RoboForm Review

RoboForm is an award-winning password manager that comes packed with features. It works seamlessly and unobtrusively behind the scenes on desktops and browsers alike, working quietly invisibly behind them all.

It comes in multiple forms – standalone apps, browser extensions and menu bar plugins on Mac OS. Furthermore, there is also a mobile app and website; premium users have access to phone and email support.

Easy to set up

RoboForm is designed for beginners, making it an ideal solution. The user interface is user-friendly and designed to be unobtrusive while still offering access to its full suite of features. Furthermore, its mobile apps have earned high ratings on respective app stores – iOS got 4.7 stars out of 5, while Android received 4.2.

RoboForm stands out as an effective solution for securely storing passwords, but it offers much more. You can store personal information like names, addresses and phone numbers securely as well as credit card data and other sensitive data. In addition, there is also multifactor authentication system which requires additional verification steps before you can gain access to your data.

RoboForm has undergone a rigorous security audit and penetration test conducted by an industry-recognized firm. Its servers are protected with 256-bit AES encryption – similar to that used by banks and militaries worldwide – making RoboForm one of the few password managers capable of offering such protection.

RoboForm stands out from its competition due to its multi-device syncing and password sharing. While other password managers only allow synchronizing between one device, RoboForm allows you to synchronize across up to five. Furthermore, it supports multi-user access as well as 2FA.

RoboForm can also assist users with protecting their data by allowing them to set up multiple identities with unique passwords and settings, perfect for people needing to log into multiple websites – it will autofill the login details based on which identity has been selected for each website.

RoboForm stands out as a formidable password manager, yet it does have its own share of shortcomings. Notably, it does not permit USB security key use like its competitors do and data import can sometimes be difficult or time consuming from other programs. Furthermore, some advanced administrator controls and centralized account management features found elsewhere are missing here – yet regardless of these shortcomings RoboForm remains an attractive solution for businesses to protect their data.


RoboForm uses AES-256 encryption to safeguard passwords, forms and other sensitive data on mobile devices. Your master password provides access to decrypt the stored information, so even in the event of data breach hackers would be unable to read what they need for theft. In addition, RoboForm monitors connected websites for potential password breaches and notifies you if one occurs.

Service provides additional layers of security with multifactor authentication (2FA). This requires using separate password and PIN generated by either the service or mobile app for each account requiring two factor authentication (2FA), making it much harder for hackers to gain entry.

Secure Form Fill is another feature designed to protect your data and provides easy, one-click filling of online forms – saving it directly in your RoboForm vault for safekeeping! Perfect for anyone needing to fill out multiple forms for work or personal reasons, and is invaluable when trying to streamline this task.

RoboForm includes an advanced Security Center which analyses your passwords to assess their vulnerability to attack. An open-source algorithm uses to rate each password’s strength and highlight those most prone to cyber-attack. This feature can provide extra peace of mind.

RoboForm also allows users to easily organize passwords into folders for easy management of work and personal passwords separately. Furthermore, RoboForm was subjected to an industry-recognized security audit and penetration test from Secfault Security; this included comprehensive examination of all platform components including desktop apps for Windows and Mac computers as well as iOS/Android mobile apps and browser extensions.

RoboForm’s free version can be installed on up to two devices at the same time, while its paid plans come with various price options designed to meet the needs of individuals, families and businesses alike. Furthermore, its most expensive plan offers a 14-day free trial period.

Easy to use

Every once in awhile a software application comes along that is so amazingly helpful it leaves you speechless – Siber Systems’ RoboForm falls into this category in spades! From password manager and forms filler to ID information storage tool and ID verification manager – RoboForm makes even the mundane tasks of everyday life fast and simple!

RoboForm requires downloading from their official website in order to start. Their installer will recognize your device automatically and give you access to the correct version for download. Once complete, create an account requiring just your email address and an 8 character long unique master password; this ensures your information stays as safe as possible in RoboForm.

After creating an account, you can import data from other password managers or browsers, such as 1Password, Dashlane, LastPass, Xmarks Keeper Enpass Zoho Vault True Key and Sticky Password. However, you must first use RoboForm’s data cleansing features to make sure only relevant information enters RoboForm. In addition to importing existing data sets into RoboForm, it also provides an impressively extensive set of features. RoboForm features include a password generator to create strong and unique passwords, cross-platform password syncing, one-click logins and offline access for added security. Furthermore, it auto-fill forms to save time when entering data onto websites that require it; its password sharing features use local encryption as well as end-to-end encryption to prevent any unauthorized parties from viewing personal data, including its own servers.

RoboForm makes it easy to increase security with two-factor authentication (2FA). Choose from having a code sent via email or SMS text message or having it generated within the app so you’ll always have a copy should your phone go missing.


RoboForm password managers are an effective way to improve cybersecurity in any organization. By helping employees generate strong, unique passwords that can be securely stored across devices and browsers, as well as providing convenient fill-out forms online and remember logins for frequently-visited websites – you’re saving employees valuable time spent manually entering login info resetting forgotten passwords or manually filling forms online resetting forgotten passwords; freeing them up for more important tasks while helping reduce cyber attack risks by eliminating weak or reused passwords – one cause of data breaches!

RoboForm can be downloaded as either a standalone desktop app, or through its website and browser extensions. It features an interface similar to Windows File Explorer for ease of use. Discover various features such as a secure password generator, form autofill feature and identities section to store personal data securely. There’s even the Safenotes feature which enables users to store documents or notes encrypted with this app. RoboForm’s Contacts and Identities sections can be particularly beneficial. Their range of plans, from free to Everywhere, all provide unlimited logins, form autofill, password audit, as well as form autofill for forms. Selecting the ideal plan depends on your individual requirements – take time to carefully evaluate each of their benefits before making your choice.

Multi-device sync allows for easier password synchronization across different devices – be they computers, phones, or tablets. Plus, two-factor authentication provides additional layers of protection against unwanted accessing of passwords by other people – useful if sending website passwords over to colleagues for instance. Plus sharing passwords between multiple users is possible too – perfect if needing to send website passwords quickly for projects at work!

Flexibility is demonstrated through its pricing structure, with both free and paid plans available. While the free plan limits to one device at a time, premium plans provide access to unlimited syncing as well as additional features – including Digital Legacy features that enable you to designate someone to access your account if there’s ever an emergency situation.

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