Rollback Rx Review

RollBack Rx

Rollback Rx is an advanced system restore software, capable of creating snapshots of your disk/partition for easy recovery in case Windows does not boot as intended.

Their proprietary technology saves and restores data without any loss to disk sectors, taking snapshots in seconds that use 0.1% of disk space.

Snapshot technology

Rollback Rx is a disaster recovery and system restore software solution designed to allow you to return your PC to any previous state, undoing unauthorized software installations or malware infections. Unlike traditional Windows system restore software, this one works differently by taking a snapshot of your entire system (files and settings included), rather than only the registry. Plus it utilizes advanced disk sector mapping technology which speeds up its effectiveness!

Rollback Rx works simply: when taking a snapshot, the operating system stores an exact map of all used disk sectors on a hard drive that it cannot read – leaving a snapshot as though unused and easy to revert back to. Thus making Rollback Rx much more than simply a backup tool.

Snapshots are comprised of multiple sectors stored on the hard drive that each have their own ID number. SnapShot utilizes a sector mapping scheme to perform read and write operations bit-for-bit compared with Windows which operates at cluster level which requires multiple disk sectors rewriting or overwriting repeatedly, saving time by not repeating that process again and again. This way you avoid time wasted by constantly overwriting similar sectors again and again.

Snapshots offer fast reversibility; once taken, a snapshot can be restored back to any point in its past without having any impact on file structure or operating system. Furthermore, no disk space needs to be allocated specifically for protected data – perfect for PC users with limited storage capacity!

AOMEI Backupper is an ideal alternative to Rollback Rx for creating snapshots and backing up your system. It protects both HDDs and SSDs, can back up files to NAS servers or external hard drives, has an intuitive user interface suitable for novice and advanced users alike and even features its own official website for more details on this program.

Undo software installation

RollBack Rx is a disaster recovery software program that allows users to undo software installations, recover data and backup files on both Mac and Windows computers. Its primary functions include backing up files, protecting against malware attacks and undoing software installations – as well as offering a free trial version so users can try before purchasing their purchase.

RollBack Rx stands out as an essential tool for all computer users, regardless of experience. Not only can it offer backup and restore capabilities, it can also undo software installations as well as remove unnecessary programs from PCs – making it an invaluable asset for IT administrators in the workplace.

RollBack Rx stands out from other popular backup applications with its user-friendly and straightforward interface, making it accessible to beginners as well as experienced users alike. Furthermore, its remote management feature makes life easier for IT professionals who must oversee client installations of RollBack Rx in an organization as they monitor client installations remotely and resolve problems promptly and efficiently.

This program was developed to work on both 32- and 64-bit Windows systems; however, 64-bit systems seem to be preferred due to better compatibility. Furthermore, it performs faster on these platforms than its competitors.

Horizon DataSys offers its software for download on their official website by using the download button located at the top of each page. Once clicked, an installer will open asking you to agree to their terms of service before clicking “Next”; after which, an activation prompt will appear prompting you to enter an active license key and activate it.

Note that manual uninstallation processes may only remove the main executable files of RollBack Rx Standard 9.1, with some invalid files remaining in your system registry and folders – these invalid files could potentially slow down your computer, prevent you from installing incompatible programs, occupy too much disk space and lead to file fragmentation and performance degradation; to prevent this scenario from occurring it would be best to use a reliable third-party uninstaller instead.

Undo malware infection

As soon as your computer becomes infected with malware, it’s crucial that it be eliminated promptly in order to stop its transmission back to its server or further infection of other devices. You may use an anti-virus software tool; otherwise you may need to manually find and delete files affected by virus.

Traditional antivirus programs must constantly play catch-up when it comes to new threats, while RollBack Rx can actively prevent new infections from taking hold. It does this by working at the sector level of your system partition, blocking malware from infecting or damaging file systems and applications – as well as restore files, settings and programs from snapshots taken before infections occurred.

RollBack Rx can even reverse recent ransomware attacks such as CryptoLocker. This ransomware demands users pay $300 US within 72 hours or they risk permanently losing their files; however, using RollBack Rx could help shield yourself against this danger.

RollBack RX not only can undo malware, but can also optimize PC performance and disk space management. By creating snapshots in hidden partitions to reduce backup times and storage requirements. It also manages your snapshots so you can merge or delete as necessary.

RollBack Rx can also protect you in the event of Windows system failure, unlike its counterpart, Windows System Restore, which only restores system files and some program files. With RollBack Rx you can preserve both the entire system as well as all snapshots – this feature may come especially in handy if your computer has become infected with malware or has installed bad drivers.

A key way to protect against malware on a PC is keeping it clean and regularly updating it. To do this, ensure you disconnect from the Internet when installing or updating programs or updating them so as to reduce risk of them downloading malicious code and infiltrating your system. If connecting directly, remember to disconnect as soon as your installation process has concluded and disconnect from Wi-Fi networks once complete.

Disk space management

Rollback Rx is an instant time machine that empowers home users and IT professionals alike to quickly undo software or hardware issues or reverse any malware infections instantly, all within seconds. It simplifies hardware testing while fully undoing any effects from an improper software installation or infection; leaving no leftover fragmented data littering disk drives behind.

Rollback Rx stands apart from similar systems by taking snapshots at the sector level for faster restore times without impacting system performance. Furthermore, this program takes advantage of NTFS compression technology which can result in up to 50% less backup size and restore times while simultaneously defragging snapshots on a computer in order to keep filesystems healthy while decreasing required disk space requirements for future backups.

The snapshot defragger works independently from Windows, creating a graphical user interface to allow a user to choose one or more snapshots to defragment. For optimal performance, running this utility prior to starting Windows will ensure all snapshots are defragmented; doing this also removes any unused files added by mistake that take up space on disk; although, individual snapshots may also be defragmented individually if desired.

Locking snapshots is another convenient feature of this program that makes using shared computers with family or children safer; especially useful if they may want to mess around with settings accidentally. Also helpful for businesses using portable laptops and PCs on the road.

Rollback Rx’s latest update has significantly simplified its Baseline management capabilities. Where previously this process had to be handled manually, now you simply select your snapshot that you would like as the baseline and right-click to unlock it; this will make it available when updating or restoring software.

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