Samsung Kies Review

Samsung Kies is an application available on Windows and Mac that facilitates communication between Samsung Galaxy smartphones or tablet computers and PCs, enabling users to synchronize and back up data easily.

Firmware updates can also be easily provided. With Android devices that utilize USB connections, using it is very straightforward.


Samsung Kies is an all-in-one solution to connect, optimize, and manage your smartphone or tablet. It allows users to sync up data synchronization, backup/restore services, firmware updates, multimedia management services and much more while keeping all their files accessible regardless of device used.

Samsung Kies is easy to install and use on both Windows and Mac platforms. Once launched, it recognizes your device and displays its details in its main interface. From here you can select any functionality that you’d like to perform by following prompts on-screen – though it does require internet access in order to download firmware/software updates for your device – though WiFi or USB connections may work just as well!

Samsung Kies stands out among other programs by its ability to sync contacts, calendars, music, videos and photos between a Samsung device and computer easily and intuitively. Users can move data back and forth easily by just a few clicks using Kies’ user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation; additionally, users can back up local data in case it gets lost or stolen while updating its firmware via an easy process is also provided through this program.

Unfortunately, the software can be resource-heavy and cause some issues on older computers; but for Samsung smartphone and tablet owners it remains a great helper tool.

Note that Kies only works with devices running Android versions 2.3 to 4.2; newer hardware utilizes Samsung Smart Switch instead. Furthermore, DRM-protected files shouldn’t be transferred using Kies; so alternative apps such as SyncMate or Airdroid might be better options; Linux-compatibile software AkrutoSync might also work; these free, user-friendly programs provide similar basic functionalities as Samsung Kies but must first ensure compatibility with your operating system before use.


Samsung Kies is a software package designed to make data transfers between their PC and Samsung mobile devices quick and effortless, as well as offering backup and restore functions should something go wrong or go missing with their devices. Available on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

As part of the installation process, it is critical that all software and drivers are up-to-date. Furthermore, it is advised to close all running programs prior to connecting your Samsung device; this will help ensure a successful connection and smooth running program.

Once the installation process has concluded, you can connect your Samsung device using its USB cable and use Samsung Kies software to automatically detect it and display it in its window. If that does not work, try restarting or connecting to another USB port instead if your device does not show up as expected.

Samsung Kies software can be found for free on their website, compatible with most Samsung smartphones and tablets. Users can easily download and install firmware updates onto their devices using this program as well as manage media libraries or create backups of their mobile devices with it.

Though Samsung Kies provides many useful features, it does come with some drawbacks. For instance, it can consume resources and slow down your computer; furthermore, its software can become unstable, leading to unexpected crashes – in extreme cases even leading to it freezing completely!

To prevent issues with Samsung Kies software updates, it is recommended that you regularly visit its official website and install any available updates from there. Bug fixes and improvements will often be included with updates – any questions or inquiries can be directed toward Samsung’s support team for assistance. In addition, using Samsung Kies can backup/restore data/online accounts/settings so all information can be accessible in one central place.


Samsung Kies is an amazing piece of software that enables users to effortlessly sync content from their phone with a computer, backup and restore data from Samsung devices and manage music, photos, videos, podcasts and books – it even works on both Windows and Mac computers.

Samsung Kies is an invaluable program, but sometimes it doesn’t work quite right. This could be for various reasons; one being that its software may have become outdated; in such an event it is important to always keep Samsung Kies updated; or its USB port could have become defective; should this happen, try swapping out with another USB port or utilizing high-quality cables as replacements.

It may also be blocked by security software on the computer; in such an instance, temporarily disabling any anti-virus, anti-malware or anti-spyware applications will prevent Samsung Kies from being blocked by these programs and prevent its access.

Samsung Kies may sometimes become frozen during the connecting process and this can be extremely annoying for its user. Restarting and re-installing can solve this issue.

Samsung Kies 3 users have reported an issue whereby their Outlook contacts appear duplicated, creating much confusion for those using it. As soon as possible, this should be rectified by Samsung and released as a patch to fix this issue.

Kies mini may no longer be used by manufacturers to update firmware on devices but is still an invaluable resource for updating devices firmware. Available to download for free from third party websites and installed onto most Samsung smartphones, this application allows users to update firmware while backing up important files and creating backup copies as necessary. Keep in mind, however, that only devices running Android 4.4.2 or higher can benefit from updating using Kies; otherwise the update process won’t install successfully and therefore upgrading to the most recent version is recommended before trying Kies to update your device’s firmware or any attempt will fail miserably before trying Samsung Kies to update your device before trying any attempt to update it successfully or back up important files before proceeding further with updating it or using Samsung Kies instead before updating your device!


Samsung Kies is an app designed to connect Samsung Galaxy devices to computers for file transfer, firmware updates and back up and restore purposes. Other features available within Kies include managing apps and multimedia content as well as managing apps within Samsung’s own ecosystem. The user interface for Samsung Kies is fairly user-friendly as well.

Samsung Kies can be downloaded directly from Samsung or through third-party vendors such as FileHorse and installed following on-screen instructions. After installing, users can launch Samsung Kies and connect their device via USB cable; once connected, Kies will recognize it automatically and create a connection between device and software.

Once connected, Samsung Kies will present a list of files and media on the device for users to select for backup or transfer to their computer. It also supports app and contact transfer; can perform factory reset; back up call logs, music and photos; as well as install updates.

Although there are numerous methods for backing up and restoring data on a Samsung device, none compares with Samsung Kies in terms of comprehensiveness. Its ability to back up all files and applications on a device makes it an invaluable asset for Galaxy users; and its seamless integration into Samsung ecosystem makes it ideal for anyone wanting a single solution for managing their phone or tablet.

Samsung Kies may not be necessary with newer devices like the Galaxy S10 or Note 10. These phones feature built-in software to allow them to connect and manage files easily from a computer, though older devices that still run Android Marshmallow 6.0 could benefit. To use Samsung Kies on an older device, download it from their official website.

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