Restorer Ultimate Review

Restorer Ultimate

Restorer Ultimate is an advanced data recovery software with features such as disk imaging, file preview and text/hexadecimal editor. Furthermore, this platform offers support for various databases.

This next-generation data recovery toolset was created from industry-leading technology used by professionals, making it more accessible for do-it-yourselfers. Offering superior recovery performance, and boasting an easy wizard interface, this cutting-edge data recovery package offers excellent recovery results with minimal user input required.


Restorer Ultimate is an advanced data recovery software that quickly and effortlessly recovers lost files, folders and partitions. It supports all file types including videos, photos, audio, documents and archives – as well as repair corrupted ones back into their original formats. Furthermore, Restorer Ultimate features various scanning options to make sure that every piece of information can be recovered; restore single files or an entire hard drive at your convenience!

Recovery software from various storage devices such as hard drives (IDE, SATA and SCSI) as well as external ZIP/USB drives can be used to recover files from damaged partitions or issues on disk drives such as FAT16/FAT32/exFAT and Linux Ext2/Ext3/4FS file systems. Also supports FAT16/FAT32/exFAT, NTFS5 (Windows), Ext2/Ext3/Ext4FSFS(Linux). It supports various file systems (FAT16/FAT32/exFAT32/exFAT32/exFAT32/exFAT file systems as well as recovering files from damaged partitions or issues on drives containing SmartMedia cards or MemoryStick cards containing SmartMedia cards or MemoryStick cards) on which data loss has taken place – to recover from them all kinds of storage devices! It supports FAT16/FAT16/FAT32/exFAT32/exFAT5 (Windows), Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 FS (Linux). Also recover files from damaged/formatted partitions as well as recovering other issues on disk issues related to damage/formatted partitions/disk issues that need repair/Disk issues!

This tool provides an easy, wizard-style setup process for data recovery with just a few clicks, along with an in-built help manual and filter results by file type for easier file searching. Plus, its compatibility with both 32 bit Windows platforms and making use of maximum RAM utilization.

The PRO version of the software offers some advanced features, including the capability of recovering files from both hardware and software RAIDs. It also has an additional file recovery algorithm which uses byte patterns to identify file signatures for improved chances of recovering deleted or lost files, creating disk image files to facilitate data recovery in case of emergency situations.

Trial versions of software can be easily downloaded from its manufacturer’s website; however, please keep in mind that these trials only last a short period. If you need to recover data from a computer that has become corrupted, pay for the full version instead and use only trusted download sites so as to prevent malware infections such as keygens that could harm or steal personal information from your PC.


Restorer Ultimate is an innovative recovery toolset built on the award-winning data recovery technology pioneered by Restorer2000, featuring advanced features for professionals while offering usability enhancements for novice users. As a result, Restorer Ultimate delivers powerful yet reliable recovery from all types of data loss situations for both experts and novice users alike.

Supports reconstruction on standard and spanned RAID levels (0, 1, 10, 5, 6). RAID parity delays such as missing/delayed parity are recovered. Compatible with Linux Logical Volume Managers (LVM and LVM2) as well as mdadm RAIDs.

Reduce time and costs with non-invasive remote data recovery. Do away with travel expenses and the shipping fees to repair PCs in the field with this convenient technology that enables data retrieval from remote computers; software booting and file recovery over networks without physical hard drive removal is especially useful when dealing with unbootable systems, laptops or desktops.


Restorer Ultimate’s development team is committed to creating reliable and high-performing software. By regularly adding features based on user feedback and refining its performance based on these enhancements, Restorer Ultimate remains both powerful and user-friendly – you can access it from any external device such as a USB or floppy drive.

This program can recover data from various storage media, such as hard drives and partitions of both NTFS and FAT formats, damaged hard drives and disks formatted or corrupted with software errors, deleted files and folders deleted by mistake or even lost files from external devices like floppy drives, ZIP or USB drives or smart cards.

While the software offers plenty of capabilities, its interface may be difficult for newcomers to navigate. Furthermore, finding lost files may take longer than anticipated and no preview feature exists for ease of viewing found files.

Restorer Ultimate stands out as a fantastic solution, because of its ability to access unbootable hard drives even after your operating system has crashed and become inaccessible, helping recover all your important files and videos from devices like DSLR cameras and drones.

Restorer Ultimate can also recover files even after they’ve been formatted, which can come in particularly handy if files were accidentally deleted or the file structure altered, as it restores security attributes of NTFS files and manages bad sectors. In addition, its password-recovery functionality provides invaluable protection from unintended users while simultaneously saving time and effort by automatically creating backups of databases like SQL servers or enterprise databases – plus saving users from manually entering all their settings after reboots!


Restorer Ultimate offers all of the capabilities of an effective data recovery suite while being user-friendly and straightforward. It features RAW file search with customizable file signatures, disk imaging module and RAID reconstruction capability that enable you to recover deleted or damaged files from hard drives and external devices quickly and reliably. Furthermore, its file preview feature enables you to see recovered files before restoring them – making this tool an easy choice for DIY data recovery solutions.

This software can recover deleted or lost files from Recycle Bins on Windows, Macs and Linux/Unix systems, with support for text/hexadecimal editors as well as RAID recovery wizards that allow for rapid restoration of hard drives in less than an hour. With its advanced disk scanning technology capable of recovering over one hundred file formats on both hard and logical drives. Furthermore, its powerful search engine enables filtering files by name, size, modification date or any other attribute, plus can recover them even from corrupted or formatted drives!

Database Recovery capabilities are one of the key selling points of this product, especially for businesses that rely heavily on databases. Compatible with numerous database platforms – Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle are among them – this product also repairs damaged tables, views and indexes while providing disk imaging features – making it an attractive option for organizations requiring extensive data protection.

Another key benefit of this software is its ability to perform file recovery on remote computers over the internet, making life easier for technicians working with clients remotely. The Remote Engine can traverse NAT/Firewalls to connect to remote machines and search them for missing files; saving any necessary files to an external device connected to that PC and thus reducing network bandwidth usage.

As well as supporting spanned volumes (which can be created by splitting an image file into several smaller files), it can help reduce storage space while guaranteeing data is always accessible for recovery. Furthermore, this feature can recover files deleted from both Recycle Bins and network drives.

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