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Ryujinx is a Nintendo Switch emulator designed to let you enjoy multiple games on PC, without needing a physical console. It supports features of the console such as handheld mode and Joy-Con controllers for an enjoyable and stable gaming experience.

Ryujinx, developed by GDKChan, is one of the most advanced and reliable Nintendo Switch emulators currently available. It boasts high compatibility rates, an intuitive user interface, and constant updates.


Ryujinx is an open source Nintendo Switch emulator designed to offer precision and solid performance with an intuitive user experience. Thanks to its open nature, users can adjust it according to their gaming needs; for example, by altering button commands based on desired controller inputs or connecting their controller via Bluetooth or USB-C cable for connectivity purposes – then simply remapping their buttons before loading up their game!

Ryujinx’s most recent release adds support for the ldn_mitm submodule, which allows games requiring interconnectivity between Switch and PC hardware to communicate more seamlessly, leading to improved performance – particularly on AMD GPU hardware – making the emulator even more powerful and able to emulate more titles than before. Furthermore, this version brings big performance upgrades for Pokemon titles as well as fixes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition.

Ryujinx stands out as an innovative toys-to-life platform by imitating Amiibos – Nintendo’s innovative toys-to-life platform. This allows the physical figurines to come to life, thus unlocking in-game features for example in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Splatoon 2. Players can use these figures as link/Yoshi characters respectively!

Ryujinx offers many features beyond these basic ones, including support for popular controllers such as Xbox Wireless Controllers, PlayStation DualShock 4 and 5 controllers, and Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. This makes it the ideal solution for people wanting to access Nintendo Switch games without incurring costly console purchases.

Ryujinx is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux-based systems and can be freely downloaded from its official website. With an extensive compatibility list and support for most games at full speed, it requires an efficient CPU, graphics card and ample RAM memory to function optimally.

Ryujinx developers are tirelessly improving the emulator, and video game journalists have given it high praise for both speed and accuracy. Some first-party titles that did not run properly on real console at launch can even run on this version, making Ryujinx a top choice among PC users looking to emulate Switch.

Compatibility list

Ryujinx is an open source Nintendo Switch emulator designed by GBAtemp forum member gdkchan to deliver smooth performance, precision in emulation and an user-friendly user experience. Since its creation it has been ported onto Windows, Linux, macOS and more; all available via GitHub with its developers continually working towards improving it’s performance – it remains one of the best choices available when playing Switch games on PCs.

Though still in its infancy, this emulator already supports an impressive selection of titles – from Pokemon and Animal Crossing franchises to lesser known ones such as Smash Bros. However, please keep in mind that for optimal use this emulator requires a fairly powerful computer system.

Apart from that, it also boasts various features to enhance the user experience. It has a clear and clutter-free interface for easy navigation by both novices and experts. Furthermore, XLink Kai is supported, enabling gamers to communicate with local consoles as well as people all around the world through peer-to-peer LAN tunneling services.

Ryujinx can now run most Switch games with stable framerates and high-resolution graphics – an improvement over prior releases. One notable change is Vulkan support; Vulkan provides modern rendering engines capable of rendering at higher frame rates and resolutions while simultaneously supporting multiple displays.

Ryujinx 2.0 brings with it improved stability and compatibility. It now plays a wider range of games than before and works far superior than Yuzu. In fact, its founder GDKChan has noted that Ryujinx outperforms Yuzu in some instances; Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes did not work properly with Yuzu but performed flawlessly when run on Ryujinx.

To play Ryujinx on your computer, a minimum of 8GB of RAM and macOS are necessary. In addition, your GPU should support OpenGL 4.5 or Vulkan; to ensure optimal results we suggest choosing a Mac with an Intel Core i5-8600K or later processor.

Installation process

Ryujinx for Nintendo Switch allows you to enjoy playing many of the original Nintendo Switch games and applications on a computer, through an open-source emulator with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that’s perfect for novice and veteran users alike. Boasting high accuracy and solid performance, it makes Ryujinx an excellent option for gamers looking to recreate that Nintendo Switch experience on PCs.

Be mindful that Ryujinx does not come equipped with all available games and the process of installing them can be complex and time consuming. Each game may need fine-tuning separately to work smoothly on the emulator; therefore you will likely need to download multiple files and firmwares in order to get them running successfully on Ryujinx.

Start the installation process by creating a folder on your computer for Ryujinx, and launch kaiLoopbackBridge – this program serves as an intermediary between Ryujinx and XLink Kai, software used to emulate Switch hardware emulation software. After you’ve done so, follow its prompts to install and setup games.

Once the installation process has been completed, it’s time to launch Ryujinx emulator and begin playing your games! First step in doing so should be connecting a controller – whether USB or Bluetooth will work fine – to your PC, then using Ryujinx emulator select “Tools” then “Install Firmware” so as to install firmware onto your switch.

Ryujinx is an experimental open-source emulator designed for Nintendo Switch created by gdkchan and other developers. Available free to download and run on Windows computers, Ryujinx requires substantial hardware for proper functioning; unfortunately it cannot emulate every game found on Nintendo Switch and has proven hit-or-miss in terms of compatibility.

Final Words

Ryujinx may still be considered an obscure project, but it offers an excellent way to play Nintendo Switch games on PC. The emulator is continually being improved, and stability has seen steady improvement. Project founder gdkchan posts progress reports both to Patreon donors as well as on his blog; additionally he posts updates via Twitter and Reddit.

C# Nintendo Switch emulator aims to deliver excellent performance and accuracy, an easy user-friendly interface and consistent builds for Windows, macOS and Linux-based computers. Donations are welcome; donations can also be made directly. It features a Discord server where users can get support or discuss any new developments or releases.

Recently, a developer has been busy improving the graphical quality of some of the most popular Switch games. He has managed to fix several bugs affecting graphics in games like Puyo Puyo Tetris and Sonic Mania; as well as texture corruptions found in titles like Digimon Cyber Sleuth, River City Girls Zero and Layton’s Mystery Journey; while also optimizing how textures are flushed from GPU to CPU with less stuttering than before.

Amazingly, after only one year on the market, Nintendo Switch already boasts a flourishing homebrew scene, hardware exploit and emulator that supports running XCI files! Although the emulator may work with high-end PCs now, please remember it won’t run at 60fps just yet!

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