Rovio’s Bad Piggies Is Not Just a One-Hit Wonder

Bad Piggies

Rovio’s spinoff Bad Piggies shows it can do more than create one hit wonder with its popularity. Gone are slingshots; now vehicles travel both on land and air!

Players create makeshift contraptions designed to transport Ross the Pig from one point on a map to the next by building vehicles with wheels, soda bottles, motors, fans and TNT.


Bad Piggies from the creators of Angry Birds is an all-new mobile game in which you play as round, legless pigs. Your mission is to collect map pieces scattered by an unknown force around Piggy Island – but this won’t be easy as your round pigs must construct various gadgets and contraptions using various items such as crates wheels propulsion accessories helium balloons etc to complete their mission successfully.

Bad Piggies’ gameplay differs significantly from that of Angry Birds: in that game, players used slingshots to shoot birds into castles owned by pigs; but in Bad Piggies you must build vehicles to transport pigs across levels – this includes planes, rocket ships and cars among many others – while Bad Piggies allows users to attach other devices such as parachutes to slow them down or motors for increased speeding up devices.

After you’ve constructed your vehicle, simply drag it to the grid at the bottom of the screen to activate its physics engine and begin traveling along its course. Along your journey you may come across buttons that you can use at any time to trigger certain objects – like soda bottles that can take you higher up in the sky or TNT bombs which will destroy everything they come across.

As you progress through levels, stars will unlock parts to help build better vehicles. Some levels may require several attempts before success is reached; if that’s the case for you, microtransactions allow for you to skip it entirely.

Overall, Bad Piggies is an entertaining and engaging game that will keep you coming back for more. Unfortunately, though, if you get stuck on an especially challenging level it can become frustrating – best played with friends to encourage each other through any challenges!

Designing Your Vehicles

Bad Piggies takes a more creative approach than its predecessor by encouraging players to build vehicles from various components and then attempt to get them across each level’s finish line. The result is an engaging yet challenging game perfect for puzzle game lovers or mobile gaming veterans.

This game provides many objects for creating vehicles, including wheels, propellers, umbrellas and engines. A wooden frame serves as the central building block that can house other elements like Ross, King Pig and an egg. Umbrellas can help slow the fall of vehicles if attached to motors; umbrellas may even propel forward once attached. Engines serve as power sources that move wheels, propellers or attachments like umbrellas along a vehicle path while giving players control over its direction of motion.

Players begin each level with an assortment of parts available to them, but it is essential that they remember there is no obligation to utilize all available pieces. Doing so could make their vehicle uncontrollable or even unplayable; therefore it’s wiser to play using as few parts as possible until a player understands how best to utilize these tools.

Bad Piggies offers plenty of content to explore, with over 400 levels in its main chapters, 60 sandbox levels and additional skulls to collect – giving players enough material for over two hours of gameplay! Although not as easily accessible as its predecessor Angry Birds, Bad Piggies provides an entertaining way to kill time between meetings or while waiting at the doctor.

Level Design

Rovio took a calculated risk when they unleashed Bad Piggies as a spin-off to Angry Birds: instead of casting green swine as antagonists, players build vehicles which safely transport them from point A to B – creating an altogether more thoughtful game than its predecessor.

Although it features some familiar elements such as physics-driven puzzles and a scoring system that rewards one, two, or three stars depending on skill, the main story mode in Angry Birds 2 differs significantly from any prior release in terms of pace and exploration of levels. Instead of racing to reach the finish line first, each chapter provides you with vehicle parts like wheels, fans, bellows, umbrellas, shaken-up fizzy bottles springs to propel your creation toward either the checkered flag or map pieces.

Early levels, however, can be challenging and not very enjoyable. The game is very precise in its progression – any missed chasm or hill can present an enormous obstacle, while any red herrings could derail your plans entirely. Furthermore, each level offers only limited ways of solving it; otherwise your creation might get stuck or just go flying off to Oz!

After the initial levels, the game becomes much more accessible. New elements are gradually introduced until eventually you have an expansive construction grid to work with. Each chapter also brings special challenges requiring you to construct impossible contraptions; these levels are truly enjoyable!


Rovio, creators of the mega-hit Angry Birds franchise, are back with Bad Piggies; but this time you play as one of their villainous porcine creatures instead. Instead of relying on slingshot destruction alone to solve puzzles in its predecessor game, this one requires more problem-solving and less skill (aim). You will build various complicated contraptions to help the pigs steal eggs from their feathered rivals and beat their score!

Bad Piggies offers plenty of levels, entertaining vehicles to build, familiar characters and an intriguing gameplay mechanism – making for an intriguing take on the Angry Birds world that should please players. But due to its increased complexity it may alienate some fans of Angry Birds.

Bad Piggies offers three achievements to unlock: Mechanic Pig, Super Mechanic, and Star Runner. Once completed the first two worlds these achievements will unlock. For instance, attaining the Mechanic Pig achievement unlocks the character Mechanic Pig – effectively the Mighty Eagle counterpart with a spanner/wrench for a hat – who can assist in accomplishing various tasks such as finishing levels without damaging vehicles or colliding into any TNT boxes.

The Super Mechanic Pig achievement will unlock a character of a super mechanic that will assist with tasks in the first two worlds, such as using rockets to complete levels and avoid TNT boxes. Meanwhile, Star Runner requires getting through each level using as few moves as possible – something which may require planning and trial-and-error but is definitely worthwhile!

After successfully completing a world, a crown symbol will now appear at the bottom right of your screen upon successful completion of it. By collecting all standard desserts, they can then be fed to King Pig for power-ups; more stars you earn equal more items you receive from him; also receiving his golden cupcake will reward them instantly with all available power-ups in game!

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