Samsung Kies Review

Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies is a free application designed to synchronize data, documents and multimedia contacts between your Samsung devices and PC. Furthermore, this tool allows you to back up personal information as well as update firmware.

Download Samsung Kies here, but be aware that Windows may block it as an untrusted publisher.

It’s free

Samsung Kies is a free software program that enables you to synchronize files across PC, tablet and smartphone, update phone firmware and back up data onto a device, create playlists of music for listening later and manage contacts on devices – it even comes for both Windows and Mac operating systems!

Connect your mobile to your computer via a USB cable or WiFi, and Kies should launch automatically; otherwise, click its icon on your desktop to start it up. Choose whether to synchronize everything or just certain apps and content you wish. After backing up, your information can easily be restored at any time!

Kies is an essential tool for many Samsung users, providing easy use and handling a range of tasks efficiently. However, large files, such as HD videos, may take longer than anticipated to transfer and it is slow at detecting devices connected. Furthermore, some users claim its interface can be difficult to navigate.

Samsung Kies requires a PC with Windows installed; otherwise, an additional app must be downloaded to be able to use it. Furthermore, some users report issues when attempting to manage updates or download software updates through it; it may be blocked by firewalls which could prevent this process.

To avoid this issue, you can temporarily disable Windows Firewall during installation. To do so, press both the Windows and S keys simultaneously to open Internet Options; select Content > Publishers from there before looking at Samsung Electronics as an issue if present.

Kies stands out by offering the ability to run in a lightweight mode, making it easier to access essential features quickly and effortlessly. This feature makes navigating Kies especially helpful for newcomers to smartphones.

It’s easy to use

Not familiar with Samsung smartphones or tablets? Kies is an intuitive synchronization program for both. It creates backups of your content, and quickly restores them should anything become lost or corrupted. Unfortunately, not all linked devices recognize Kies; sometimes functions may even take too long to be performed properly. But if multiple calendars, contacts lists, or other content is out-of-sync between phones, tablets and computers then Samsung Kies may come to the rescue!

Samsung Kies is free to download and use, though you will require connecting your device via USB cable and launching the software for it to recognize it. Once this occurs, media files can begin being transferred over to it from different file types including images and videos as well as audio tracks.

This software features an easy, intuitive interface and help section with an embedded help section, making it compatible with most Samsung devices, even older models. However, please be aware that Galaxy Note III hardware requires Smart Switch instead; also it is not suitable for Mac computers.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Samsung Kies, you can begin transferring music, photos, videos and other files from your computer directly onto your smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, use the library section of the software to send files directly from music, photos and other categories directly. Simply follow on-screen instructions for successful transfers!

Samsung Kies software also allows you to update the firmware on your device if it’s causing trouble, which can help if there are issues. Unfortunately, however, firmware updates must go through a Windows program rather than directly through its application – meaning the Samsung Kies software may not be as secure. Furthermore, real-time virus scanners or firewalls may need to be disabled in order for this program to work as intended; similarly make sure Samsung Electronics does not appear as an untrusted publisher on your computer system.

It’s compatible with most Samsung devices

Samsung Kies is a software program that connects your computer and mobile device, enabling you to easily transfer files, update firmware, manage library content and transfer photos and videos between phones and computers securely and effortlessly. Available for Windows and Mac operating systems alike, the user-friendly program offers seamless file transfers while managing library management – perfect for transferring music, photos or videos from one phone to the other! Plus it is free and completely secure.

Samsung Kies can connect with most Samsung devices and will download drivers for older phones automatically to ensure compatibility between programs. Unfortunately, however, there are some drawbacks with using Kies: It can be resource intensive and cause crashes on your computer; additionally it takes time before the program recognizes all connected devices.

One of the key advantages of Samsung Kies is its ability to back up your data. This can be especially helpful when switching from an older Samsung device or in case of emergency – the program will create a backup copy of all your contacts and settings as well as monitor how much storage space remains on your device.

Samsung Kies provides another useful feature by organizing music into playlists. This can make searching your collection much simpler; as well as being capable of connecting wireless headphones or speakers for listening on-the-go!

Samsung Kies can be an invaluable way to manage your phone, yet many users have reported issues with it. Many have complained of its memory usage and hard disk usage; as well as potential conflicts with antivirus programs. While ultimately the decision on whether or not to uninstall is ultimately up to you, it is wise to be aware of all possible risks when doing so.

There are various alternatives to Samsung Kies, such as SyncMate. This comprehensive tool enables data transfer just like its native Samsung suite for Mac devices while supporting multiple Android models. Furthermore, this full-fledged tool can back up and restore Android data with just a few clicks, as well as manage texts messages, call logs, documents, music videos and apps all at the same time.

It’s easy to install

If you own a Samsung phone or tablet, keeping its data synchronized with your computer is vital for easy access to music, videos, photos, contacts, device management updates, device maintenance updates, device management tools such as Samsung Kies (free software compatible with many Samsung devices and available both Mac and Windows computers), as well as device updates.

Installing Samsung Kies is straightforward: download, run and follow the instructions of its installer program. When complete, the program will ask if you want to create a desktop shortcut or run Kies automatically; these suggestions are entirely up to you – once finished simply click “Finish” to complete setup!

Samsung Kies is an app designed to connect Galaxy devices with PCs and sync all the information stored within them. Compatible with most Samsung mobile phones and tablets as well as many popular brands, this application features backup/restore/file transfer/firmware updates/personal settings/account information updates as well as more useful functions.

Once you have installed Samsung Kies on your computer, connect your Samsung device via a USB cable and when detected by the software it will open to detect its presence and allow for Backup/Restore options to select apps, data, and information to backup (use “Backup/Restore”. Choose which of them would like backed up; alternatively use the box provided to select all).

Once you are ready to begin backing up, the software will begin its work automatically and after several minutes it will complete its backup of selected information on your Samsung device. Furthermore, you can use it to download firmware updates directly from Samsung website using this same software. However, please keep in mind that Samsung Kies may cause issues on certain computers; in certain instances it may crash when transferring files; should this occur it would be best to download an alternative tool such as DroidKit instead.

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