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RJ TextEd

RJ TextEd is widely considered one of the best free code editors available, with features including cut, copy, paste, delete, insert and highlight functionality for multiple documents at the same time. It can also handle several documents at the same time for easy navigation and handling.

It supports programming languages like HTML, ASP and JavaScript and includes web browsing capabilities, file management features and CSS editor functionality. Furthermore, it can validate written codes as well as record macros.


RJ TextEd is a portable text and source code editor supporting multiple programming languages, offering syntax highlighting, code auto-completion and HTML validation features as well as HTML validation validation – making it an invaluable tool for programmers, copywriters, translators, webmasters and others in these professions.

This freeware software from Embarcadero’s Delphi language allows for Windows-based PC users to download and use. Featuring an on-board spell checker and FTP client as well as support for various coding formats and languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript PHP ASCII this tool can also create and edit XML files.

RJ TextEd offers more than its basic features; it also boasts numerous useful tools and functions that make writing or formatting text faster, like creating code snippets which save time when writing or formatting text, code folding which allows users to collapse or expand sections of files more easily, as well as creating a graphical timeline of changes made to documents.

Record Macros can also be useful, since they can be automatically activated at specific times or events – this makes automating repetitive tasks easier such as formatting articles or filling forms regularly. Furthermore, different encodings such as UTF-8 files can be opened and saved without requiring BOM (Byte Order Mark) signatures.

The software can be easily installed onto a USB drive for portability and easy use on any computer, and is compatible with several popular text editing programs like Notepad++ and GEdit. Furthermore, its comprehensive documentation and active community forum offer users plenty of support when questions arise or answers can be obtained quickly from other community members.


Are You Searching for a Free Unicode Text and Source Code Editor on Windows? RJ TextEd might just be what you need! With its simple user interface and variety of advanced features, this lightweight program makes RJ TextEd an excellent option for web developers. Support for various character encodings makes RJ TextEd suitable for large files without compromising performance; additional features include spell checker, file compare tool and support for macros/scripts as well as FTP Editing to synchronize changes across remote servers

RJ TextEd can be easily installed on both PCs and laptops with just a click of a green download button on this page. Once downloaded, scroll down until you find an official setup installer from its publisher; select one suitable for your device then follow on-screen instructions to install and complete. During installation you may opt to generate a verbose installation log file which will help troubleshooting any problems later on.

Install the program onto your desktop or by selecting its icon from Windows 10, and launch it by either clicking its icon or accessing its main functions through its menu bar at the top of your screen. It is free for use, although donations would be appreciated by its developer if possible.

RJ TextEd software is an efficient program for editing source codes in a range of programming languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PHP. Additionally, this powerful application highlights variables, functions classes and reserved words across these languages – even offering dual pane commander mode for easier viewing and editing!

Another wonderful feature of this software is its capability of creating and recording macros that can be executed automatically when needed. Furthermore, it enables faster writing by providing auto completion functionality for HTML and other languages; furthermore it validates HTML codes to ensure they’re error free and mistakes-free.

Language support

RJ TextEd is an advanced text and code editor that serves as both a web development tool and text/code editor. It supports numerous programming languages, offers syntax highlighting and auto completion functionality as well as additional web developer-oriented features like browser support, CSS editor capability and file manager capability.

RJ TextEd offers an intuitive user interface. Switch easily between multiple windows for rapid navigation and viewing files or folders. The application supports multiple edits at the same time without freezing up, with editing tools designed to cut, paste, delete, insert or highlight words or paragraphs as you please. Save and reuse code snippets to streamline work processes further.

Another feature of this application is that it can recognize the language you are typing and provide pop-up hints, making this feature particularly helpful when working in a foreign language. Furthermore, this app can detect errors and warnings in your code and warn about them immediately.

RJ TextEd can assist in validating your HTML document by providing an automatic validation feature, which will inform you if any tags are missing or improperly formatted; additionally it supports both ASCII and binary formats for validation.

Customize the appearance and create a theme that fits your preferences with an editor that automatically detects which language you are writing in and provides a color scheme to reflect it, highlight keywords and strings and comments, display line numbers and provide full-text search capabilities.

This application is free to download and is designed for both Windows and Linux systems, offering 32 and 64-bit versions respectively. Despite having low system requirements and system resources requirements, Portable Text Editor (PT Editor) makes an excellent alternative for developers and web designers alike.


RJ TextEd is a versatile programming tool and free text editor, offering a broad set of features to meet developers and programmers needs. With customizable options that meet any programming language (such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Python ) RJ TextEd allows for automated repetitive tasks to be automated using macros or scripts created specifically by its user base.

RJ TextEd’s minimalist, almost spartan interface may initially intimidate some users and appear less modern than other text editors; however, its user-friendliness actually makes it easier to work with and keeps system resources free for other applications. With RJ TextEd being extremely stable release capable of handling large files as well as import/export functions easily it also features an online community ready to answer any of your questions about its use.

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