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Automatic form-filling works effectively, although I wish it could be used beyond just logins. The Identities feature allows users to preemptively create data sets that can then be filled in; this feature adds another level of convenience for form filling.

RoboForm provides free plans for individuals, as well as paid plans tailored specifically to families and businesses with cross-platform support and two factor authentication (2FA). Business plans even come with a 14-day free trial!


RoboForm is an intelligent password manager that combines form-filling functionality with features designed to keep your accounts safe. You can save, share and generate new passwords quickly; easily fill web forms; audit passwords for potential compromise; synchronise across devices (mobile password available instantly on desktop); even grant emergency access should someone take over your digital legacy.

This software is less flashy than many password managers available, with an interface resembling that of Windows file explorer. But its setup process is quick and easy – plus its use is free (with some restrictions).

RoboForm’s unique selling point lies in its local storage capacity. This allows it to avoid being susceptible to security breaches or incurring extra storage capacity costs; furthermore it uses AES 256-bit encryption, making it almost impossible to crack. Furthermore, 2FA provides additional verification methods which may only be provided via email, SMS text message, third-party authenticator apps like Google Authenticator or Authy for login authentication.

Mobile applications from this provider are clean and well-designed on both iOS and Android, featuring a similar user experience across both platforms. Users can set up facial or fingerprint recognition as a security measure as well as PIN protection to safeguard logins if desired; however, this only applies to paid plans; its free tier does not feature this option.

Customers with an Everywhere subscription have access to phone and chat support from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday; while other customers can reach support through an online ticket system that may not offer as robust an experience; nevertheless, service is quick and helpful.


RoboForm provides both free and paid plans at highly competitive rates for individuals and families alike, plus it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee – making it a smart choice for anyone experimenting with password managers for the first time.

Roboform offers similar pricing to that of LastPass; however, its premium individual and family plans are significantly cheaper. Furthermore, opting to subscribe for 5 years instead of 1 can save up to 16% when subscribing over time.

Roboform stands out from its competition due to its emphasis on security. Using 256-bit AES encryption to safeguard user logins, passwords, forms, two factor authentication (2FA), password auditing as well as secure folders for sharing logins; Roboform’s servers are regularly backed up to prevent data leaks and leakage.

Roboform’s web application and browser extension feature a range of additional useful functions that make the system even more attractive, such as an auto form-fill function, password generator and digital legacy feature that enables users to hand off their accounts to someone else. Furthermore, it boasts an excellent mobile app as well as support for multiple operating systems.

Roboform could still improve, however. First and foremost is its web interface which is somewhat outdated and lacks functionality. Also, Roboform must enhance their Identities feature which only exists in desktop apps and browser extensions. Finally, mobile app support must be implemented so one-time passwords and two-factor authentication codes can be generated directly through them.

Roboform remains an excellent option for anyone who needs to securely manage their passwords in an easy manner. Their servers are protected with 256-bit AES encryption to guarantee no unauthorized third party has access to your information, while it offers easy user interface with risk-free 30-day money back guarantee and simple integration into existing workflows.

Roboform is an established password manager with an array of features and an affordable subscription price point. While not as powerful as some competitors, its track record speaks for itself and should make Roboform an appealing option to those seeking subscription service.


RoboForm password manager includes all of the essentials needed in an effective modern password solution: creating strong passwords, securely storing them away, autofill forms with them and staying organized using its folder system. In addition, it includes handy add-ons like its Identities feature that enables access across devices in one click as well as Emergency Access that safeguards digital legacy should you pass away or become incapacitated.

As part of their security features, Password Manager boasts a password generator capable of creating strong passwords as well as a security center which rates each of your passwords and alerts you of compromised ones. Furthermore, its password manager enables syncing data across devices and browsers and logging in to desktop applications & managing bookmarks; two-factor authentication (2FA) support; as well as providing paid users access to an exclusive secure share folder for file storing purposes.

RoboForm offers mobile apps for Windows, macOS, iOS and Linux operating systems as well as web portal and browser extensions for these platforms. Their mobile apps have received high reviews in their respective app stores with iOS and Android apps each rated around 4.7 out of 5, providing excellent user experiences. In addition, their website boasts an informative support section featuring an FAQ page, extensive knowledge base and ticketing system – ideal features to ensure a positive customer experience with RoboForm!

The password manager utilizes AES 256 encryption on its servers – one of the strongest available. Your data and passwords are all encrypted before being stored, and can only be decrypted using your master password. Furthermore, RoboForm Anywhere makes password management even more accessible for travelers!

RoboForm provides a free tier that offers most of its core functionality. Premium plans provide extra perks like cloud backup, password synchronization between multiple devices and browsers, secure shared folders for password storage, two-factor authentication (twoFA), priority 24/7 support, centralized login to accounts and priority support from an expert team. Furthermore, business versions offer 14-day trial periods with money-back guarantees.


RoboForm stands out among password managers by offering a free plan with no restrictions or limitations, an efficient form-filling feature to save you time online, cross-device sync between Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android devices and its new user interface (UI) is significantly improved over the old one and extremely straightforward to set up and use; its security measures include end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption with 2FA support and “zero-knowledge architecture.”

RoboForm makes keeping track of logins and passwords even simpler than before with its password vault, a handy solution accessible via desktop apps, web apps, browser extensions and mobile applications. Inside you’ll find passwords, website bookmarks, secure notes, identities and contacts to store away securely for easier management.

Passwords (which are stored locally with a master password on your device) and all other data is secured in the cloud using AES-256 bit encryption and backed up on Siber servers, meaning even if they’re breached or subject to government subpoena, your information remains unbreakable.

While password managers provide important protections, they’re not perfect. To increase the safety of your accounts and protect against hackers entering through unintended channels, consider setting up two-factor authentication (2FA). That way if your master password ever gets lost or forgotten, two additional layers of defense will provide extra layers of defense for keeping hackers at bay.

RoboForm has not undertaken an independent audit of its data security and password storage procedures, prompting some individuals to feel anxious. Furthermore, there is no easily digestible privacy policy available from this company.

RoboForm remains the ideal option for users who prioritize security but want an easy password manager, with its user-friendly interface, highly secure vault, and variety of ways to sync data across devices. However, its only drawback lies in not offering more comprehensive features like monitoring password changes after data breaches or fully encrypted storage solutions.

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