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VanDyke SecureCRT delivers rock-solid terminal emulation, secure remote access, file transfer and data tunneling for every individual in your organization. In addition, its powerful session management functionality offers time savings and more efficient workflow processes.

Strong encryption and various authentication options protect login information and system integrity while mitigating man-in-the-middle attacks, and keeping sensitive information out of reach of hackers or thieves.

Supports SSH1 & SSH2

SecureCRT supports not only SSH1 and SSH2, but also telnet, Rlogin, TAPI serial as well as other protocols. The program encrypts your login ID and password as well as the entire session to help protect against data falling into the wrong hands. First released by VanDyke Software in 1995’s autumn release date it belongs to a family of networking programs including SecureFX which offers file transfer with SSL capability as well as VShell which acts as an SSH server.

When connecting remotely to the Engineering Computer Network, it’s vital that your connection be as safe and secure as possible. That is why ITS strongly suggests using SecureCRT instead of an insecure FTP client; you can find more information about installing and using it on their web pages.

SecureCRT supports multiple connection protocols to allow it to connect to nearly every system on the network, and is available across operating systems allowing you to use one cross-platform program to manage all your devices.

If security is of great concern to you, SecureCRT’s Global Options dialog offers an encryption option to safeguard communications end to end. In addition, other security-related features can be turned on or off instantly like keyboard shortcuts, user-defined color schemes and tiling.

Tiling allows you to display multiple sessions side-by-side or cascaded within one window. You can customize the orientation of tiling; by default it tiles horizontally. Session tiling is especially useful when managing or working with large files.

SecureCRT offers one of the key authentication features. This technology works by creating a “key agent” on each workstation that knows about all your private keys, responding to sshd on remote systems by verifying keys without having to reveal your passphrase.

Once you’ve unlocked your private key with a passphrase, the agent stores it for forwarding to sshd on the remote server for further verification – significantly decreasing how often you must enter it yourself and saving both time and effort in doing so.

Offers a wide range of emulation options

SecureCRT provides users with a range of terminal emulation options that can be personalized for each session, as well as font and color schemes compatible with ANSI terminals, font attributes such as bold, underline, reverse and blink – in addition to multi-session support with tabbed interface for easy task management.

SecureCRT is a highly configurable terminal emulator available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux that employs secure protocols to protect login information and ensure data integrity during remote system access. With strong encryption and multiple authentication options that help prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and data interception from taking place, SecureCRT also applies message authentication codes that help safeguard passwords and data against unintended access.

VanDyke Software recently upgraded both SecureCRT and SecureFX applications, both now supporting macOS v10.14 “Big Sur.” SecureCRT features a more modern interface which recaptures screen space by integrating toolbar items with title bar items; users may also customize scratchpad tabs with colors and fonts to create a consistent visual experience and improve readability.

Additionally, both applications support multiple display themes on Windows, so users can match their application with their favorite light or dark theme. Both applications now also support S3-compliant services for file transfers between employees, clients and vendors without compromising security; SecureFX 9.1 also now features both rsa-sha2-256 and rsa-sha2-512 signature formats to securely sign files.

SecureCRT has introduced several keyboard emulation settings for Windows computers with its latest release of SecureCRT, including VT100, VT102, VT220, Linux SCO ANSI, and custom options. By default VT100 emulates PC keyboards most closely and can also be altered by selecting another option in Session Options dialog.

Other features include an effective password manager, customizable command line interface and syntax highlighting script editor. Furthermore, SecureCRT software offers support for multiple scripting languages like VBScript and JScript as well as many useful utilities that make managing multiple connections and automating repetitive tasks simpler than ever before.

Offers powerful session management

SecureCRT provides system administrators and terminal emulation users with powerful session management features to boost productivity, providing secure remote access through SSH1 or SSH2 protocols as well as data tunneling to ensure strong encryption and privacy protection for remote connections.

An intelligent session manager database enables sessions to be created and saved with their connection information, configurations, and customization settings – saving both time and effort by enabling changes to be applied quickly to any saved session or globally across them all. In addition, scripting tools, keyboard mapping capabilities, and customizable button bars help streamline task efficiency further.

The high-productivity user interface (UI) features time-saving functions, including multi-session launch, tabbed and tiled sessions, cloned sessions, command window to send commands simultaneously to multiple sessions simultaneously and dedicated keys that allow quick connection of network devices via one keystroke; in addition, its high resolution display features crisp fonts and colors for improved readability.

Advanced scripting and file transfer features further strengthen the platform. Users may access VBScript, JScript, PerlScript and Python scripts to automate repetitive tasks with keystroke recording into VBScript coding for further automation of tasks. Furthermore, users can upload/download files across networks with SFTP/FTPS/FTP/TLS Kermit servers as well as utilize Xmodem/Ymodem/Zmodem or TFTP servers for greater transfer flexibility.

Utilizing the powerful session editor makes managing and configuring up to 5,000 sessions easy with complete control over scrollback, color scheme, keyboard mapping and more. Plus, text file import capabilities offer quick and effortless ways of setting up and exporting sessions. UI now supports Windows system display themes, allowing the application to adapt to a user’s preference of light or dark mode. An administrative option has also been introduced to implement best security practices by disallowing host keys from being saved, and an optional setting disallows anti-idle capabilities. Additional changes include the capability of importing passwords from files and support for x509v3-ecdsa-sha2 algorithms stored in PFX or P12 files (RFC 6187). A shortcut key has also been included for connecting automatically reconnected sessions as well as launching sessions through Session Manager.

Offers advanced scripting

Terminal emulation programs come equipped with robust scripting capabilities, making it simple and quick to automate data entry, automate repetitive tasks, run commands or programs automatically at startup and create shortcuts for commonly-used actions using mapped keys and button bar commands. You can quickly access all your emulation sessions with just one click or keystroke – saving both time and reducing repetitive tasks.

SecureCRT supports multiple programming languages that you can use to write scripts using Python as the built-in scripting language, or you can write your own custom code using any one of them. Once written, these scripts can be used to control terminal behavior and provide additional functionality on host systems – with its Script Editor offering testing before execution!

Create and store scripts using SecureCRT that make work simpler and more efficient, such as copying results of remote commands directly to the clipboard instead of having to select them manually with your mouse, or cycling through different delimiter sets for double-click word selections quickly and efficiently. Your creativity and potential savings could be virtually unlimited with SecureCRT’s script creation capabilities!

IT professionals often wear several hats. Their duties may involve writing host-based applications, querying databases, managing servers, providing end-user or customer support, building websites or accessing behind-the-firewall network resources securely. SecureCRT’s high productivity interface and support for popular Linux environments make it simple to choose just one app to meet these varied requirements.

SecureCRT makes connecting to hosts from any location quick and simple, keeping in touch with team members no matter their physical locations. Its advanced features, such as powerful session management and a customizable user interface make completing the job a snap whether working from an office, home office or client site.

VanDyke Software also offers the VShell server, an easy and secure file transfer and data tunneling client available on Windows, Linux, and Mac clients that allows for secure file transfer and data tunneling on remote systems allowing access to critical systems from anywhere with all of the security, ease-of-use, and portability associated with desktop apps.

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