Samsung Smart Switch – 5 Optional Ways to Transfer Contacts Between Samsung Devices

Samsung Smart Switch is a free app designed to make switching from iPhone to Galaxy easier, assuring a safe migration while protecting personal information.

This downloadable app can be used wirelessly or with USB. It supports various file types including photos, music videos, contacts and calendar events.

Transfer Contacts

Contacts are one of the most crucial components of a phone, storing information about family, friends and clients. When transitioning between Samsung devices or moving contacts onto someone else’s Samsung device, you have several methods for doing so. This article details five such ways – such as EaseUS MobiMover or Bluetooth and SIM technology – as well as how you can transfer contacts.

If you need an easy, secure way to transfer contacts from one Samsung phone to another quickly and efficiently, use the Samsung Smart Switch app. It comes pre-installed on most Samsung devices and can also be run on PC and Mac; its functionality includes backing up contacts, photos, videos, music and apps – plus wireless transfers between devices without using USB cables!

To use Samsung Smart Switch, make sure that both devices are running the latest version of its app and have internet access. Once connected, follow on-screen instructions to connect and select which types of data to transfer between devices – once complete you’ll be able to view and select those files on their destination device.

Use third-party applications like Gmail or another email service to quickly transfer contacts between Samsung phones. On one Samsung device, export your contacts as a vCard file; then on your new Samsung device open Gmail (or another email service) and draft a message; tap “attach file,” choose your contacts file from your old Samsung device, tap the “attach file” icon and choose it again; this will transfer them over successfully; viewable from Contacts app of new Samsung device.

Transfer Photos

Photo transfer is a key feature of smartphone users as it helps preserve memories and important data such as business card photos, downloaded images and screenshots. Furthermore, as some of these photos may only belong to themselves or an exclusive group, transferring them is the ideal way of making sure they do not fall into unsuitable hands.

Samsung Smart Switch is a suite of desktop and mobile applications created to assist Galaxy device owners with synching, backing up, restoring data on their devices. This can include moving content between Galaxy devices – including photos. Furthermore, this app can transfer other types of information such as music videos contacts messages apps.

To transfer photos with Samsung Smart Switch, install its app on both phones. Connect them both to a WiFi network and launch both versions of Samsung Smart Switch – then select “Photos.” When all images have been transferred over, delete them from one device before moving them over the other.

Another option for transferring photos between Samsung phones is via Bluetooth connection, although this method requires both phones to be within close range for it to work quickly and conveniently. Although, large transfers should not use this approach due to possible slowdown.

Sending photos via email can also be an efficient method for moving files around, particularly if there are just a few of them to transfer. Please keep in mind though, this method only supports up to 20-25 MB worth of data transfer; any larger amounts should be handled using an alternative third-party program instead.

Transfer Videos

Samsung Smart Switch is an invaluable resource when upgrading devices; the program enables seamless transfer of contacts, photos, videos, music apps and documents without losing any information in the process.

The Samsung Smart Switch app also makes it possible to back up content to a computer or external storage device, saving time and space on new devices while protecting them in case anything should happen to their current one. Once completed, simply restore it on another Galaxy device!

To use the Samsung Smart Switch, connect both devices using USB cables. On your old device, tap Settings icon > About device > About device info | Storage | Backup & reset and select all available options to get started.

Once your transfer is complete, launch the Samsung Smart Switch app on your new Galaxy device and follow its prompts to complete it. Be patient as the setup process may take time – soon all your files will be transferred successfully!

The Samsung Smart Switch app only transfers data from recent versions of pre-installed apps and third-party applications that support data backup and restoration, and this option can be found on its main screen. If you require assistance using Samsung Smart Switch, please reach out via chat or access support through the Samsung Members App on your mobile device.

Transfer Music

Smart Switch makes transitioning easier. Simply connect both devices to your computer, follow the instructions to connect them, then select what content to transfer before initiating your move – including backing up music files in case anything goes amiss during this transition.

Contrary to its older device counterparts, Samsung Kies’ Smart Switch can transfer all your Galaxy devices – including newer models – seamlessly. Use it to transfer contacts, photos, videos and messages between phones or tablets without using data cable connections; backup or restore data when needed and backup old phone or tablets using Smart Switch’s backup option; it even supports app transfer when they’re available through Google Play!

Once you have selected the files to transfer, the software takes care of everything else – copying them over to your Samsung device and creating an appropriate folder in its memory. When this step has completed, simply disconnect both devices and enjoy listening to new tunes!

This app stands out as one of the top choices due to being both free to download and use, compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, with an intuitive user interface for quick, hassle-free use. Plus, it is one of the most trusted programs out there; more can be learned by visiting its official website or reading reviews online.

Transfer Apps

Samsung Smart Switch is an efficient app designed to transfer contacts, music, photos, calendars, notes, messages and device settings seamlessly across most Galaxy smartphones and tablets. You can do it wirelessly or with an adaptor cable – and even choose whether to back up data before continuing or restore from an earlier backup to the new phone.

To start using Samsung Smart Switch on both your old and new devices, place them close together while launching the application, and keep both within range of each other while using it. It will prompt you to connect them, before providing you with a list of contents you can transfer between phones – select all items that you would like transferred, then follow onscreen instructions.

Once complete, Samsung Smart Switch will begin automatically transferring your selected content onto a new Samsung device. This process should only take a few minutes depending on how much information needs to be transferred; you can even track its progress on its main page.

Once the transfer has completed, disconnect both devices. Before beginning the transfer process, ensure your new phone has sufficient battery power. For large transfers, restarting your old phone may help speed up the transfer process; alternatively if manual data transfer is too much of a chore for you, third-party programs like CLONEit may do it for you.

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