be particularly beneficial to gamers looking to back out of games to check email or calendar entries while still continuing playing; similarly it could help people who wish to participate in multiplayer games such as PUBG or Clash of Clans with friends.

Remix OS Player no longer receives updates from Jide Technology, meaning its compatibility may be limited when it comes to Android games and apps that come out, although it does provide a very smooth gaming experience with features such as key mapping enabling PC users to play Android games that require touch controls more easily.


Remix OS Player from Jide Technology is an Android emulator designed to run apps directly on PCs, using Marshmallow (others are based on Lollipop or KitKat). Unlike similar programs, Remix OS Player makes itself unique by providing its operating system as a window in desktop PCs.

The program features gaming optimizations designed to maximize Android games on Windows machines. For instance, it enables multiple game windows at the same time so that you can multitask while enjoying playing your games – perfect for multitasking and chatting while gaming! While designed for various hardware systems such as Intel processors with at least 4GB memory for optimal results.

If your PC meets these specifications, installing Android is an effortless experience that should only take minutes to complete. Once completed, you’re free to explore its vast world without needing to load an operating system and risk further damage to your PC.

Jide software can be downloaded freely, however donations to aid its further development are accepted for further support of users. Furthermore, they have established a YouTube channel as additional assistance.

Remix OS is a lightweight operating system that lets Android devices behave as though they were part of your desktop environment. While Remix OS may have some minor shortcomings, these can easily be overcome through practice and are likely only minor.

Remix OS gives you access to popular Android apps on your Windows computer, including games like Clash Royale and Pokemon Go. Since Remix OS is built around Marshmallow, you’ll enjoy all of its latest features. Plus, switching between your Android app and desktop PC easily makes reading emails, checking calendar events or listening to music while gaming an effortless process.


Remix OS Player by Jide Technology offers an Android emulator designed to run on nearly all PCs, supporting mouse and keyboard input for Android apps and games on desktop computers. Multi-window support and taskbar help make Remix OS Player a more comfortable way of using productivity applications and gaming software alike.

Remix OS is an Android Marshmallow operating system based on Jide’s tool for changing control schemes to work more easily with mouse and keyboard input, including access to Google Play Store. Remix OS offers numerous customization features like keyboard mapping and screen resolution settings for easy gaming experience, along with access to Google Play Store. Furthermore, Remix OS includes access to keyboard mapping. Customizability options also include keyboard mapping and screen resolution settings – perfect for optimizing gaming! It includes Google Play Store access as well as keyboard mapping. Remix OS is optimized specifically designed for gaming experiences, optimized specifically designed by Jide for optimized gaming experience with keyboard mapping keyboard mapping feature. Customizability options including keyboard mapping and screen resolution settings – designed by Jide who has even made available a tool which lets gamers adjust control schemes in Android games in order to work better with mouse/keyboard combination!

Remix OS can be installed on systems with at least an Intel Core i3 processor and 4GB of memory, although faster CPUs and more memory will improve performance. Installation takes some time; once complete, however, Remix OS can be launched from desktop shortcut or Start menu shortcuts.

Jide offers a USB flash drive containing Remix OS image. In order to install it on your computer, it is necessary to first identify whether your BIOS boot mode is UEFI or Legacy before downloading the appropriate Remix OS file from either here or here based on BIOS type, then follow instructions displayed on-screen.

Remix OS installer is a small program that will create a bootable USB. To use it, all that’s necessary is having access to a computer with a USB 3.0 port and downloading either of the USB tools from here (based on BIOS mode). Once started, this installation tool will prompt for the path of Remix OS ISO file on your system before creating bootable USB that can then be used on other PCs – however it will take roughly 15 minutes until completion if you want full version of Remix OS!


Remix OS Player is the ideal way to enjoy Android games on PC or just preview devices without buying them, offering powerful emulator capabilities that enable you to run any Android-compatible app – even those that require mouse and keyboard use – on your computer, including those requiring use of mouse and keyboard. Furthermore, Remix OS Player enables simultaneous multitasking gaming sessions through its windowed multitasking environment that’s optimized specifically for gaming purposes.

Remix OS stands out among its competition as one of the best emulators for simulating Android on a desktop, featuring Windows-style taskbar and notifications systems, plus compatibility with 32 and 64 bit computers. Furthermore, Remix OS comes equipped with useful apps such as file browser and photo editor – offering users an optimal Android desktop experience.

Remix OS offers another advantage by employing Android Marshmallow, the more recent version of mobile operating systems available through emulators. Furthermore, access to Google Play Store makes finding and downloading applications much simpler; some may not be suitable for family use as they may contain ads or questionable material.

Remix OS is an excellent option for people looking to transform old computers into entertainment centers or productivity machines, running most popular Android apps and providing a superior experience compared to traditional Linux operating systems like Ubuntu or other variations. But keep in mind that Remix OS should not be seen as an alternative solution; its main purpose remains entertainment or productivity.

Remix OS can provide an alternative to official Android versions that may be difficult to install on PCs with outdated hardware, and is much friendlier for new users than typical linux operating systems, which may be intimidating. Furthermore, Remix OS offers many games and productivity apps designed specifically for older PCs; though be wary that some apps may contain advertisements or potentially inappropriate material not approved by Google.

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