ScreenHunter Review


ScreenHunter is an image capture and desktop recording program with an advanced mid-level image editor that includes features for bitmap and vector object editing as well as text customization capabilities.

This software supports real-time video capturing, making it useful for online classes and vlogging. It features an easy user experience and customer support services which make learning how to operate the controls straightforward.


ScreenHunter is an efficient and user-friendly screen capture program. This freeware application lets you quickly capture any part of your desktop or a specific window and save it as either an image or video file. Furthermore, ScreenHunter features other useful functions, including auto-scroll web page capture, print outputs, flexible screenshot hotkeys, customization features such as water seals to customize photos further as well as various effects to add extra vibrance and even a magnifying glass!

The software’s straightforward user interface makes it straightforward and user-friendly for even beginners to use and understand, even those without previous experience. Once installed, a miniature toolbar will appear on your desktop to quickly access Capture, Save Image and Record Video tabs; additionally you may choose whether or not to include mouse cursor images/videos during captures/saves etc. Additionally, several additional settings such as capture location/storage file name options or whether or not to include mouse cursor are adjustable as desired.

ScreenHunter stands out among other image capture tools by its ability to produce customized image effects that can be applied both to captured images and videos. You can use them to tell visual stories to your audience with elements such as arrows, numbers and text inserts; add watermarks; rearrange objects; change colors or create hotkeys for quick access and view captured images in a history window.

ScreenHunter Pro provides an advanced tool for creating high-quality image and video tutorials, supporting 8K resolution on multiple monitors while recording 4k screen video. Software also supports a large mouse pointer for creating detailed instructional videos and presentations. Its comprehensive feature set combines efficiency with flexibility, and its user interface is both intuitive and engaging – you can copy objects directly onto a clipboard using drag and drop functions; or use drag and drop features to resize, move, rename or edit images easily. Furthermore, an automatic naming tool offers even further convenience.


ScreenHunter is one of the easiest image and video editors out there, providing efficiency while offering maximum flexibility. Available as both free ad-supported version and two paid options (Plus and Pro), as well as offering a 15 day risk-free trial on each option, ScreenHunter makes editing effortless.

With support for up to 8K resolution across multiple monitors and 4K screen recording capabilities, this software stands out as the premier choice of its kind. Users can create business promotions, instructional recordings, animated presentations and business promotions by capturing full-screen windows, regions or even minimized/hidden windows – it even records scrolling windows or webpages so they can be played back at a slower rate!

This application offers some basic editing tools for quickly altering screenshots, such as custom effects and magnifying glasses, water seals to customize images further and automatic naming/saving of each capture. Furthermore, users may print or save their screenshots to BMP, JPEG or GIF files for storage.

Additionally, this software enables users to draw freely on screen prior to or during image capture and saves their work as PDF file. Furthermore, users can record webcams and microphones while working – an added perk for those hoping to share their work online.

However, this software lacks advanced features like freehand shape tools, auto-scrolling or scheduled captures. Furthermore, there is no zoom function and cannot be used to adjust cursor to pixel levels – nevertheless, it still makes for an effective image and video editor solution.


ScreenHunter delivers unparalleled convenience for any user with its premium version, offering up to 8K screen capture across multiple monitors and 4k video recording capabilities. Equipped with Wisdom-Soft’s easiest Image and Video editor ever created, even inexperienced editors can utilize all features with ease and efficiency. Likewise, its clearly labeled options on its homepage ensure users don’t waste any time in accessing key functions that might come in handy at a moment’s notice.

ScreenHunter allows users to save captured images in either BMP or JPG formats, providing basic editing tools such as cropping, resizing, painting and brushing to customize images as desired. Users may also apply various custom effects for added flair while supporting an array of file types. Furthermore, ScreenHunter features an innovative window picker feature enabling captures of any part of their screen even those covered by other windows or minimized.

ScreenHunter stands out from its competition by offering more than basic image editing capabilities; it provides users with both bitmap and vector object editing tools in its in-built editor, providing ease and flexibility when editing screenshots. Users can create custom brushes, use different methods to capture specific objects on-screen, add text annotations and more! Plus it comes equipped with an amazing timer function so users can record events or errors that need documenting!

ScreenHunter boasts many desirable features, yet there are some key drawbacks that users should keep in mind. First of all, this program only supports Windows Vista or later and requires DirectX 11 for its high-resolution features. Furthermore, users who wish to take advantage of video recording features must first install a webcam into their PC before taking advantage of ScreenHunter’s video recording features. Although reviewers tend to give this software high marks overall; some have reported issues regarding its lag time when recording videos.


ScreenHunter is a useful and flexible software program that enables users to take screenshots or record videos of their computer screens for various uses, including creating tutorials, presentations and video demonstrations. Compatible with most operating systems and featuring various tools for capturing and editing images.

The application offers an intuitive user-friendly interface and convenient tools for capturing and recording. It supports numerous file formats and enables full-screen or single-monitor video recordings. Furthermore, images captured can be stored to multiple locations simultaneously for future reference or used to make screenshots that can then be edited further using various tools like arrows, text boxes, transparency and cropping if necessary.

ScreenHunter stands out from similar apps by saving files in compressed format, which saves storage space while increasing performance. This feature can help users with limited disk space share their files quickly and easily – as well as support voice-activated capture to make use even easier! It also supports voice command capturing for even easier use!

ScreenHunter Plus comes in various premium versions, each providing different capabilities. The basic version enables users to select windows, regions or the entire desktop and save images in various picture formats; additionally it can record videos with sound tracks and webcam capabilities, flexible hotkeys for recording videos as well as automatic file naming when saving a file.

ScreenHunter Pro is an all-in-one image capture, print, and editing software solution that will save time and increase productivity. Capable of recording 4K screen videos with its intuitive user interface, ScreenHunter Pro also lets you capture minimized or covered windows, auto-scroll web pages, webcams and screenshots in any resolution and file size – free for personal and home use alike!

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