ScreenHunter Review – Free and Powerful Screen Capture and Recording Software


ScreenHunter is a powerful yet free screen capture program with video recording capability. Featuring an easy user experience and flexible hotkeys for instant screenshots or recordings, ScreenHunter automatically names files when saving or recording.

This program allows users to capture images or record video in real-time for online educational classes or lectures, providing users with a powerful image editor as well as live viewing capabilities.

Free version

ScreenHunter is a free program that enables Windows computer users to capture images and video clips on multiple monitors simultaneously, either automatically or manually. Users can select between an automatic or manual mode as well as using global hotkeys and delayed capture to capture specific windows or rectangular areas on screen. Furthermore, ScreenHunter uses minimal CPU resources when in standby mode.

This software features a straightforward user interface divided into five distinct tabs for quick and easy access to tools and settings you may require, such as Capture, Save Image/Video/Options/Tools tabs for accessing core functionality of the program such as saving images simultaneously or multiple image capturing at once. Additionally, multi image capture support is supported as well.

Once the download has completed, you will be asked where you would like the program installed on your computer. Options include placing it under Program Files or in another folder – once chosen simply click “Next” to begin installation process.

As soon as you install this program, you will be ready to use it immediately. It is a fast and straightforward tool with no extras weighing it down – perfect for anyone seeking a basic yet functional screen capture tool.

Even though this version is less advanced than its Pro counterpart, it still boasts many useful functions. You can capture full screen, active window, rectangular area or the full screen; choose whether to save as png, jpg or bmp file and edit color or grayscale of captured image; save image.

ScreenHunter also allows users to annotate images by adding text, drawing arrows and shapes on it or scheduling its capture at certain times of the day.

Wisdom-soft ScreenHunter Free is a free program for Windows PCs that enables you to capture images and record desktop activity easily and quickly. Featuring an easy setup wizard and instant quality output files production, Wisdom-soft ScreenHunter’s unique user interface provides even the most novice editors with an effortless editing solution.

Plus version

Wisdom-soft ScreenHunter is an intuitive and user-friendly software application for image capture and recording, perfect for beginners looking for powerful yet flexible tools to meet their needs. From making professional-looking screenshots and instructional videos, recording web pages or chat logs or simply keeping logs, Wisdom-soft ScreenHunter also features features to adjust capture area size automatically scroll long web pages automatically and highlight mouse clicks; its many capabilities make this program an excellent pick!

Additionally, users may add captions or descriptions to images they capture to better explain what was seen on screen. Furthermore, this program allows for image storage in either BMP or JPEG formats and users can easily access their captures using viewers, saved to clipboard, printed, copied to another application, copied into emails or sent as global hotkeys to start capture/record tasks immediately.

One feature that sets this program apart from similar products is its ability to save fullscreen video recordings of what is happening on-screen, which can be particularly helpful for creating instructional or vlog videos. Furthermore, users have complete control over which part of the screen they would like to capture for recording purposes.

The Plus version of the program comes equipped with additional features that make it an excellent option for novices. These features include the ability to record games, streaming videos and Windows applications; capture webcam feeds automatically or manually according to a schedule; editing tools designed to further improve final product output are also provided by this software.

ScreenHunter features an inbuilt media player capable of playingback recorded videos and images, and is designed to run on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. Download is available from their official website with a free trial available before making a purchasing decision.

Pro version

ScreenHunter Pro is an all-in-one image capture and video recording solution for Windows that includes advanced tools for all-in-one image capture, printing and editing – such as auto-scroll web pages, auto-capture webcam capture and video screen capture – plus its user-friendly interface is ideal for beginners as well as professionals alike. Plus it can record videos instantly with just a click – even while running programs in the background!

This program lets you save captured images as BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG or PDF files and offers options to customize their size, color and frame rate. Furthermore, multiple monitors are supported along with automatic file naming and printing features as well as a full mid-level image editor that lets you manipulate both bitmap and vector objects.

Hotkeys allow you to instantly take screenshots or initiate video recording tasks by quickly pressing global hotkeys, while remaining highly efficient while using minimal CPU resources while recording. Features of note include an image magnifier as well as compatibility across Windows systems as well as its built-in audio player which plays back recordings.

It also supports multiple output formats, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF and PDF as well as AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV and MPG formats. Furthermore, there are features for editing and personalizing images like adding water seals, custom effects or magnifying glasses – all within minutes! Easy to install and use, free from adware and malware – this product makes an ideal solution for users with diverse operating system needs. Compatible with major browsers and portable USB drive installation are just two more benefits. There are both free and premium versions of Capture available; with the latter providing access to various methods for capturing an entire desktop as well as timed captures with timer functionality and additional features such as captions/watermarks.

Final Words

ScreenHunter is an efficient and straightforward portable screen capture program. You can select what part of an image to capture, save to BMP, JPEG or GIF file formats with its hotkeys from F1 to F12 and send captured images directly to the clipboard or alter file names when saving files – making this portable program truly accessible for everyone!

Snagit is another fantastic tool, allowing you to capture anything from an entire desktop environment down to individual message windows. Plus, its advanced editing and recording features provide advanced editing and recording abilities along with full image-editing tools for complete image-processing solutions.

Screen capture programs are invaluable time savers, whether you’re an established pro or just starting out. Instead of spending hours searching for files on your computer, screen capture software like ScreenHunter will save you both time and energy so you can spend more time crafting digital content (you won’t regret making the investment!) (Photo credit: Steemhunt by Mehrzad Chehraz.

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