RollBack Rx – Instant Time Machine For Your PC

RollBack Rx is an innovative program that functions like an “instant time machine” for your computer. Users and IT administrators alike can quickly use this software to revert unexpected events like system crashes.

Recover System Files, Priceless Digital Pictures and MP3 Files in Seconds after a Crash


RollBack Rx is a robust system restore software tool, offering both home users and IT professionals the power to turn their computers into instant time machines. It can reverse any unanticipated events on a PC such as malware infections, user errors or incompatible software installations – providing protection from disasters which would require costly IT support in the form of costly IT support contracts.

After installing, this program creates a snapshot of your system disk/partition that will serve as the foundation of all future snapshots. You can edit or delete this snapshot at any time; furthermore, search tools allow for searching files or folders created since last snapshot and restore them if necessary.

RX provides many additional features that set it apart from its competition, including undoing non-sophisticated malware infections, incompatible software installations, user configuration errors and multiple snapshots on different drives or partitions as well as remote administration support. Furthermore, the program runs regular scans for malware.

RX’s versatility lies in its compatibility with various backup tools, which enables the program to back up and restore files, folders, system images quickly. Furthermore, RX supports various file formats like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Glacier for seamless backup and restoration processes.

While this software is easy to use, there can be some drawbacks. Some users have noted that it doesn’t always restore systems correctly while others have expressed confusion regarding its UI.

RollBack Rx remains an effective and dependable system recovery solution, despite any possible disadvantages due to its reliance on SSD storage, which can exacerbate issues associated with TRIM, an SSD longevity maintenance mechanism. Even so, RollBack Rx remains an outstanding and trustworthy system recovery solution.


RollBack Rx is an extremely reliable and feature-packed program, giving users and IT support personnel complete control over the exact setup and configuration of Windows systems. Users and IT support personnel alike can instantly resolve problems within seconds to save both time and money by using RollBack Rx to quickly repair problems instantly – saving both precious hours of their valuable time as well as the extra expense caused by time delays or mistakes in repair services.

Revert Changes for any system modifications made by malware attacks or software errors is highly recommended, while its ease of use and reliable functionality makes it ideal for both businesses and home computer owners.

RollBack Rx can save multiple snapshots of a system at any point and restore them at any point, giving users access to different software configurations with just a few mouse clicks – an invaluable advantage over Light Virtualization apps that cannot accumulate system changes across reboots. Furthermore, RollBack RX enables users to keep an eye on RAM cache usage so they can reboot before it fills up to prevent virtual systems from switching into disk buffering mode and disabling TRIM (thus lengthening SSD lifespan expectancy). This feature can significantly extend SSD lifespan expectancy over Light Virtualization apps that cannot accumulate system changes across reboots.


RollBack Rx provides you with an instant time machine for your PC, enabling you to reverse any unexpected event such as malware infection or incorrect software installations. While most backup techniques only restore system files, RollBack Rx goes further by restoring everything from sectors up to Windows, providing a comprehensive restoration that almost restores everything back to before there was ever an issue in place.

RX is an extremely reliable anti-malware program when combined with another anti-malware solution, particularly when used together. Together they work well to detect and contain strong malware that would otherwise evade RX alone. RX works by creating a boot sector driver which runs before Windows starts and provides users with access to an administrative sub-console from which they can save/restore snapshots as well as defragment or delete unnecessary snapshots.

One great feature of Baseline Snapshot Editor is the ability to update it without rebooting, making it an extremely flexible and useful tool in managing your computer. Baseline Snapshot Editor may also help eliminate BSODs caused by drivers or software; in doing so, you could potentially avoid building it all from scratch or continually rebooting it to keep OS stable.

If you’re thinking about purchasing this software, be aware that it requires considerable disk space to store all the snapshots. While the program offers a free tier of storage capacity, additional paid options exist if needed. It also features an extensive log of each snapshot being created or deleted which makes tracking disk usage easy.

Users have expressed frustration over the lack of public information regarding Rollback Rx’s approach to TRIM, an SSD lifespan-extending process. While developers of the program cite proprietary concerns for not disclosing this aspect of its operation, an official statement would help address any remaining doubts and provide greater assurances for SSD owners who use it with Shadow Defender.


RollBack Rx is a system restoration software program developed specifically for PCs running Microsoft’s Windows platform. Compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems from XP through to Windows 10, RollBack Rx is free for download and use; however, advanced features require purchasing an additional professional license.

Microsoft provides Windows System Restore as an unreliable way of recovering from computer issues, so many users turn to specialized tools like RollBack Rx to help create snapshots of their entire computer and allow users to restore it back to its previous state if it becomes affected by malware or viruses. Additionally, this allows them to undo changes made by malware or viruses and restore any changes back to previous state if any are necessary.

Additionally, this tool also allows users to limit access to various system resources, including Command Prompt and Control Panel. This feature ensures that only authorized users are able to use these sensitive areas of the system, adding another layer of protection against potential vulnerabilities. To activate it, go to More Tools on the dashboard, select Restricting Resources Usage from there, make changes, then attempt accessing Command Prompt or Control Panel again after making any modifications – this way you’ll know whether they were effective.

Home Edition also helps users easily manage and lock down their workstations by offering up to sixty thousand snapshots that allow users to restore to any point in time their configuration, remove spyware/virus infections instantly without further damaging systems and quickly uninstall applications that cause them.

Users interested in purchasing the RollBack Rx software can obtain a trial version from its official website by filling out and submitting their details, then waiting to receive their confirmation email after their trial period ends. Afterward, purchasing will be offered in two versions – Home and Professional; donations through TechSoup provide five user licenses of Home version while Professional can support more than 100 computers at once.

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