Revo Uninstaller Pro Review

Revo Uninstaller Pro

Revo Uninstaller Pro is one of the most advanced software uninstallers available today, featuring multiple layers of security to reduce risks associated with program removal.

System Monitor tracks an app’s installation in real-time and tracks any changes it makes to your system, creating a trace log for easy removal of unwanted software.

Real-Time Installation Monitor

Revo Uninstaller Pro may be an ideal replacement to Windows’ standard uninstaller, providing users with advanced features to efficiently uninstall programs without leaving behind files that can slow down computers or be left behind by other uninstallation methods. Furthermore, this program can clean up temporary files and manage system restore points as well as track any extra installations made by software installers that were left behind during uninstallation processes.

Revo Uninstaller Pro features an innovative real-time installation monitor that tracks changes made during program installation and then reverses them, uninstalling as though never installed. This unique capability is not found elsewhere and one reason Revo Uninstaller Pro can uninstall programs more completely than other uninstallers such as Comodo Programs Manager or IObit Uninstaller.

Revo Uninstaller Pro stands out with its multi-layer backup system, creating full registry backups whenever a program is uninstalled, making it possible to reverse any changes caused by its removal process. Furthermore, Revo has a Hunter mode that helps identify and uninstall unknown programs.

This tool can be an extremely helpful way of detecting potentially malicious software, as it identifies and eliminates many programs known to create system issues. Furthermore, it offers valuable protection by backing up files before rebooting your system completely.

This program comes in both standard, installable and portable USB versions; its portable edition allowing uninstallation on any computer without the need to install the program is ideal for people who frequently switch computers. Customizable user interface features include color scheme and layout customization as well as toolbar and keyboard shortcut customizations. Furthermore, users may set their database update frequency and perform forced uninstalls – something particularly helpful in case of partial, corrupted or outdated installations.

Logs Database

Revo Uninstaller Pro features many useful capabilities designed to make it a powerful and efficient uninstallation tool. For example, it runs the built-in uninstaller of programs before searching for leftover files and registry entries missed by their built-in uninstallers, helping ensure a program has been completely removed without leaving behind files that could affect system performance or cause conflicts with other applications.

Revo Uninstaller Pro includes a Logs Database module to assist users in managing the application’s trace logs, which allows you to easily view log contents and export as either text file or HTML document. Furthermore, additional management options exist such as editing, renaming or deleting an individual trace file as well as sharing or even transferring between computers.

Ashampoo Uninstaller Pro stands out as an ideal choice for enterprises that require mass software installation/uninstallation processes. Furthermore, its comprehensive monitoring and uninstallation features make it stand out among competing products, such as Iobit Uninstaller.

Revo Uninstaller Pro can be purchased as a subscription, at $30 annually or $45 biennially. Multiple payment options such as PayPal, credit/debit cards, Skrill, Neteller and wire transfers are accepted by this vendor; additionally a 60-day money-back guarantee applies on all purchases and there is a dedicated website with FAQ pages, support center resources and video tutorials for users to try prior to committing their license purchase. In case they need assistance they can reach customer service by email.

Hunter Mode

If you need to uninstall an unknown program (or at least disable its automatic start-up on Windows) but can’t seem to locate it anywhere, Revo Uninstaller Pro’s Hunter Mode feature may help. When enabled, Revo Uninstaller Pro reduces its main window while showing a transparent target icon in either its system tray or Desktop area – simply drag this icon over any window or icon related to the target program to display various options:

Revo Uninstaller Pro offers various options depending on which scan intensity level is selected in the Options dialog box: Safe, Moderate or Advanced. As your scanning level increases, more time will be taken by Revo Uninstaller Pro to locate and list any lingering Registry items, files or folders on your computer.

Revo Uninstaller Pro’s built-in uninstaller will launch after scanning, prompting you to confirm removal of all items detected by it. If it does not remove them all successfully or is absent altogether, Traced Uninstall and Quick Uninstall can help manually remove any leftover entries or file remnants that remain.

Revo Uninstaller Pro’s Hunter Mode button reduces its main window to the system tray and displays a target icon (by default in the upper right part of your screen). Just drag this Hunter mode icon over any program’s window or icon on Desktop/Tray and you will discover various options such as uninstall, restore, etc.

Some of these features include deleting all logs, backups and uninstallation logs as well as tracking uninstalls and forcing uninstallations with Autorun Manager. Revo Uninstaller Pro’s Portable version does not store any information in Windows Registry so it can be used directly off of a USB drive without leaving any traces behind on your computer – plus multi-language support! You can purchase an annual or two year license that covers both standard and portable versions – should your copy need updating, simply purchase a new Serial number that applies it directly onto your copy for updates of Revo Uninstaller Pro!

Quick Uninstall

Revo Uninstaller Pro’s Quick Uninstall feature enables easy, one-click program uninstallations while its file-cleaning functions can help free up space on your hard drive. Plus, its customizable program list and backup functions make for great program management features! Furthermore, both freeware and paid professional versions are available – the latter offering advanced features such as real-time monitoring, forced uninstallation and more!

Revo Uninstaller Pro’s Real-Time Installation Monitor monitors changes that occur to your system during program installations, recording them into a trace log that can later be used to remove that program from your PC completely. This function can be especially helpful when dealing with older programs that do not offer official uninstallation tools.

Revo Uninstaller makes uninstalling programs simple with its built-in uninstaller and scans your PC for any remaining files and registry entries associated with that particular app. Furthermore, Revo provides you with options to search all or specific folders as part of this process.

After running a scan, Revo Uninstaller will display a list of files and folders associated with each program you are trying to uninstall. Simply select those items you would like deleted before selecting “uninstall.” Additionally, Revo Uninstaller allows for export of your program list in several formats including TXT, HTML or even an Excel spreadsheet format XLS (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet).

Hunter Mode can be an extremely handy feature of Revo, enabling you to quickly target programs by dragging their desktop or system tray icons onto its floating window. This functionality is particularly beneficial when needing to uninstall programs that load automatically at startup or are running in the system tray.

Revo Uninstaller Pro is an ideal choice for computer users seeking to keep their systems clean and optimized. The program features powerful tools, including an effective leftover scanner that identifies and deletes elements left by traditional uninstallers; plus it includes options to customize user interface settings as well as scanning settings.

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