Secure File Transfer With SecureFX


Your work requires secure file transfer to complete tasks such as downloading log files, synchronizing multiple systems or accessing legacy servers. VanDyke SecureFX makes the task simpler with its rock-solid terminal emulation, advanced session management capabilities and powerful features such as site synchronization.

Utilize an efficient user interface (UI), enabling you to seamlessly drag-and-drop files between Windows desktop applications such as WinZip (only) and the cloud storage service such as DropBox (Windows only). Relentless file transfers automatically reconnect and resume interrupted transfers for uninterrupted transfer speeds.


SecureFX is an advanced file transfer program with advanced capabilities for increasing both the security and efficiency of remote and local file transfers. VanDyke’s flexible client offers multiple transfer protocols: SFTP over SSH2, FTP over SSL (TLS), or standard FTP accessing legacy systems – along with robust encryption mechanisms protecting data-in-transit. In addition, this file transfer software facilitates and expedites operations like site synchronization for increased productivity.

An intuitive Explorer-like user interface makes it simple to drag-and-drop files or copy and paste to start upload or download operations, with tabbed sessions for managing multiple sessions at the same time, including Quick Synchronize which offers inclusive and exclusive filtering and can store configurations across multiple sites. In addition, this file transfer software offers automatic resume of interrupted SFTP or FTP over SSL file transfers and was designed specifically to connect through network proxies and firewalls easily.

For maximum security, SecureFX supports running in FIPS mode which utilizes an approved cryptographic library from FIPS 140-2 and only permits approved algorithms. In addition, users may select their own passphrase and disable keyboard interactive when connecting to SSH servers; this prevents unauthorised individuals from gaining unauthorized access through compromised credentials and shell access on your machine.

Other security features include the ability to set a custom hostname for your connection, set the remote time zone and force filenames into lower or upper case, as well as change read/write/execute permissions on uploaded files. UMASK permissions can also be set up so as to restrict remote user access and limit who can write in certain directories.

SecureFX supports various encryption types on Windows including RSA, DES, 3DES, AES, SHA-1 and DSA. Furthermore, it allows you to choose whether or not to check for updates at startup and can resolve symbolic links when connecting to an SCP session. For additional security, RSA keypairs can be created that automatically sign and encrypt files as you send them, while self-signed certificates allow you to encrypt/decrypt data sent over TLS sessions.

Site Sync

Site Sync makes it simple for teams to ensure content changes are staged, previewed and published according to best practices. Teams can create and edit their updates in a staging environment before securely synching it back out at just the right moment to live production environments – this prevents any adverse performance impacts and eliminates IT dependency. Furthermore, Site Sync can also help multisite deployments sync configurations, templates and localized content variations seamlessly across environments.

Site synchronization can be challenging in multisite settings with multiple languages and complex relationships between modules and language versions, as it often leaves behind languages which were not present on the source environment due to content changes or translations, making the promotion back into its original environment both time-consuming and error-prone. Knowing what to look out for makes synchronization less daunting.

VanDyke Software’s SecureFX secure file transfer client provides advanced capabilities to simplify site synchronization operations and increase efficiency. Take advantage of Quick Synchronize dialog to quickly synchronize both local and remote sites from a single window, or save and reuse previous session’s settings to streamline recurring operations. SecureFX supports several protocols including SFTP, FTP over TLS and SCP and offers strong authentication and encryption features which safeguard sensitive information even if the connection drops unexpectedly.

SecureFX GUI allows you to easily create custom sessions to streamline site synchronization workflows. Logon credentials can be stored in a session database for easier use; import/export options allow you to backup/share settings between sessions; proxy selection allows firewall access; site specific settings can be saved quickly for faster access; Notes feature keeps track of important synchronization notes or reminders; while tagging different sites (business, personal, test & live sites) makes synching even simpler – installation WordPress plugins or creating remote WordPress backups is even simpler!


IT Administrators face many file transfer tasks, from synchronizing end-user data, collecting log files from remote sites and performing server-to-server transfers, to automating these activities for greater efficiency and to meet HIPAA, SOX, and FIPS compliance standards for data in transit. SecureFX provides strong protection through its SFTP, SCP and FTP over SSL protocols while offering additional features such as site synchronization and automation to help network administrators and web designers streamline daily operations.

SecureFX features an Explorer-like interface, making connecting to servers and moving files simple. A “Quick Connect” dialog enables quick setup for FTP/SFTP/FTPS (FTP over SSL), SCP and legacy FTP connections; also supported is dockable session manager/filter bar functionality for quick finding sessions quickly.

SecureFX offers automatic reconnect and resume* of interrupted file transfers when sending large files, with advanced file filtering featuring wildcard support to easily locate individual files locally and remotely. Multiple files can also be transferred simultaneously by simply dragging and dropping. Furthermore, SecureFX supports various protocols, ciphers, and settings to meet your security requirements.

SecureFX provides various notification options to inform you when the transfer completes, synchronization finishes successfully, a session is used for the first time or an error occurs. For added convenience, you can even customize which sounds SecureFX will play to alert you about an event.

SFXCL provides additional automation capabilities. You can use it to execute batch scripts that use saved secure (SFTP, SCP or FTP over SSL) sessions to move files between destinations. It includes host name and password information for each saved session as well as several configuration options.

Saved sessions can be configured for public key-only authentication, which makes local password management simpler by eliminating the need to remember individual credentials for every session. Furthermore, once saved credentials have been referenced by multiple sessions as part of a shared password database. This feature is available both with SecureFX GUI and SFXCL versions of SecureFX.

Unattended Transfers

Most file transfer programs enable users to upload data onto or access it from remote servers (download). Unfortunately, these programs can be vulnerable to hacking, leaving usernames, passwords, and data sent vulnerable against any attempt at listening in on your network traffic. SecureFX utilizes the SFTP protocol over SSH2 in order to provide authentication and data encryption – safeguarding sensitive information against potential eavesdroppers who might want to snoop on network traffic.

Utilizing the SFXCL command-line client, you can automate frequent synchronization or transfer operations unattended. For example, using scheduled tasks, you could connect to your site, download all files from it, then upload them locally to an empty folder on your machine. In addition, this tool enables you to choose a destination folder on the remote system to synchronize files across systems; advanced filtering options including wildcard support allow you to filter out or include specific file types as required.

An intuitive interface minimizes the steps necessary for routine tasks, with its tabbed session layout enabling you to organize multiple connections and transfers into different groups for quick identification. Furthermore, drag files directly from a transfer queue onto any desktop, Windows Explorer window or other applications to start instant transfers instantly.

SecureFX can easily integrate with VanDyke Software’s popular SecureCRT CRT application, enabling you to share settings and sessions across both applications. A bundle installer makes installation effortless; additionally, toolbar buttons let you quickly switch between sessions opened in each app.

SecureFX provides the functionality needed for network administrators, web designers and end users alike to complete their jobs successfully. Take a free 30-day evaluation and see how SecureFX balances strong security with intuitive features such as synchronization and automation to save you time and improve efficiency – plus our technical support team is always standing by if any questions arise!

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