RJ TextEd

RJ TextEd is a full-featured programming and text editor with code auto-completion, syntax highlighting, file management features and FTP client functions for PHP, ASP, JavaScript and HTML files – available as freeware!

Other bells and whistles of NotePad++ include advanced column mode, code folding and the ability to save and reuse code snippets. Furthermore, this product supports multiple languages including Unicode as well as offering many professional tools.


RJ TextEd is an innovative code editor with many useful features for users, often outshone commercial editors by its free edition on Windows. Highly customizable and suitable for programming languages like C++, C#, Java and JavaScript markup formats like HTML/XML as well as simple text files it also features file management tools and can even synchronize folders between FTP servers and itself!

This software features a tab system and supports simultaneous work on multiple files at the same time, providing syntax highlighting, advanced column mode, text folding and code pages conversion among others. Furthermore, it even handles text with no BOMs present and offers support for characters outside the ASCII set.

Users can also make use of RJ TextEd’s built-in spell check feature, which supports all supported languages, to detect spelling or typo errors more quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, users can save and reuse code snippets in RJ TextEd – saving time and effort when editing large amounts of similar lines of code.

This text editor features the ability to preview files in web browsers like Edge and Chrome as well as file managers like File Commander. Furthermore, it can record macros as well as perform many other tasks – including listing recent file changes, project status displays and managing multiple versions of files.

Wine makes this program available on both Windows and Linux, offering users a versatile environment to run it freely if it proves helpful for you. As it can also create user language and syntax files for further integration with applications and services such as Git, SSH and FTP clients. It comes as freeware for personal or commercial use with support for portable disk use or running from live CD/DVD playback; an author donations are appreciated if it proves valuable for you.

File management

RJ TextEd is an advanced text and source code editor designed for programmers and web designers, offering advanced functionality across a wide array of languages and file types (XML, CSS and HTML files) which supports multiple programming languages and syntaxes. FTP/SFTP servers support is also provided to synchronize local folders with remote servers while editing directly through browser; users can even use its built-in file commander to manage project files and folders with ease; further plugins and extensions further extend its capabilities.

RJ TextEd offers powerful editing tools with an accessible user-interface. It was designed to accommodate several windows at once and handle a vast amount of editing work at once; cut, paste and delete commands can be executed concurrently without slowing down; plus regular expression recognition/execution can provide powerful search/replace capabilities.

Advanced features of FileWarrior’s file management include the ability to change file attributes, zip archives and folder structure. Furthermore, shortcuts exist for operations like copy, move and paste; its color scheme can also be customized according to each project, while users can customize its layout according to their requirements.

This software is compatible with most major programming languages, making its syntax-highlighting functionality an easy way to read and comprehend complex code. Furthermore, the tool offers other handy functions like auto-completion and code folding for added efficiency.

RJ TextEd is free and compatible with most Windows systems, from Windows 8 and 10 right up to the latest. With its dual-pane file manager, HTML editor, Topstyle Lite CSS editor and (S)FTP client it provides an effective alternative to Notepad; also featuring search features, multiple clipboards and drag-and-drop support; adding language servers allows it to take advantage of scripting languages for additional features; plus being portable it’s easily transportable between computers!

Unicode support

RJ TextEd is a Unicode-supported code editor featuring syntax highlighting, advanced column mode and text folding capabilities. Suitable for editing a variety of source files and programming languages (HTML, CSS and PHP among them), it also supports ASCII and binary formats – not forgetting its convenient dual pane file commander, full FTP client client functionality as well as built-in spell checker!

RJ TextEd offers users an alternative to text editors that require separate programs for different tasks: they can work simultaneously on multiple documents using various editing tools simultaneously. Furthermore, RJ TextEd can highlight specific programming languages, record macros for them and activate spell checking of these languages; furthermore it displays file encoding messages in its status bar and automatically convert text according to selected encoding formats.

The application supports various programming languages, including ASP, CSS, JavaScript, Perl and PHP. You can download it directly from its developer’s website for both Windows and Linux users; its user-friendly interface supports multi-monitor DPI awareness while being customizable according to user preference.

RJ TextEd offers an impressive variety of extensions and plugins designed to make the editor even more useful and can be installed from within its application. They are frequently updated with new functionality or bug fixes. Some extensions can even be downloaded directly from third-party websites; other are included within your download.

Most text editors only support ANSI file formats; this freeware program adds support for Unicode files as well. However, users must remember to save Unicode files with an UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoding to preserve their correct formatting; alternatively, the software can automatically detect this encoding and save accordingly.

RJ TextEd can be used both standalone and as an add-on program for other text editors, providing seamless integration and offering lightweight IDE alternatives such as support for HTML/CSS markup, dual pane file manager access and FTP client capability – as well as being capable of synchronizing local/remote files simultaneously, changing permissions/attributes as necessary.

FTP client

RJ TextEd offers extensive FTP client features, such as connecting to an SFTP server, moving or copying files and performing folder synchronization. Users can also create ZIP archives with customizable compression levels and password protection; and use RJ TextEd for editing source code or HTML documents.

One notable feature of this free text editor is its ability to simultaneously view multiple windows. This enables users to navigate between several documents without losing focus or slowing down command execution, which is particularly helpful when working on large projects. Furthermore, the software supports various file formats as well as managing multiple instances of each file and offering keyboard shortcuts for navigation.

New users of this software may find the multitude of features challenging, yet it is worth noting that its creator regularly adds new functions. Therefore, making an investment worthwhile for serious workers.

RJ TextEd offers many features, such as syntax highlighting, advanced column mode, text folding and various print options, that can make writing scripts and simple web development much simpler. Furthermore, RJ TextEd can open and save UTF-8 encoded files without a BOM and edit both ASCII and binary files simultaneously.

RJ TextEd also boasts extensive support for programming languages, making it possible to easily create, edit and preview HTML, ASP, JavaScript and PHP code as well as auto-completion functions, CSS editing features and various templates.

This versatile text editor is an ideal option for developers who need to edit multiple programming languages simultaneously. Its intuitive user interface and logical layout makes for simple navigation, and its extensive set of editing and programming tools is constantly being upgraded and added on top. Available for both Windows and Linux (via Wine), its freeware license offers donations as a donation option as well.

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