ScreenHunter Review

ScreenHunter is an image and video capture software program. Users can take screenshots or record audio/video to capture desktop or window desktop images as well as recording functionality.

The program also offers editing tools that enable users to enhance images or recordings, such as text, arrows and shapes – helping them tell visual stories to their intended audiences.


ScreenHunter is a Windows software application that enables users to capture and record images and videos with their Windows operating system. The program boasts various features and can work well on most computers. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple for anyone to configure output settings quickly; additionally, global hotkeys allow for immediate screenshot capture or video recording tasks to start without using too many CPU resources. Compatible with most operating systems and running quietly in the background without much CPU usage – ScreenHunter makes capturing and recording easier than ever!

The primary advantage of this tool is its ability to capture a selection area, window or full-screen image depending on user preferences. Furthermore, users can save screenshots in different formats and select their output folders; basic image editing capabilities allow users to add text, arrows and shapes directly onto captured images; the program can even be configured so as to automatically save captured screenshots in specified directories with time/date filenames for automatic storage and editing purposes.

As well as basic image capture functionality, this program also provides video recording and editing tools that can help create presentations or tutorials. With its advanced scheduling features – which allow users to set screen captures at certain times of the day or week – screen recordings and recordings at specific moments over time can also be scheduled; its annotation tools help highlight important details or clarify instructions more precisely for users.

ScreenHunter stands out among similar software with its ability to navigate scrolling web pages and dynamic content, making it perfect for online presentations and tutorials. Replicating error messages or moving graphics on-screen can be difficult, but ScreenHunter makes this task effortless. Furthermore, its user-friendly design works across various Windows operating systems while being easy for novice users like myself. Unfortunately though, when capturing large screenshots or images with mouse pointers it may take longer for it to capture; Wisdom-soft provides technical support via phone call as well.


With ScreenHunter, users can effortlessly take screenshots, record videos and edit them all with ease. Its unique user interface makes this an excellent option for users of all experience levels; whether you need to capture an entire screen, window or create video tutorials – ScreenHunter provides all of the tools and flexibility you need!

Main features of ScreenHunter include multi-screen support, auto-scroll web page and video recording, customizable hot keys and various image editing options. Basic features like the ability to draw freely and add text, shapes and arrows are also included as is flexible file format support such as JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP files – plus built-in image converters which quickly transform files between formats!

ScreenHunter and SnagIt differ significantly in that ScreenHunter completes its task immediately upon pressing its button; with SnagIt you must click again after the task has completed before it will complete. In terms of functionality though, both programs share many similarities as they each possess their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

ScreenHunter comes in three versions – Free, Plus and Pro. The Free version allows users to record up to one minute-long videos; Plus and Pro versions provide additional features.

ScreenHunter Free version is supported by advertisements while Plus and Pro versions do not. Pro costs $40 with features like 8K resolution multi-monitor support, recording large cursors and customizable hot keys as well as video editing options; Plus and Pro also offer YouTube upload capabilities with 15-day free trials available for both versions of ScreenHunter.


ScreenHunter is a screenshot and screen recorder software that enables users to capture both the desktop environment and specific windows with ease, perfect for creating tutorials or recording online videos. Users have complete control over how large their captured image or video should be; furthermore, multiple display sizes and monitors are supported simultaneously by this program.

The program is designed to be intuitive, with a three-panel user interface making navigation simple. Furthermore, basic image editing features allow users to add text, arrows, or shapes directly onto their images for quick and effortless editing. Furthermore, users may set custom hotkeys for faster screenshot capturing.

ScreenHunter comes in three distinct versions, Free, Plus and Pro. Each offers unique features that cater to different user needs; Free users are only allowed to record up to one-minute-long videos while Plus and Pro versions allow unlimited recording times; additionally the Pro version also comes equipped with additional features not present in either Free or Plus versions.

ScreenHunter can be downloaded directly from its official website and works on Windows operating systems. It requires minimal system resources to operate, with an easy setup wizard providing answers to many commonly asked questions as well as accessing Wisdom-soft’s support resources.

ScreenHunter is an intuitive and powerful screen capture tool with many useful features that makes it suitable for many uses. Its ease of use and reasonable price make it a top pick among casual and professional users alike; additionally, its variety of output options makes ScreenHunter an excellent solution for anyone searching for quality screenshot or video recording software.


ScreenHunter is a free program that makes it easy to capture images and record videos of your screen. With features such as using arrows, numbers and text inserts to highlight important parts of images as well as common image editing functions like blurring and sharpening, ScreenHunter provides the tools needed for compelling visual content creation for audiences of any experience level. ScreenHunter features an easy user interface suitable for all.

Though it’s impossible to fully remove the threat of leaked recordings from existence, strategies such as watermarking and platform restrictions can help minimize their impact. Furthermore, considering alternatives like AVOD business models can allow you to monetize content without losing viewership.

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